TikTok Font Change: Can You Switch It Back To The Old Style?

TikTok Font Change: Can You Switch It Back To The Old Style?


TikTok Font Change: Can You Switch It Back To The Old Style?

TikTok Font Change: Can You Switch It Back To The Old Style? Thumbs up and thumbs down emoji are displayed under TikTok’s account on a phone.

Unsurprisingly, many users do not like the new font that TikTok has introduced, but can the change be reversed? The fact that TikTok offers a highly personalized experience with tools like its For You tab, which shows users precisely the material they want to watch based on their activity throughout the network, is a big part of the app’s appeal. However, users have little choice over how the app is presented, and even seemingly minor adjustments can feel abrupt to long-time TikTokers.

The new font appears to have been introduced to users gradually throughout the course of spring 2023 on TikTok, appearing in waves. The app previously employed a font that was allegedly called “Proxima Nova – Semibold.” Now that they have opened the app and saw a different font than what they are used to, with higher, somewhat larger characters, some TikTok users are venting their shock and disgust online. All aspects of the app, including comments, video captions, and feed headers, appear to be impacted by the update. There is presently no option to modify the setting within the TikTok app, which is unfortunate for those seeking to go back to the traditional font.

This article investigates the app’s many millions of users’ reactions to the new font change and looks at the new font change itself.

The Change

Proxima Nova-Semibold was the font that TikTok was formerly using. TikTok Sans is the name of the new unique font, as previously indicated. The only difference between the old and new fonts is that the letters in the new font are a tiny bit smaller and closer together. Although the majority of users have not even noticed it yet, those who have are not too fond of the change. They believe that the typeface is often more difficult to read.

Why the Change?

To be more contemporary and up to date, apps like TikTok frequently make minor adjustments. They can desire a new aesthetic appeal or simply to modernize things. Like most artists, they enjoy investigating fresh creative concepts. It is also possible that the modification resulted from human input. Since user satisfaction is a key factor in TikTok’s success, users may have requested a different font, and TikTok took their request into consideration.


Will Changing Your System Font Fix It?

TikTok's old font (left) and new font (right) as it appears in the creator menu

If there is a cure available outside the app, crafty TikTokers who enjoy fiddling with their smartphone’s system settings may be curious. Users of Android phones can quickly switch their phone’s default font to a different option by navigating to “Settings” > “Display” > “Font size and style.” From there, users can hit “Font style” and select one of the built-in fonts or choose to download a fresh one. It is a little trickier with iPhones and often necessitates jailbreaking the device.

Before making the effort, users of TikTok should be aware that changing the system’s default typeface will have no impact on how text displays on the platform. In either case, they will be forced to use TikTok’s new font. It is likely to be a temporary irritation, as is the case with most modifications of this kind, while people adjust to it while using the app as usual. Numerous TikTokers are not bothered by the adjustment, as well. Some have weighed in on the internet discussions to claim that the issue is so minor that they did not even notice it until it was brought up.

Recently, TikTok has undergone several adjustments, and there are plenty of other things to occupy your time on the app. Creators now have a new way to monetize their material thanks to the platform’s recent expansion of its new Creativity Program Beta. Additionally, TikTok unveiled a special STEM feed in March (in honor of Pi Day) to highlight material pertaining to science, technology, engineering, and math.

Why Hasn’t the Font Changed for Me?

Since the change is so slight, some users might not even have noticed it yet. whether you want the new typeface but the change has not yet occurred for you, check your app store to see whether TikTok needs to be updated.

The actions listed below will assist you in updating TikTok:

    1. Go to the Play Store.
    1. Type in TikTok.


  1. Click on “Update.”
  2. Open the app when the update is complete.

Note that this might also be a gradual change, and not be available in all regions.

TikTok Users Attack

As previously established, many TikTokers are unhappy with the new font. Many find it visually unattractive, hard to read, and want the old font back. At the time of writing, TikTok hasn’t officially acknowledged these complaints yet. But it will be interesting to see if they bow to the pressure and revert to the old font.

Twitter Reacts

Below are some of the responses from TikTok users who don’t like the font change:

“The new TikTok front makes me want to jump in front of a semi-truck.”

“Bro, I’m so sick of this ugly ahh TikTok font.”

“How do I get rid of this ugly ass TikTok font?”

“Wtf is this new TikTok font? It’s so ugly.”

On a Positive Note

Below are a few positive comments made by Twitter users.

“Once people forget TikTok’s previous typefaces existed in the first place (and they will), they’ll probably come to appreciate TikTok Sans.”

“TikTok’s new font is finally growing on me lol.”

“I love the new TikTok Sans font tbh.”

Font Changes on other Social Media Sites



Facebook used Klavika to create their logo but made some minor changes to give it the distinctive look it has now. The font they use for their text is whatever your sans-serif standard is, so it depends based on what device you are using. In 2016, Facebook changed their font for desktop users from Helvetica to Geneva. It wasn’t a huge change, but some users weren’t happy with the change, one person even saying that “the new font is just different enough to make my head and eyes hurt” and another saying, “that the new font is super ugly, and I don’t want it.”



WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps right now. This app is different from most others because you can actually change the font on your text format. The Typewriter font is the most favorable amongst users.

Changing the font is easy, all you have to do is use the ` symbol three times on either side of the word. For example, “`surprise.“` Don’t confuse the ‘ for the `. You can find the symbol on Android and IOS keyboards.

The ` symbol is easy to find on an Android keyboard, but to find it on IOS, long press the ‘ and a number of symbols will pop up, one of them being the ` that you need to change your font in WhatsApp.



Pinterest changed their logos font in 2020 for the first time since 2010. The old font was ligature heavy and the newer font is more hard-edged. The “P” didn’t change but the rest of the word got a new wordmark. There was some controversary over this change because a mobile app called Path filed to forbid Pinterest to use the “P” because it matched theirs. To this day, both companies still share the same lettering.


Twitter changed its font in January 2023. They’re still using their own font called Chirp, but now they’re using more OpenType stylistic sets to make it easier to notice the difference between some of the characters. This change is only on Twitter handles on desktops. It doesn’t seem like people were so upset about this change and most believe the change happened so that it would be easier to spot an impersonator.


Can I change back to the old font?

Unfortunately, no. There’s currently no way to change the setting and revert to the old font.

Can I change the font by changing my system-wide font?

No. You can’t go into settings on your devices to change the font and affect how the font appears on TikTok.

Can I customize the font on my TikTok account?

No. There’s no way to customize the font on your TikTok account as of right now.

What if I don’t want the new font?

The only thing you can do is not update to the newest version, but that could also cause problems with your ability to use certain features within the app in the future.

TikTok Font Change Sparks Backlash

TikTok is a place where people can share their talents and creativity with others. And while updates are a common occurrence on apps which users should expect, not all are happy with the changes. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do at present if you don’t like the new font on TikTok. You’ll just have to sit tight and hope that the platform either reverts to the old font or offers users a way to change it.