Construction Supervisor Job at Wildlife Conservation Society(WCS) December 2021

Job Opportunities At Wildlife Conservation Society(WCS)-Construction Supervisor December 2021


Job Opportunities At Wildlife Conservation Society(WCS)-Construction Supervisor December 2021


Job Opportunities At Wildlife Conservation Society(WCS)-Construction Supervisor December 2021 The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is currently implementing a 4-year project with funding from the Blue Action Fund (BAF), titled “Creating a network of resilient MPAs in globally significant areas of the Western Indian Ocean.” The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the conservation of an expanded network of climate resilient, sustainable and effectively managed MPAs and their associated sustainable use zones, thereby protecting globally significant biodiversity, and generating socioeconomic benefits for stakeholders, both now and in the face of future climate change.


Scope Of Work

Under the BAF project, WCS will support the construction of critical infrastructure within the Tanga Marine Reserve Systems (TMRS) along the Tanzanian coast. The Tanzania Marine Park and Reserve Unit (MPRU) has proposed the installation of buoys to demarcate three Marine reserves—Kirui, Kwale and Ulenge and the construction of two ranger offices within TMRS. The region boasts marine resources and critical habitats including coral reefs, mangroves, sea grasses coastal trees, sand beaches and high fish species diversity, and this infrastructure will be critical for management and conservation of these resources.

The Construction Supervisor will serve as the main liaison between the WCS project team and a construction company on this project. Construction of Rangers’ Office for Maziwe Island Marine Reserve This rangers’ office will be constructed at Ushongo village to enhance management effectiveness of Maziwe Island Marine Reserve, located south of TACMP. The reserve hosts pristine coral reefs and diverse fish populations, which spill over to the neighboring community reefs, supporting the fishing industry in Tanga while offering potential for tourism opportunities though diving and snorkeling activities. Due to its fishing potential, the reserve has been at risk of encroachment from illegal fishers. The reserve is also far from the nearest TACMP office located at Kigombe, Muheza District. Therefore, there is a need to have a small office for monitoring and protection of the resources at the Maziwe Reserve. The office will be located at Ushongo village at Pangani District where TACMP already possesses land for construction. The office building will have 4 rooms to serve as offices, 1 toilet and a meeting room.

Finishing work of the Constructed Rangers’ Office at Moa Village The more northern reserves of Kirui, Kwale, Mwewe and Ulenge lack ranger posts to enable effective management of the reserves. In response, MPRU started the construction of a rangers’ office at Moa Village in Mkinga District. Currently the building structure is in place with walling and roofing stage being completed. The building is constructed on a lot (0.5 acres) legally owned by MPRU and has 3 office rooms, 1 meeting room, 1 storage room, 2 toilets, a rainwater storage tank and fence. The remaining stages are those stipulated in a separate bill of quantities (BOQ). This office is critical for the management effectiveness of the reserves, and foster communication with our neighbours in Kenya regarding conservation of resources in the Kenya-Tanzania Transboundary area. The office will facilitate installation of other monitoring/patrol equipment, such as watch towers, and act as a platform for fisheries stakeholders to share knowledge, experience and challenges to ensure active participation and the conservation of resources. The office will also provide space for patrol equipment, a patrol boat, and confiscated items (beach seines and illegal fishing vessels). It will also serve to increase deterrence to poachers.

Installation of Demarcation Buoys at Kirui, Kwale and Ulenge Island Marine Reserve MPRU management priorities include the installation of demarcation buoys at Kirui, Ulenge and Kwale Island Marine Reserves. These three reserves are in the periphery of the reserve system. The total area of the reserves to be demarcated is 51.km2 of which Kirui Marine Reserve covers 36.1 km2, Kwale Island Marine Reserve covers 12.13 km2 and Ulenge Island Marine Reserve covers 3.16 km2. The installation of demarcation buoys in the Reserves will improve management and community compliance in reserve conservation, and allow fishers and tourists to clearly identify areas where activities are regulated and make it easier to enforce laws against illegal fishing activities. Demarcation will also support effective monitoring and surveillance through the use of high-tech equipment (watch towers and drones), reducing enforcement cost and improves compliance. Twenty-nine (29) buoys are required to demarcate all three reserves of which Kirui Island Marine Reserve Twelve (12) buoys, Kwale Island Marine Reserve buoys ten (10) and Ulenge Island Marine Reserve seven (7) buoys.


Responsibilities Of Construction Supervisor

The Construction Supervisor will provide oversight of these construction projects, ensuring the separately contracted construction company builds according to specifications and budget.


The Supervisor Will Perform The Following Functions

  • Work with the WCS project team to vet complete a competitive bidding process for architects and contractors. Assist in the review of proposals from architects and construction companies received during a tender process.
  • Sign off on architectural and constructions drawings.
  • Ensure that specifications of the proposed design bid are followed.
  • Analyze construction work at every stage ensuring quality control and that spending stays within budget.
  • Inspect materials purchased for the construction to ensure their quality (e.g., check to see if timber has been treated for termite prevention)
  • Serve as the main liaison between the WCS project team and the construction company, acting in the best interest of WCS to ensure construction is within budget and built to code.
  • Negotiate with construction company as needed if there are delays, increased prices for building materials, and the like.
  • Ensure project site is kept clean and that waste products do not have adverse environmental impacts.

Schedule and TravelThe supervisor will supervise the work until satisfactory completion of construction. The project is expected to begin in February 2022 and finish not later than August 2022, barring any unexpected delays. Depending on travel restrictions, limited travel to the project site is expected for this contract, with all travel to be approved by the WCS project team.


Skills And Experience Required

Qualification Requirements

  • 5+ years of experience supervising construction jobs
  • Skilled in reading architectural and construction drawings
  • Understanding of building design and common pitfalls of construction
  • Ability to analyze a bill of quantities, and the types and quantities of materials needed for a construction project.
  • Knowledge of construction industry in Tanzania
  • Ability to inspect building materials – e.g., ensuring timber has been treated for termite prevention, etc.
  • Attention to detail and demonstrated success of successful oversight of previously construction projects
  • Ability to communicate in English and Swahili

Application Process

Please submit your CV, cover letter, detailed list of projects completed within the last 5 years, and 3 references to [email protected]The deadline for submission is Friday 03 December 2021


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