Job at CoST Tanzania – Website Design and Development Terms of Reference


Position: Website Design and Development Terms of Reference
CoST the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative – Tanzania
Location: Dar es salaam
Job Summary
In order electronically provide information to its vast stakeholders, CoST seeks to engage an experienced company/Expert to design and develop a website. The website beside providing information to stakeholders and the general public, will be used to promote the works of CoST in Tanzania and beyond.

Job Description

Task: Design and publish a CoST Tanzania Website
Period of delivery: 30 Days
Contract Manager: CoST Manager, Tanzania
CoST ‚Äď the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative (CoST) Tanzania is a national chapter of CoST¬†International, managed by a Multi-Stakeholder Group comprised by representatives from¬†Government, Private Sector and Civil Society. The programme works by both the government and¬†civil societies to promote transparency and accountability in public infrastructure projects. The¬†programme is currently hosted and implemented by the National Construction Council (NCC).¬†CoST works with the three sectors of government, industry and civil society to promote the¬†disclosure, validation and interpretation of data from infrastructure projects. This helps to inform and¬†empower citizens and enables them to hold decision-makers to account. CoST is built on a vision¬†of; Better Lives from Better Infrastructure and a mission; Disclose, validate and interpret¬†infrastructure data to empower stakeholders to hold decision-makers to account. Additional¬†information about the programme is available on the web site¬†In Tanzania CoST works with:

  • National Construction Council (NCC)
  • Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB)
  • African Parliamentarians Network Against Corruption – APNAC
  • The Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS)
  • Tanzania Rural and Urban Road Agency (TARURA)
  • Minister of State, President’s Office, Public Service and Good Governance
  • National Audit Office (NAO)
  • National Housing Corporation (NHC)
  • Tanzania Mines, Energy, Construction and Allied workers Union (TAMICO)
  • Tanzania Civil Engineering Contractors Association (TACECA)
  • Tanzania Roads Association (TARA)
  • Institution of Engineers Tanzania (IET)
  • Architects Association of Tanzania (AAT)

In order electronically provide information to its vast stakeholders, CoST seeks to engage an experienced company/Expert to design and develop a website. The website beside providing information to stakeholders and the general public, will be used to promote the works of CoST in Tanzania and beyond.

Objectives of this task
The overall objective of this task is to design website that will enable CoST Tanzania be a resource and information hub for reliable, accurate and timely infrastructure related information. The specific objectives include to design and development a website that will:

  • ¬†Provide a platform for interaction and information sharing on key issues and good practices on infrastructure projects in Tanzania.
  • Promote access to and use of reliable infrastructure related information in Tanzania.
  • Increase and build the public profile of CoST Tanzania at all levels.
  • provide an interactive forum where cost secretariat can interact with stakeholders
  • provide avenue where PEs can directly publish their project information

Scope of Work
The hired company / Agency will be required to create (design, develop, test and implement) a web platform within the designated timeline which meets the following criteria:
1. Interactive, appealing, highly usable and responsive web design: Web Designs are very subjective, we expect the hired company to show-case their best elements in delivering suitable intranet design options. The design and solution must be easy to use, average site load-time should be reasonable, search engine friendly, and able to render appropriately on a wide variety of different browsers.
2. The recommended site details include; PHP, MySQL, Apache server, server space of up to 2GB, with a well aligned CMS.
3. Develop a website with a clear Content Management System (CMS) to the latest word press version and develop a custom professional layout that is responsive with a corporate look and feel, with easy, simple navigation links that allow users to feel at home.
4. The solution should enable users feel great on mobile, tablets, and desktop with a responsive design. Provide a front page slide module with greater description and bigger.
5. Include Optimized images, photos to allow easy download hence making sure even a broadband user with slow link can access the website comfortably
6. Include an events Calendar component to help display organizations’ upcoming activities or events to its audience.
7. Include a News Module: make provision for CoST constant news highlights for the different activities by adding a module with great display.
8. Include taps for Publications/Downloads: it should have the ability to show active statistics of how many downloads have occurred on a particular document.
9. Provide a Photo Gallery. A detailed photo gallery to show the activities or Events whenever they happen should be configured into the website. This component should have rich features that each event is added into its own album or folder to ease navigation.
10. It should provide a Video Blog this will feature videos that show different pre and post events videos, documentaries, ceremonies, and any other video content that CoST has may have approved. This video blog will be using YouTube as the source of all video content. All videos will automatically update on the website when added to YouTube. 

