Grade 12 Matric Final Exam Timetable 2023 Pdf Download

UMALUS Matric NSC examination timetable 2022 /2023 PDF Download/Print


Grade 12 Matric Final Exam Timetable 2023  PDF Download/Print

Grade 12 Matric Final Exam Timetable 2023  PDF Download/Print Finally The Department of Basic Education has Give out  a revised timetable of the 2023 National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations.For Examination schedule of November 2023

The Department of Education has revealed the 2023 Grade 12 Matric Final Exam Timetable. You can download the timetable in PDF format by clicking the link provided below. The date, time, and location of the exam are listed on the schedule. From Monday, October 31 through Friday, December 9, 2023, the test will be administered.

The exams will kick-start with:

  • English HL P1 (2 hours)
  • English FAL P1 (2 hours)
  • English SAL P1 (2 hours)

These are crucial papers that set the tone for the rest of your examinations, so be prepared to put your best foot forward!

The examination period concludes with:

  • Dance Studies (3 hours)
  • Agricultural Technology (3 hours)

These final exams give you a chance to end your exam period on a high note. Remember, every paper is an opportunity to shine!

In between, there are a host of other subjects, each requiring your utmost attention and revision.

The timetable provides you with an overview of when each subject paper is scheduled, allowing you to plan your revision accordingly. Knowing the order of exams can help you prioritize your study time effectively.

Department of Basic Education(DBE)

The Department of Basic Education was formed when the former National Department of Education was split into two: Department of Basic Education and the Department of Higher Education and Training. The DBE deals with all schools from Grade R to Grade 12, including adult literacy programmes. The aim of the DBE is to develop, maintain and support a South African school education system for the 21st century.

Our vision is of a South Africa in which all our people will have access to lifelong learning, education and training opportunities, which will, in turn, contribute towards improving the quality of life and building a peaceful, prosperous and democratic South Africa.

Our mission is to provide leadership in the establishment of a South African education system for the 21st century.

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The Department of Basic Education adheres to the following values

People: Upholding the Constitution, being accountable to the Minister, the government and the people of South Africa.

Excellence: Maintaining high standards of performance and professionalism by aiming for excellence in everything we do, including being fair, ethical and trustworthy in all that we do.

Teamwork: Cooperating with one another and with our partners in education in an open and supportive way to achieve shared goals.

Learning: Creating a learning organization in which staff members seek and share knowledge and information while committing themselves to personal growth.

Innovation: Striving to address the training needs for high-quality service and seeking ways to achieve our goals.

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Strategic outcome-orientated goals: Improved quality of basic education

Output 1: Improve the quality of teaching and learning

1.1 Improve teacher capacity and practices.

1.2 Increase access to high-quality learning materials.
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Output 2: Undertake regular assessment to track progress

2.1 Establish a world-class system of standardized national assessments.

2.2 Extract key lessons from ongoing participation in international assessments.

Output 3: Improve early childhood development

3.1 Universalise access to Grade R.

3.2 Improve the quality of early childhood development.

Output 4: Ensure a credible outcomes focused planning and accountability system

4.1 Strengthen school management and promote functional schools.

4.2 Strengthen the capacity of district offices.

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