Top 10 Highest Paid NBA Players

Top 10 Highest Paid NBA Players


The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a multi-million dollar business. There are many different aspects to the NBA, including players, staff and coaches. While there are so many people who work hard behind the scenes and aren’t paid very much, there are some players who make millions of dollars per year.

The American Basketball Association (National Basketball Association or( NBA) is the national basketball team that plays in the major leagues in North America comprising 29 teams from the United States and 1 team from Canada. It is one of the largest paid basketball leagues in the United States and Canada and is the largest basketball league in the world.

Top 10 Highest Paid NBA Players

Top 10 Highest Paid NBA Players

Here is a list of the top ten highest paid players in the NBA:

Top 10 Highest Paid NBA Players

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is the highest-paid player in the NBA, with a salary of $37.5 million. He’s married to Ayesha Curry, who has her own cooking show on Food Network and is often seen on television. The couple have two daughters together: Riley (born 2012) and Ryan (born 2016).

In addition to his $37.5 million salary, Stephen Curry also makes money through endorsements with companies like Under Armour and Degree deodorant. His net worth of $120 million makes him one of the richest players in professional sports today.#ENDWRITE

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is the tenth highest-paid player in the NBA, making $38.7 million this season. He’s also one of its most exciting players and to be fair, that’s not all that surprising considering he plays for Oklahoma City Thunder.

He’s been playing in the league since 2008, but it wasn’t until he was traded from his hometown team (the Seattle Supersonics) to Oklahoma City where he found success. Since then, Westbrook has won an MVP award and made four All-Star games which was pretty impressive for a guy who didn’t start playing basketball until he was 14 years old.

Chris Paul

Chris Paul is a basketball player. He’s a point guard, to be exact. He also happens to play professionally in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and has been doing so since 2005 when he was drafted by the New Orleans Hornets with the fourth overall pick in their draft class that year. He spent six seasons with New Orleans before being traded over to Houston in 2011, where he’s been ever since.

He was named an NBA All-Star for a second time in 2013 and again four more times after that most recently during this past season when he earned his 10th consecutive selection on February 5th of 2020 at 33 years old! In addition to these accolades from fans across America who vote each year for starters on each team during All-Star Weekend, Chris has also earned multiple other honors for his defensive skills throughout his career including making 10 appearances on either First or Second Team All Defense since 2010 (he made both teams twice).

Lebron James

This will be the first season that James makes over $33 million, having signed a four-year deal with the Lakers worth $154 million. His salary is almost as much as all but two other NBA players (Paul George and Russell Westbrook) make in total.

Before joining the Lakers in 2018, James spent 15 seasons playing for Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat. He won two NBA Championships (2012 & 2013), three MVP awards (2009, 2010, 2013), nine All Star game appearances and 10 All-NBA First Team honors during his time there. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2021 after winning an additional two championships with Los Angeles.

In addition to being one of the highest paid players in basketball history, LeBron James has also been one of its most dominant players ever during his career he accumulated 28,447 points scored on 57 percent shooting from 2-point range while pulling down 7155 rebounds averaging 6’8″ tall weighing 250 pounds with a wingspan measuring 7’3″.

Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin, an American professional basketball player for the Detroit Pistons of the National Basketball Association (NBA), was born on March 16th, 1989. He played college basketball for the Oklahoma Sooners, when he was named the Consensus National Player of the Year as a sophomore.

He was selected first overall in 2009 by Los Angeles Clippers and is one of only three players to have won Rookie of the Year (2009) and been named an All-Star starter in each of his first five seasons in NBA (2010–2015).

Paul George

Paul George is a professional basketball player who plays small forward and power forward for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Paul George has a net worth of $80 million.

Paul George has a salary of $38 million per year, which amounts to about $3 million per month or about $105 thousand dollars each day.

Paul George’s annual salary is made up of basic pay, overtime pay, bonuses and incentives that can increase his yearly income by tens if not hundreds of thousands more each year.

Gordon Hayward

In 2017, Gordon Hayward signed a max contract with the Boston Celtics worth $32 million per year over four years. He also has annual salaries of $16 million, $7 million in luxury tax and a $1 million bonus for making the All-Star game this season. He’s set to earn an incentive bonus of another $1 million if he can stay healthy throughout the season and make at least 70 games played.

Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry is a Canadian professional basketball player who plays for the Toronto Raptors. He was born on November 7, 1986 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but grew up in North English, Iowa.

He played college basketball at Villanova University and is currently considered one of the best players in his position (point guard).

Lowry has won two NBA championships with the Toronto Raptors and has been named to four All-Star Games as well as winning an NBA Most Improved Player Award.

Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard was the sixth overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft. He won Rookie of the Year in 2012. He was named to his first All-Star game in 2013 and won MVP honors that year.

He is currently a point guard for the Portland Trail Blazers.

Carmelo Anthony

Because of the NBA’s salary cap, every team has to spend a certain percentage of their total salary on players. This limits how much each player can make in order to stay within the league’s rules.

For example, if a team has $100 million in salaries and they’ve already spent $80 million on contracts for the year, that leaves only $20 million left to spend on other players and this is before factoring in things like taxes and agent fees. So even though Carmelo Anthony makes $27.9 million per year (the highest amount among active players), it doesn’t mean he’ll be making that amount from one paycheck all at once; instead his net worth comes from playing with several different teams over 15 years of professional basketball playtime.

These NBA players have the highest salaries in the league.

A salary cap is a maximum amount that can be spent on player salaries. The NBA’s salary cap is based on revenue the more that fans pay for tickets, merchandise, and TV rights, the stronger the league will be. As you might imagine, this means that no matter how much you love basketball or know about it (or don’t know), you still probably don’t have enough money to buy one of these players yourself.


In conclusion, we can see that the top 10 highest paid players in the NBA are Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Lebron James, Blake Griffin, Paul George, Gordon Hayward and Kyle Lowry. These players have all made millions of dollars by playing basketball for their teams year after year. It’s good to see that there are so many talented people in this world who get paid well for doing what they love!


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