11. Integrate menus for CoST core features (Disclosure, Assurance and Multi-Stakeholder working) providing avenues for uploading CoST Assurance Reports). Provide for instant downloads for the website.
12. Transfer relevant content from the existing website to the upgraded dashboard. Interpret CoST social media links, Twitter and Facebook accounts and enable tweeting and posting from the news/blogs uploaded.
13. Language translations; Install a translation module connected to Google languages so as users are given the opportunity to translate into their native languages.
14. Install of SSL Certificate (https://) and test after upload of new website. To enable the website, have more security as users to access it on different devices.
15. Provide training for 4 hours and website updating manual to staff of CoST responsible for updating the website. And provide maintenance support for a period of six month, hosting and domain registration services.
16. Spam Control: The solution should provide an automated challenge system that reduces the number of spam comments/posts that either need moderation or slip through filtering mechanisms.
17. Search: The solution should provide users with the ability to search for and locate content based on keywords and key phrases. Search should not be limited to articles, pages or other forms of content-administrator created posts but should also include user-generated content found within the community areas. The solution must be able to accommodate the inclusion of transcripts/narrations for video content. Transcripts/Narration may be available in multiple languages. (Video could be uploaded on other websites, with streaming option on Intranet)
18. Blog: Intranet should be capable of having Blog(s), with different themes / designs (at-least 3 themes / designs to choose from). Content Moderation Mechanism: Users/MSG Members who have been granted relevant access rights should be allowed to flag, and moderate other members’ comments/posts.
19. Discussion Forum: Intranet should be capable of hosting a quick and basic level of discussion with moderation of comments. MSG Members should be able to view and create posts, edit their own posts etc.
20. Survey & Poll: Intranet should be able to conduct a survey of around 10 to 20 questions and Polling / voting system should also be available.
21. Public Users and Members Electronic Document Catalogue: Users should be allowed to search for, view and/or download articles and documents. Users should also be able to assign star ratings on articles, videos and other informational content.
22. Supervision and contact for the consultant will be primarily carried out by the CoST Tanzania Manager and NCC and the final product will be approved by the MSG.
23. Copyrights: CoST Tanzania will hold the exclusive rights to all the design and other work products contained on the web site. Should the consultant require use of the web site in their portfolio, they will require written permission from CoST Tanzania through the Host organization (NCC).

-Website Banner:
-Website Banner will consist of the CoST Tanzania logo.
-The title in the banner in English

General Layout:
The overall layout design of the website (Homepage and internal pages) should be taking consideration of CoST’s brand colours. i.e. light blue and white.
The overall website content layout should be clear and simple, readable, render whitespace design to attract viewer’s attention.

News Section:
There should be news items displaying Photo image, ‚ÄúNews Title, News Posted Date &¬†News Summary‚ÄĚ. When click on News item, the website should redirect to News Page for¬†reading the whole news item. Other archived news items should be visible in side bar¬†navigation when the Webpage of particular News item opens.¬†There should be ‚ÄúView All News‚ÄĚ link to access other News items.¬†

Horizontal Navigation Bar:
Visual navigation aids must be implemented in the menu items (whether in form of breadcrumbs, Active links highlighting, etc.).
The width of the navigation bar should be to accommodate in its menu bar, including these¬†stated menu items ‚Äď HOME, ABOUT US, ADMINISTRATION, SERVICES, COURSES,
Each Menu item should be able to hold another sub-menu. And for each Sub-menu should be able to hold another child menu. Generally, each menu should allow up to two-step levels down.

Responsibilities of NCC

  • The activity will be directly supervised by the CoST Tanzania Manager, and will monitor and¬†scrutinize the quality aspects of the site. However, the following will be the specific¬†responsibilities:
  • Provide content for the site in form of statements, documents, images, and videos.
  • Review the website and make comments to Consultant
  • Provide feedback when and where necessary.

– Process payment to the company as per agreement
– Provide feedback on design proposals


  • Website Prototype will be delivered in 7 days and final in 15 days
  • Training of staff upon delivery of the final website.
  • Responsive Design [ Website
  • Structure and Coding (html, css, php )
  • Automated Elements (news, events)
  • Flashy Effects, Unlimited web pages, Publications/Downloads, Events Calendar, Language¬†translations, Social network connections icons & feeds (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).

Interested applicants and companies should submit expressions of interest clearly aligned to the Terms of Reference with links to previous projects not later than 30th May 2020 5:00EAT.

All applications should be addressed to;
CoST Tanzania Secretariat –¬†[email protected]
Copy to: The Chief Executive Officer,
National Construction Council¬†Tanzania –¬†Email: [email protected]
Content Management System (CMS)


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