List of Courses Offered University of Bagamoyo (UB) -Kozi zinazotolewa Chuo kikuu Bagamoyo

UB Courses & Programmes Offered University of Bagamoyo -Kozi za Chuo Bagamoyo


UB Courses & Programmes Offered University of Bagamoyo -Kozi za Chuo Bagamoyo

UB Courses & Programmes Offered University of Bagamoyo -Kozi za Chuo Bagamoyo This Article it Gonna Pass through Courses & Programmes Offered University of Bagamoyo (UB) in All level starting from Undergraduate Courses Offered, Postgraduate courses Offered, Masters Courses offered, Certificate Courses Offered , Diploma Courses offered, Bachelor Degree Courses offered And Distance Learning Courses offered.

The UB Courses & Programmes is obtained from the official University of Bagamoyo (UB) website as approved by the Tanzania Commision for Universities (TCU), therefore this post is Accurate.

Certificate Courses

  • Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology(Science Laboratory Technology)
  • Certificate in Information Communication Technology(ICT)
  • Certificate in Law(Law)
  • Certificate in Geomatics and Geoinformatics Instrumentation and Software System()
  • Certificate of Digital Photogrammentation(Digital Photogrammentation)
  • Certificate of Geoinformation Technology(Geoinformation Technology)
  • Certificate of Laboratory Science(Laboratory Science)

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Degree Courses

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science(Computer Science)
  • Bachelor of Laws(Laws)
  • Bachelor of Science Education(Education)
  • Bachelor of Education in Arts(Arts)
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology(Biology)
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry(Chemistry)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology(Information Technology)
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics(Physics)
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics(Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Communication Technology(ICT)
  • Bachelor of Geoinformatics(Geoinformatics)
  • Bachelor of Arts with Education(Education)
  • Bachelor of Science with Education in Mathematics and ICT(Mathematics and ICT)

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology(Science Laboratory Technology)
  • Diploma in Science Education(Science Education)
  • Diploma in Law(Law)
  • Diploma in Information Communication Technology(ICT)
  • Diploma in Geoinformatics(Geoinformatics)

Masters Courses

  • Master of Law(LLM)
  • Masters in Law and Corporate Governance(Law and Corporate Governance)
  • Master of Judicial Practice and Administration(Judicial Practice and Administration)
  • Master of Law in Employment and Labour Relationship(Employment and Labour Relationship)
  • Master of Arts with Education(Education)

Post Graduate Diploma Courses

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education(PGDE)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching(Teaching)

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