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Nafasi za kazi Standard Bank Group - Head  Agribusiness


Job Vacancies Standard Bank Group-Head Agribusiness

Job Details

Commercial Banking

Job Purpose

To provide specialist Agribusiness knowledge and ensuring the integration, adoption and application of the PBB Agribusiness sector strategy and related toolbox(es) that will aggressively grow the client base, revenue and market share in country (i.e. acquisition through ecosystems).

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities


• Provides input into the Agribusiness strategy.

• Implements client standards and policies aligned to PBB AR minimum standards and enhances for local requirements in agreement with relevant toolbox owner(s).

• Provides input into Agribusiness country client risk appetite based on the defined framework which is signed off by PBB AR in conjunction with PBB Risk.

• Implements the framework for the management of clients with multijurisdiction presence.

• Provides input on toolbox development for consumption by other countries where common benefit could be derived, as approved by toolbox owner.

• Provides input into client journeys development as delegated by PBB AR.

• Keeps abreast of industry and sector trends and macro challenges. Provides in-depth knowledge of commodity value chains in country, including key market players and international trade relations.

• Provides relevant commodity insights as part of the knowledge based value proposition.


• Works with country Product to identify, design and deliver fit-forpurpose client centric product solutions.

Financial management

• Implements, tracks and reports on agreed financial and non-financial metrics for Agribusiness (e.g. number of client defaults, net promoter score, client growth, etc.).

• Ensures clean, consistent and accurate financial reporting on Agribusiness and empowers country relationship managers with the necessary tools/financial structures to report on Agribusiness performance.

• Responsible for the achievement of the agreed financial outcomes for Agribusiness in country.

• Reports on the Agribusiness’ performance in country and undertakes remedial actions to ensure financial outcomes realisation.

Risk, regulatory, prudential and compliance

• Implements the agreed risk framework and appetite in alignment with toolbox owner and country Risk Corporate Function requirements.

• Provides input into and adheres to the risk control procedures and governance as defined for Agribusiness in consultation with toolbox owner(s) and country Risk Corporate Function.

• Implements and monitors risk management for Agribusiness (e.g., operational and credit risk).

• Implements internal audit and operational risk remediation actions and closes out all matters relating to Agribusiness.

• Implements a first line risk management capability for client facing channels.

• Implements and adheres to the SBG Cybersecurity policies.

• Monitors and reports sector adherence to regulatory requirements.

• Ensures escalation procedures exist for the reporting and resolution of specific breaches of policy, regulatory breaches, etc. Clear understanding of regulatory impairments with IFRS9, working with credit to manage Agribusiness provisions, inputs to resolving impairments and post write off recovery.


• Identifies current and potential employee skill requirements in consultation with the PBB Human Capital Business Partner.

• Determines and guides performance and associated award in consultation with PBB Human Capital, and in alignment with SBG guidelines for own team.

• Ensures alignment to the PBB Human Capital standards with regards to all employee-related matters for own team.

• Provides input to talent strategy developed by PBB Human Capital for own team.

• Mobilises employees in order to fulfil the bank’s objectives regarding client service; sales; people management and engagement; transformation; risk and compliance.

• Leads, inspires and coaches a team of professionals, develops talent, creates succession to key roles.

Preferred Qualification and Experience

The incumbent must have a degree in Business Commerce. Where relevant a degree in Agriculture Economics. An honours degree will be an advantage.


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5-7 years experience: Business banking expertise; solid understanding of existing products and processes as it relates to Agribusiness. Experience in managing risk and providing specialist input on cases in distress and general ownership of risk management in an agric portfolio. Experience in successfully growing the customer base, managing and growing a balance sheet and income statement. Proficient in the design and understanding of data management, analytics and business intelligence. Understands the digital landscape and digitisation strategies that enable an enhanced customer experience for Agribusiness. Experience in preparing and motivating Credit applications is essential for arbitration purposes. Understands debt repayment calculations; Net Present Value (NPV) and capital budgeting methods. Experience

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

Effective business communication

Competency Description: The ability to communicate information and ideas in a clear and concise manner appropriate for the audience in order to explain, persuade, convince and influence others to achieve the desired outcomes.

Filtering Core Issues and Patterns Competency Description:

The ability to identify patterns and concepts from complex information or situations resulting in more successful and impactful ideas.

Risk Response Strategy Competency Description:

The ability to facilitate the creation and adoption of an appropriate risk response strategy and to assign ownership for the risk response.

Risk/ Reward Thinking Competency Description:

The ability to provide due consideration to risks, rewards and the cost of control measures in evaluating business opportunities, process and system changes.

Risk Reporting Competency Description:

The ability to prepare quantitative and qualitative analysis on the risk landscape in the business including interpretation and analysis for use by business users.

Economic Capital Management Competency Description: Understands the capital implications of the stated risk appetite, individual risk exposures, portfolio risk exposures, and determines capital requirements on a risk adjusted basis.



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