Job Opportunities at CRDB March 2022

Job Opportunities at CRDB March 2022




Job Opportunities at CRDB March 2022 CRDB Bank PLC is a leading commercial bank in Tanzania. Established in 1996, the Bank has grown and prospered over the years to become the most innovative and trusted Bank in the country. The Bank attained an important milestone when it was listed on the Dar Es Salaam Stock Exchange on 17th of June, 2009. CRDB Bank PLC owns Two subsidiary companies – CRDB Bank Burundi S.A. and CRDB Insurance Broker Limited.

The Board of Directors invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill five positions of Board Members, three to represent the group of shareholders owning shares below 1% of the share capital of the Bank, one Board Member to represent shareholders owning shares above 1% and below 10% of the share capital of the Bank and one Independent Director elected by all shareholders.

“Independent Director” means a director who- (a) does not hold any executive or management position in the bank; (b) does not have, directly or indirectly, a significant interest in the bank including any parent or subsidiary in a consolidated group with the bank; “Significant interest” means a holding of five percent or more of the voting shares of the bank (c) has not been employed by the bank or its subsidiaries of which he currently forms part in any executive capacity for the preceding three (3) years; (d) is not a member of the family of an individual who is, or has been in any of the past three years, employed by the bank or its subsidiaries in an executive capacity; (e) is not a professional advisor to the bank or its subsidiaries ; (f) is free from any business or other relationship which seems to interfere with the individual’s capacity to act in an independent manner; and (g) does not receive remuneration contingent upon the performance of the bank as defined in the Banking and Financial Institutions (Internal Control and Internal Audit) Regulations 2014;

The names of qualified candidates will be submitted to the Annual General Meeting for election.

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Expertise and Knowledge Requirements

In line with Section 5(2) of the Banking and Financial Institutions Act (Corporate Governance) Regulations, 2021 candidates for the Board of Directors positions should have the expertise and knowledge in the following academia: Banking; or Finance; or Accounting; or Auditing; or Law; or Economics.

Skills Requirements

Taking into account the current market practice, technological development and growth in digital banking, the following skills are required for the Board of Directors Positions: Mergers and acquisition; or IT systems, data science, cyber security, trade and project finance, engineering and insurance.

Roles of Board of Directors


  • Determine the Bank’s vision, mission and values aimed at providing continuity and legal existence of the Bank.
  • Continuously monitor and evaluate the Bank’s strategy to achieve the vision and mission and ensure the Bank survives and thrives.
  • Govern the Bank by broad policies and objectives, formulated and agreed with Managing Director. Such policies and objectives shall aim at ensuring that:
  •  Procedures and practices are in place to protect the Bank’s Assets and reputation;
  • The Bank complies with all relevant laws, regulations and codes of best practices; and
  • The technology and systems used in the Bank are adequate to properly run the Bank for it to compete through efficient use of its assets, processes and human resources.
  • Monitor risk identification and its management so as to enhance shareholder value in the long run.
  • Select and appoint the Managing Director to whom the responsibility of managing the Bank shall be delegated. The Directors shall review and evaluate the Managing Director’s performance regularly.


Mode of Application

Any CRDB Bank shareholder who wishes to be elected as Board member must submit an application letter, curriculum vitae, certified copies of relevant academic and professional certificates and awards, two passport size photographs, certified copies of the last page of their passports, and letters of recommendation from 3 references and declaration of indebtedness to banks.

Notification of receipt of application and other details will be sent to all applicants upon receipt of the applications. Applications must be received by 00 p.m. on Monday, 11th April, 2022.

CRDB strongly encourages women to apply

The contact for communication is:

The Secretary

CRDB Bank PLC Headquarters

Plot No 25 and 26 Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road & Plot No. 21 Barack Obama Road

P. O. Box 268,11101 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Tel. no. 022 – 2219566

E-mail: [email protected]


Position: Specialist Result Management 


Job Reporting To: Head of Business Excellence

Job Purpose

To facilitate the adoption of various unconventional ways of building long-lasting efficiency capabilities and creation of several dynamics that will trigger the bank to adjust its traditional approach and work with grains of these changes to emerge better customer outcomes, improve margins, responsive decision making, and lower operating cost through results management.

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  • Conduct an organization-wide scan on the lost opportunities that can support the bank to improve income and or reduce cost
  • Establishing practical standards on efficiency levels in consideration of returns for high spending initiatives and reporting on the benefits achieved in line with expectations
  • Drive the implementation of all transformative cost and productivity initiatives allocated to different units and create visibility to the senior management level.
  • Collaborate with the departments to review and uncover the implementations of recommendations from consultations and other stakeholders from different aspects.
  • In-depth analysis of services and products performance in line with the market practices and customer demands.
  • Drive the change of spending culture across the organization by infusing the value management culture from traditional spending ways.
  • Collaborate with the strategy team to develop a balanced corporate scorecard to drive strategy implementation.
  • Drive the implementation and achievement of corporate balance scorecards through effective cascading down of the scorecard


Education Requirements Experience, Knowledge And Skills Required


  • The candidate must have a degree in Business Administration, Industrial Management Finance, Economics, or any other related business field.
  • The candidate should demonstrate vast experience in leading teams through various projects across the business
  • Must have at least 5 years of work experience in analytics and or results management in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.
  • Demonstrate ability to collect, organize and gain insight from internal or external business data.
  • Demonstrate excellent analytical skills, attention to detail, presentation, and communication skills
  • Demonstrate desire to serve the vision and mission of CRDB Bank PLC through management of result management related perspectives.
  • Abilities to manage different stakeholders
  • Solution oriented minded person
  • Transformative minded person




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