Fiji Year 8 (Eighth Year) Examination Results 2023-2024

Fiji Year 8 (Eighth Year) Examination Results 2023-2024


Fiji Year 8 (Eighth Year) Examination Results 2023-2024

Fiji Year 8 (Eighth Year) Examination Results 2023-2024 Welcome to Check your Fiji Year 8 (Eighth Year) FEYE Examination Results 2023-2024 PDF Download Through Online Active Link provided in this Article you can be able to check and Download your Fiji Eighth Year Examination Results in PDF Format. The Fiji Year 8 Examination Provisional Candidate Results have been released by the Ministry of Education’s Examinations and Assessment Unit. All schools in Fiji held the FEYE (Fiji Eighth Year Examination) in Class 8 (Year 8).

Fiji Eighth Year Exam Results

  • Like FIE, FEYE i.e Eighth Year Exam is also compulsory in Fiji. Ministry of Education conducted FEYE (Fiji Eighth Year Examination) in the month of October once every year. This examination consists of 3 terms in one session.  This year the exam was held on 25th October 2023 and ended on 25th October.
  • The Education Ministry of Fiji will announce the release date of 2023 Fiji Year 8 Examination Results. Once it is announced Schools can collect their results from their respective District Education Offices. Likewise, Head Teachers of Suva Schools can also collect their results from the Examination Office.
  • The results of this examination are expected to be released during the first week of December 2023. However, Fiji Eighth Year Exam Result 2023 is published a little early.

FEYE (Fiji Eighth Year Examination)

  • The examination was conducted at end of Class 8 (Year 8) in all schools in Fiji. Successful candidates are awarded FEYE Certificate and it allows students to take admission to the next level of schooling.
  • Generally, a total of 8 subjects are examined 5 of which are compulsory. These are English, Mathematics, Basic Science, Social Science, and Health Education. The other 3 are optional subjects, which include Fijian, Hindi, and Urdu.

Fiji Grading System

The Fijian educational grading system is a procedure for analyzing and measuring how well pupils do in academic tasks. It entails giving them a precise grade or score based on their accomplishments, offering a reliable and standard approach to gauge and convey their degree of expertise.

University Letter Grades +/-

GradeUS Grade


Fiji National University Post 2013

GradeScaleGrade DescriptionUS Grade
A+90.00 – 100.00High DistinctionA+
A85.00 – 89.99DistinctionA
A-80.00 – 84.99DistinctionA-
B+75.00 – 79.99CreditB+
B70.00 – 74.99CreditB
B-65.00 – 69.99CreditB-
C+60.00 – 64.99PassC+
C55.00 – 59.99PassC
C-50.00 – 54.99PassC-
D+45.00 – 49.99FailF
D40.00 – 44.99FailF
D-35.00 – 39.99FailF
E0.00 – 34.99FailF


Most Common

GradeScaleGrade DescriptionUS Grade
A80.00 – 100.00A
B65.00 – 79.99B
C50.00 – 64.99C
D40.00 – 49.99F
E0.00 – 39.99F
Aegrotat PassP


Sangam Institute of Technology

GradeScaleGrade DescriptionUS Grade
HD85.00 – 100.00High DistinctionA+
D75.00 – 84.99DistinctionA
C65.00 – 74.99CreditB
P50.00 – 64.99PassC
0.00 – 49.99Below Minimum PassF


University of the South Pacific

GradeScaleUS Grade
A+85.00 – 100.00A+
A78.00 – 84.00A
B+71.00 – 77.00B+
B64.00 – 70.00B
C+57.00 – 63.00C+
C50.00 – 56.00C
D40.00 – 49.00D
E0.00 – 39.00F


How to check FEYE Results online:

How to check FEYE Results online:

  • Open your laptop or mobile, in Internet browser address bar type :
  • Click on links “Eighth Year Exam Result 2023”.
  • Type Your Index Number “________”.
  • Enter Your “Other Name” : “_________”.
  • Here should be your “Surname” : “_________”.
  • Enter Your “Date of Birth”: “DD/MM/YYYY”___________.
  • Type Your “Parents Name” : “_________”.
  • Finally, hit on search button.

Candidates can also obtain their result through the ITC call (free) centre: 132 777

Useful Link to check FEYE Results =>

Fiji Year 8 Exam Results  District Wise:

The Fiji Year 8 Examination Provisional Candidate Results can be downloaded subject- and district-by-wise from the Ministry of Education and Examinations and Assessment Unit.

  • Ra District
  • Suva District
  • Nausori District
  • Ba/tavua District
  • Lautoka District
  • Nadroga/navosa District
  • Macuata/bua District
  • Cakaudrove District
  • Eastern District


  • In 2017: The Fiji Year 8 Examination Result was released on 6th December 2023. In this year a total of 16,688 students sat for the Fiji Year 8 Examination. The results can be obtained from education district offices.
  • In 2009 a total of 15,380 students sat the examination at 684 centres. The number of candidates is 722 less than the number, which appeared for the examination in 2008.
  • In 2010: The number of candidates is 393 less than the number which appeared for the examination in 2009. Likewise, the number of centres decreased by 11 this year.