Job Vacancies At WFT-Trust- Consultancy

Nafasi za kazi WFT-Trust- Consultancy


Nafasi za kazi WFT-Trust- Consultancy


WFT-Trust would like to inform the interested applicants on the extension of the deadline for the following job vacancies which were advertised on the different media outlets on 1st Augusts 2020. The new deadline is 14th September 2020.

Expression of Interest

Consultancy for conducting a Baseline survey for the implementation of WEMA-PLUS Project

Organizational Context

Women Fund Tanzania Trust is the first and only women’s fund in Tanzania. WFT Trust is uniquely positioned in the mainstream of women rights movement of Tanzania as an established women’s rights fund focused on empowering girls, women and women rights’ organizations by providing grants, thought leadership and investing in outreach and capacity enhancement for women rights issues. Its reach and focus on grassroots level women organizations engagement and agenda articulation means it is in touch with the real issues affecting real women in their real lives and circumstances.

Anchored in the women’s rights movement of Tanzania WFT-Trust carries out its mandate through a two pronged approach to women and girls empowerment which focuses on an innovative grant making mechanism that targets and links grass roots women actors and national level organizations and its strategic alliances and partnership building functions that creates a mutually reinforcing and supportive movement building processes that seek to amplify women’s voices and visibilising their contributions in building a Tanzanian society where women realize their full potential and engage fully in the transformation of their communities in order to achieve empowerment and social justice.


WFT-Trust is implementing a two-year Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) project through the support of anonymous donor. As such, WFT-Trust and the donor have agreed that the implementation of the Project must be preceded by a Baseline survey that will further strengthen the formulation, implementation, results framework and future evaluation of the project. The Project will be implemented in Tanzania. The project is designed to contribute to increasing the capacity of women rights organizations and activist’s intervention and advocacy for essential sexual and reproductive health services and impact on current policy environment in Tanzania as well as facilitating an atmosphere that is supportive of human rights and sexual and reproductive rights.

Qualifications and experience of consultant

WFT-Trust is looking for a competent consultant(s)/firm with the following minimum qualifications:
Educated to Master’s level in Public Health, Social Sciences or related. PHD is an advantage
At least 8 years of proven experience in conducting surveys or studies, Planning, design and management of both qualitative and quantitative surveys;
Development of survey tools and Excellent Report writing skills;
M&E systems development and implementation;
Knowledge of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, Women Rights in Tanzania context, HIV and AIDS and governance issues;
Experience on the workings of parliament, ministries and CSO’s;
Strong management, organizational, and communication skills;
Proficiency in data analysis software and other computer processing applications; and
Strong evaluation experience and capacity to independently manage the assignment

Purpose of Baseline Survey

The baseline survey is meant to assist the Implementation team at WFT-Trust with refining the design, establishing and implementing a comprehensive monitoring plan, including data collection plan, to identify baseline indicators, set project targets and to develop a cycle for mid-term and summative evaluation.

The objective of the Baseline Survey

The overall objective of the baseline survey is to assess the ecosystem of SRHR actors and their positioning with regards to the responses by national, local organizations and actors and establish benchmark values and indicators to inform the monitoring and evaluation plan. Therefore, WFT-Trust seeks to procure the services of a qualified and independent, external consultant(s)/firm to design, plan and conduct a baseline study for WEMA-Plus project. The baseline study is anticipated to start by end of August 2020.

Project description

Women Fund Tanzania Trust believes in the rights of all women to achieve their fundamental human rights which includes the right to life and the enjoyment of an equal and just society. In Tanzania these rights are enshrined in the constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania. Women’s sexual and reproductive health is related to multiple human rights, including the right to life, the right to be free from torture, the right to health, the right to privacy, the right to education, and the prohibition of discrimination.

WEMA-Plus Project seeks to address the critical need for conceptual/ideological clarity on rights agenda through mainstreaming a suite of rights with a specific focus on SRHR conversation into the rights based approach agenda to coalitions and platforms, Support grassroots women rights organizations,women organizations and youth led organizations that implement SRHR interventions through funding and enhance their institutional capacity. To achieve these goals, WFT-Trust will strengthen programming and advocacy capacity and provide financial and non-financial support to grassroots women’s rights organizations working within SRHR. WFT-Trust will leverage its experience of over 10 years in grant making and working with grassroots actors, leverage existing linkages between the grassroots base and national level actors who are key in policy and legal frameworks change and its diverse base of cross movement partners through its coalitions and platforms.

Women Fund Tanzania will focus on three key strategies to push the SRHR agenda and achieve the below mentioned outcomes.

Using WFT-Trust grant making mechanism to provide grants to grass roots women’s organizations working within SRHR initiatives across Tanzania
Mainstream the SRHR conversation in the current environment in Tanzania through coalitions and platforms that WFT-Trust is currently working with
Support WFT-Trust institutional capacity on key areas such as governance, human resources and equipment.
Approach and Methodology
The consultant is required to develop and submit along with the expression of interest an inception phase report which details technical and financial proposal based on the Terms of Reference to be provided to the successful consultant outlining how the assignment will be carried out.

To learn more about the job vacancies, minimum requirements and how to apply kindly visit our career page.

Application process

Interested applicants should send their application letter accompanied by resume with names and addresses of 3 professional referees (including telephone and e-mail) through email: [email protected] or deliver to physical address: Women Fund Tanzania, Rufiji street, Plot No. 1714, Msasani Peninsular, Near Namibian Embassy.

NOTE: Those who have already applied in response to the initial announcement either online or by physical submission to WFT Trust office in Masaki do not need to re-apply as their applications will be considered.

The Expression of Interest letters should concisely describe why the applicants is interested in the assignment and how competent he/she is to carry it out successfully. Applicants should also explain how their professional experience matches the skills and qualifications outlined. Closing date for application is 14th September 2020.


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