The Use of Spinning Wheel Games to Improve Students Writing Procedural Texts

The Use of Spinning Wheel Games to Improve Students Writing Procedural Texts


The Use of Spinning Wheel Games to Improve Students Writing Procedural Texts Writing procedural texts is, no doubt, students’ one of the most challenging creative writing activities in learning sessions, requiring language proficiency, logical sequencing, and effective explaining skills.

However, despite its complexity, learning procedural text writing skills is quite important as it not only enhances their communication skills and boosts confidence but also helps them develop their ability to convey their thoughts and messages effectively.

The process of making the learning experience of procedural texts and writing skills simple and understandable for students was quite complex way back. However due to recent exciting tools and technologies, like, these difficult tasks have become quick, effective, and effortless.

Therefore, we’ll thoroughly discuss the use of spinning wheel games in improving the students’ procedural texts writing skills in classroom activities. So, let’s dig in to help you enhance your teaching experience.

Wheel Spinner X and Students’ Learning Experience

Spinning wheels are, undoubtedly, a good way of adding excitement, joy, and a strong feeling of motivation to your daily routine. And among the students during classroom learning activities, the impact of using Spinning wheels is quite positive and result-driven.

From naturally grabbing the attention of students to providing a turn-based selection of candidates, the spinning wheel is a transparent yet exciting and motivating activity to boost the engagement of students in the class learning session.

Wheel Spinner X is a free online spinning wheel tool that allows instructors and tutors to put various names, numbers, sentences, images, and other forms of data into the wheels for effective learning activities during studies.

Allowing the users to have bulk entries that are up to 1000 entries per spin, the Wheel Spinner X provides its users with a complete personalized experience by providing them customized background images, center images, themes, spin time, and speed.

Moreover, the Wheel Spinner X offers an extensive range of supported languages for its users, including English, German, Dutch, Greek, Japanese, Spanish, Polish, Russian, and five more.

So, promoting class participation and boosting confidence and motivation has become quite simple and effective with Wheel Spinner X. From creating justice among the students to engaging their attention, it is a great tool for making the decisive process quick and effortless.

The Impact of Wheel Spinner X on Writing Procedural Texts

Wheel Spinner X is an excellent and valuable tool for teaching students procedural text writing skills by boosting interactivity, engagement, and motivation among the students. Here’s how you can level up the learning experience of your students while teaching them procedural writing:

Random and Unbiased Selection

As the Wheel Spinner X assigns random topics to the students, the element of excitement and engagement till their turn arrives remains in the students. Moreover, these unbiased decisions allow students to create a basic concept of every topic present in the wheel so they don’t have to start thinking from scratch if any of the topics come in their turn.

The variation and uncertainty of the topics promote creativity and adaptability in students, making them ready to deal with every category of the topic without prior preparation.

Highlighting Students’ Strengths

The topics given through the Wheel Spinner X for procedural text writing skills allow the students to show their real strengths and showcase their creative thinking skills. As the topics are random and entirely based on luck, the students will have opportunities to think deeply and write about topics they haven’t comprehensively considered before.

As an instructor or teacher, this will not only help you in discovering the hidden talent and interest of the student, but you can determine the strong aspects of their skills so you can further take steps in polishing them and guiding them for their bright future.

Boost Engagement and Confidence

The Wheel Spinner X brings the elements of joy and excitement in the class lessons as well as keeps the students curious about which topic they will get and how they will write about it. And due to a mixture of this curiosity and anticipation, the students will stay more hooked to the lesson and learning activities as compared with the traditional boring lectures.

The Wheel Spinner X can make the learning experience more interactive and engaging, and as a result of paying more attention to the lessons, the writing procedural text skills of students will become easily understandable and enjoyable.


In conclusion, by introducing fun, entertainment, and enjoyment to your procedural texts writing skills lessons, you can not only establish a system of allocating unbiased and justified topics to your students but can prepare them mentally for critical thinking and effectively writing about every topic, whether they are well-aware of the topic or entirely new to it. And as a result of these entertaining and exciting efforts, the students will experience a major boost to their confidence and communication skills, along with being concise enough to portray their thoughts and ideas to others successfully.