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Adult Matric 2022 Exam Registration 2023

Adult Matric 2022 Exam Registration Read here steps 2023

How It Works

Adult Matric 2022 Exam Registration Read here steps 2023 If you weren’t able to pass matric, or reach that level of schooling, there is still a chance for you to complete your matric year.

With Matric College, you get a second chance and finish off your schooling and propel your career the right way.

What is Adult Matric?

Adult Matric is a second chance for anybody who was, for any reason, unable to complete their matric year.

Once you apply for your Adult Matric, Matric College will help you choose 6 subjects that are right for you and help prepare you for your examinations. We will help you study more efficiently so that it’s reflected in your marks.

Getting your Adult Matric certificate means that you can apply to universities and make your way towards a degree. It’s not too late to start developing a stable career!

Application Requirements

If you’re interested in applying for your Adult Matric, theses are the requirements you must meet:

  • Grade 9 certificate: To apply for your Adult Matric, you need to have your grade 9 certificate. Please keep in mind that you cannot apply with an affidavit.
  • You must be over the age of 21: You must be at least 21 to be able to write the exams. If you are not 21 by the time of the examinations, you will not be allowed to take them

Can I apply if I’m 19 years old?

Yes, you can apply to do your Adult Matric when you are 19 years old. However, you are only allowed to write your first adult matric exam when you are 21 years of age.

  1. Register for adult matric now
  2. Start studying your first subjects
  3. Turn 20 years old by the end of April 2021
  4. Use all of next year to study
  5. Register for your first exams – Exam registration is done in November / December 2021
  6. Start preparing for your first exams!
  7. Turn 21 years old by the end of April 2022

Find out more about how to apply if you are 19 years old here.

How long does it take to do an Adult Matric?

Adult Matric is a three-year, full-time course that covers work from grade 10 through to matric. Each subject will require that you write a single exam. These exam results will be your final results as there is no classwork mark.

Giving yourself a 3 year period means that you have more time to study and enough time to space out your exams. That way, you can start your adult matric at 19 and only write your exams when you’re 21.

The difference between a High School matric certificate and an Adult Matric

The only difference between high school matric and Adult Matric is the age you complete it. Both certificates are accredited by Umalusi and even look exactly the same.

Whether you finished matric in high school or as an Adult Matric, the certificate means the exact same thing.

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For more information about the fees, please contact Matric College on 012 762 7100 and speak to one of our skilled consultants.

How we work

Step 1 – Registration
During your registration, we help you choose subjects that are right for you, and then prepare you to do well in those subjects. We help you focus on the subjects where you need better marks. This helps you to study more effectively and make better use of the time you have to prepare for the exams.

Step 2 – Delivery
We deliver your first package, containing your first study material, once you have successfully completed your registration and made your first payment. You will receive your first package within 5 – 7 days after your first payment was made, via courier.  Your second batch of study material will be couriered to you after your second monthly payment ect.  In cases where students pay the course in full all study materials will be couriered in one batch.

Once you are registered with us, you can start as soon as you receive your first study material. You don’t have to buy any textbooks, because we provide you with the correct textbooks.

Step 3 – Preparation
We help you prepare for your exam by helping you work through the study materials, old exam papers and extra study materials we have developed and found online.

Your tutor is available online, on WhatsApp, on email and on the phone. We assist you every step of the way, to make sure you get the results you want!

Step 4 – Exam
You have to register for your own exam. We assist you with the information needed for you to register for your own exam

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