Fiji Year 10 Results 2023 (Fiji Junior Certificate) link

Fiji Year 10 Results 2023 (Fiji Junior Certificate) link


Fiji Year 10 Results 2023 (Fiji Junior Certificate) link

Fiji Year 10 Results 2023 (Fiji Junior Certificate) link Are you a candidate who passed the Year 10 exam for the Fiji Junior Certificate? Looking for your child’s Fiji year 10 results from the previous year or your parent/guardian? this article is truthful You can access your Year 10 (Fiji Junior Certificate) exam results by visiting in 2023 or 2024. You can download your Fiji Year 10 Results in PDF format using an online direct link.

Fiji Year 10 Certificate Examination

  • The Ministry of Education permits both internal and external students to sit for the Form 4 (Year 10) Fiji Junior Certificate Examination (FJCE).To be regarded as extramural candidates, such candidates must submit an application to the Chief Executive Officer (Education) early in the examination year.
  • All schools in Fiji held the exam at the conclusion of Year 10 (Class 10) classes. The FJCE Certificate is given to successful candidates, and it enables pupils to apply for entrance to the Class 11th grade. Typically, 19 people in total—5 of which are required—are investigated. The subjects that must be taken are English, mathematics, basic science, social science, and commercial studies (only for pilots).

Year 10 Junior Certificate Examination Results

  • Every year in November, the Ministry of Education holds the Fiji Junior Certificate Examination. The results of the Fiji Year 10 Certificate Examination will be released in 2023, according to the Fijian Ministry of Education.
  • Schools may pick up their results from their local District Education Offices when the results are revealed.The Examination Office is also where Head Teachers of Suva Schools can pick up their exam results. Before Christmas, the test’s results are anticipated to be made public.

The 2023 results for the Fiji Year 10 Junior Certificate Examination have been revealed. Keep checking back for further developments.
Both district education departments and all schools have access to the individual results. You can get individual results at the following location.


Districts/ DivisionsVenues
SuvaExamination Office
Suva Education OfficeHarbour Front Building
Nausori Education OfficeRiver House
Eastern Education OfficeHarbour Front Building
NabouwaluNaulumatua House
LabasaRo Qomate House
SavusavuGulabdas Building
NadrogaKeasuna Building
LautokaRogorogoivuda House
BaKoronubu House
RakirakiGeorge Shiu Raj Building

Fiji Grading System

The Fijian educational grading system is a procedure for analyzing and measuring how well pupils do in academic tasks. It entails giving them a precise grade or score based on their accomplishments, offering a reliable and standard approach to gauge and convey their degree of expertise.

University Letter Grades +/-

GradeUS Grade


Fiji National University Post 2013

GradeScaleGrade DescriptionUS Grade
A+90.00 – 100.00High DistinctionA+
A85.00 – 89.99DistinctionA
A-80.00 – 84.99DistinctionA-
B+75.00 – 79.99CreditB+
B70.00 – 74.99CreditB
B-65.00 – 69.99CreditB-
C+60.00 – 64.99PassC+
C55.00 – 59.99PassC
C-50.00 – 54.99PassC-
D+45.00 – 49.99FailF
D40.00 – 44.99FailF
D-35.00 – 39.99FailF
E0.00 – 34.99FailF


Most Common

GradeScaleGrade DescriptionUS Grade
A80.00 – 100.00A
B65.00 – 79.99B
C50.00 – 64.99C
D40.00 – 49.99F
E0.00 – 39.99F
Aegrotat PassP


Sangam Institute of Technology

GradeScaleGrade DescriptionUS Grade
HD85.00 – 100.00High DistinctionA+
D75.00 – 84.99DistinctionA
C65.00 – 74.99CreditB
P50.00 – 64.99PassC
0.00 – 49.99Below Minimum PassF


University of the South Pacific

GradeScaleUS Grade
A+85.00 – 100.00A+
A78.00 – 84.00A
B+71.00 – 77.00B+
B64.00 – 70.00B
C+57.00 – 63.00C+
C50.00 – 56.00C
D40.00 – 49.00D
E0.00 – 39.00F

How to check FJC Results online:

Following the results release date, the results of the 2023 Fiji Junior Certificate Examination will also be made accessible online via the ITC website of the Government at and the ITC contact center at 132 777 (toll-free).

  • Open your laptop or mobile, in Internet browser address bar type:
  • Click on links “Eighth Year Exam Result 2023”.
  • Enter Your FJC Index Number “________”.
  • Enter Your “Other Name” : “_________”.
  • Enter Your “Surname” : “_________”.
  • Enter Your “Date of Birth”: “DD/MM/YYYY”___________.
  • Enter Your “Parents Name” : “_________”.
  • Then click on the search button.

Candidates can also obtain their result through the ITC call (free) centre: 132 777.

FJC Examination Results 2023
Fiji Junior Certificate Examination Results 2023

Recount of Marks:

  • Marks may be recounted for the FJCE is possible Recount applications may be lodged by individual students no later than 30 days after the official release of examination results. FJCE candidates may request a recount for a maximum of three subjects with a recount fee of $2.00 per subject.


  • 2009 The examination was taken at 162 centres by 14,177 candidates, a decrease of 545 from the number that sat in 2008.
  • 2010: 15,209 students from 162 centres are expected to sit for their Fiji Junior Certificate Examinations (FJCE) tomorrow, Tuesday, November 2.