How to apply for HELB Loan and Get approved |

HELB application forms First time applicants PDF |


HELB application forms First time applicants PDF |

HELB application forms First time applicants PDF | High Education Loan Board (HELB) Are invited for Application for incoming first year  Through this Article Is Describe Whole procedure step by step on How to Apply for Helb Loan This Article Give trick or Ways of Perfect Helb loan Application to Get An Approved .

Below is a step by step guide on how to apply for HELB online and how to appeal if your application is rejected for providing incorrect  or incomplete information.

The procedure of online application includes the documents that one needs to have to help him or her when applying for HELB for the first time and online application guide. The maximum amount of HELB that each university student can get is ksh. 60,000 and the minimum HELB loan awarded to students is ksh. 35,000.

Helb Application Requirements

Although the procedure of HELB application is done online. One is required to download the HELB form after completing feel so that it can be signed and submitted to HELB offices (Located at Anniversary Towers Nairobi). Some of the documents that you should have when starting to apply for HELB include.

  • National ID card
  • Bank Account (I will encourage you to use equity bank)
  • A KRA PIN (Go to any Cyber and they will help you to generate a KRA pin from the Kenya Revenue Authority or you can use this procedure to get a KRA pin “How to apply for a KRA pin“)
  • Parents Details (Photocopy of Your Identification Card)
  • Email address
  • Details of any three people who will be your guarantors that are already employed (You should have a copy of their ID)

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How to apply for HELB guide

Follow the procedure below for first time applicants;

  1. Visit the official HELB portal
  2. Enter your ID and  first name
  3. Click Validate
  4. Complete Registration for with your email and password and click register
  5. Start filling your form accurately. Don’t skip any step (You will be expected to fill personal details, education, university, parents, family expenses, guarantors, and Bank details). So make sure you have them.
  6. After you have completed filling your form accurately go to the homepage to confirm whether you have filled your form correctly
  7. After confirming that you have filled your form correctly go to home page and the click the icon indicated “Print form” to print your HELB Form. Print tow copies.
  8. After filling your form, ensure that all the parts required to be signed have been signed and stamped
  9. Attach the required documents and present the filled form to the nearest huduma center helb desk.

Continuing student update of HELB Profile

HELB has migrated to a new student portal. All continuing students are required to update their profile.

1) Go to the new student portal

2) enter your ID and first name

3) Click Validate

4) Complete Registration for with your email and password and click register (Use the email address you used in the old account to register for a profile in the new portal)

5. Update your profile

How HELB Loan is awarded

  • The loan awarded ranges from a minimum of Ksh.40,000 and a maximum of Ksh.60,000.
  • For those placed by Kenya University and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS), the loan amount is split to cater for both Tuition fee and Upkeep while the Self-sponsored students, the money is sent directly to the university once a year as tuition fees.
  • A standard amount of Ksh4,000 for Government sponsored students only is deducted from the loan awarded and disbursed to the university per semester for tuition [total Ksh8,000] and the rest is sent to the applicant’s bank account as upkeep.
  • An Administrative Fee of Ksh500 per year is charged on the loan awarded and it is therefore deducted from the disbursed loan.
  • A limited number of needy government sponsored students receive bursary of between Ksh4,000 and Ksh8,000 per year. The Bursary is paid to the university.

How to appeal helb loan rejection

Getting HELB loan is a guarantee to all students so long as you have filled your form accurately. HELB does not select on which students to award HELB and which one not to award. I was a beneficiary of HELB so I am writing from experience.



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