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Job title: IT Coordinators  (4 Post)

Reporting to: Project Officer
Location: Dodoma, Songea, Moshi, Iringa and Mafinga

Qualification & Experience

  • Bachelor degree in Information Technology
  • Ability to train and presentation skills
  • Technical skills – administrator lever in electrical devices like computer, tablet, networking, email, Microsoft program and social networks.
  • Proactive, dedicated, team player and problem solving capability
  • Experience in IT support in corporate or educational settings
  • Proven experience in teaching/helping non-technical people to solve technical problems
  • Flexible and capable for field work
  •  Previous project management skills (activity planning & reporting) will be an added advantage
  • Good communication skills and social empathy

Job Description

IT Coordinator
IT coordinator will be in charge of supporting the schools’ teachers and head teacher
during the project implementation.

1. Programmed visits to schools (the coordinator will plan the visit with Profuturo and
the local entity)

  • Equipment review to guarantee correct performance of all devices.
  • Meeting with the head teachers or school responsible of the equipment to check the project development and any possible incidence.
  • Review the working calendar to monitor how different teachers uses profuturo‘s equipment and guarantee its use.
  • Problem solving for the equipment and the platform, the network and the contents
  • Platform administration to support the teachers in:
  • Platform users’ registration
  • Classes and content setting on the platform
  • Providing internet connectivity to teacher’s laptops to send data and receive updates using the existing network connectivity or USB cellular connections
  • Face to face meetings with teachers with special difficulties on the use of the platform specific training and problem solving.
  • Based on the result of the platform, implement additional training to teachers on specific functionalities that they may find harder to use
  • Training to new teachers: initial training for teachers joining the project and refresher training to existing teachers.
  • Conduct on- site test with teachers and students
  • Coordinate with the local teaching coordinator to solve ay teaching problem
  • Gather insight about the use of platform in the field and suggest design improvement to the profuturo program.

2. Other activities

  • To attend the requirements of the head teachers or the equipment responsible regarding any incidence with the technology, platform or content. The coordinator will receive training to be able to deal with basic problems.
  • Notification of problem that coordinator cannot directly solve for remote support on higher complexity problems.
  • Regular review meeting (to be held by conference call)

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