Monitoring and Evaluation Manager at Ubongo Kids |April 2020



Monitoring and Evaluation Manager  

Help Africa’s top edutainment company change the lives of tens of million kids… and ensure that we’re creating meaningful change!

Ubongo is building brains and building change for families across Africa through fun edutainment on accessible technologies. We’re a social enterprise founded and based in Dar es Salaam, and we broadcast our shows Akili and Me and Ubongo Kids across the continent. We’re deeply committed to impact, and we’re looking for a full time M&E Manager to help us with monitoring, evaluation, and especially learning to make sure that we are continually improving our edutainment to achieve outcomes for kids!

Working here won’t be easy, but it will challenge and excite you, with lots of responsibility, plenty of fun, and the opportunity to impact the lives of millions of kids every day.

We’re looking for a Monitoring & Evaluation Manager to lead our monitoring, evaluation and learning efforts. This is a new position, and you will be our first full time M&E Manager! Until now, our M&E performed by a combination of our internal team, external consultants, and research partners from academic institutions. We’re looking for someone to bring all of this work together, and putting together and implementing a long term monitoring, evaluation & learning strategy!


  • Bringing together all of our previous M&E work (including experimental studies, longitudinal research, surveys and reach data) for internal learning.
  • Taking the lead (with support from CEO, Operations and research team) to develop 2-year organizational M&E strategy.
  • Developing a repeatable approach to measuring learning, mindset and/or behavior change outcomes of co-produced edutainment content.
  • Supporting external research partners (including University of Maryland, and graduate student researchers) conducting research and assessments of Ubongo edutainment in various geographies across Africa.
  • Creating a reporting framework for partners who use our content in their programs.
  • Leveraging lean data for continual monitoring in situations where we cannot afford to do in-depth studies.
  • Travel as required to the different regions within the country.


  • Owning overall M&E strategy and coordinating implementation with both the Ubongo team and our research partners. You will be our first full-time hire in M&E, and will be in charge of growing your own team over time.
  • As well as studying the data we have you will need to be able to create ways in which the data that needs to be studied can be gathered. So that means creating new data gathering methodologies.
  • Suggest to the team the most appropriate M&E software/tools that can be used.
  • Ensuring that our products are rigorously tested, and that learnings from this testing are fed back into product development.
  • Analyzing, summarizing and sharing results & learnings internally with our team and externally with partners, to ensure that everyone is up to date.
  • Keeping the Ubongo team up-to-date on best practices and relevant work in M&E, and making sure we stay on the cutting edge!


  • Ready and able to take on all the challenges listed above (and many more, down the line) as we scale! This probably means you’ll have a Master’s Degree or PhD., with extensive research experience. But we’re more interested in your ability to get the job done than your qualifications.
  • Confident and knowledgeable in study design, data analysis and field implementation of research projects as well as impact evaluation.
  • A task juggler. There is a LOT going on at Ubongo, and you will need to be able to work across our projects and products to manage overall company M&E.
  • Organized! We have a lot of data, studies and different project, and you will be in charge of keeping all of this data and reporting in order!
  • Able to speak and work in English and Kiswahili – we’re a bilingual office.
  • Good at dealing with ambiguity and able to figure things out for yourself.
  • Willing to speak up for what’s right, when you see wrong, or when you think there might be a better way.
  • Someone who loves kids. They’re why we do what we do. They’re running around our office all the time. Our kids’ music and videos will become part of your life (and constantly stuck in your head).
  • Okay, you made it through that. The good thing is that there are also perks, like delicious healthy lunch at the office, health insurance, and you get to watch cartoons at work.



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