PDF File | Majina ya Ajira za walimu & kada ya Afya waliopangiwa vituo vya kazi 2023/2024 Tamisemi | ajira.tamisemi.go.tz

TAMISEMI Majina ya walimu & kada ya Afya Walioajiriwa /waliopangiwa vituo vya kazi 2022/2023 PDF Download


TAMISEMI Majina ya walimu & kada ya Afya Walioajiriwa /waliopangiwa vituo vya kazi 2023/2024 PDF Download


TAMISEMI Majina ya walimu & kada ya Afya Walioajiriwa /waliopangiwa vituo vya kazi 2023/2024 PDF Download Tamisemi List of newly employed teachers and Health sector By TAMISEMI yanatoka lini is the most Asked Question to the Most of People who Applied for Teacher job on Online Teachers Application System (OTEAS) By Tamisemi this Due for long waiting through This page you will know how To check Employed Teachers step by step After get released .

Find all the relevant information about newly employed teachers By TAMISEMI 2023/2024: There Rumos  TAMISEMI Expect to release names of  school teachers who passed the competency test conducted to equip schools with competent and qualified teachers to provide quality education and learning to pupils end of Year

Primary Education
Education is free in theory up to age 15 in Tanzania, although unfortunately poorer parents are unable to afford uniforms, school materials and examination fees, and so their children continue to be deprived. The primary period lasts for 7 years, where after all children must pass the same examination for a primary school certificate.


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Middle Education
Four years of junior secondary schooling follow. Nominal annual tuition fees are levied, as are a wide variety of other charges too, ranging from watchman fees through to a furniture levy. The medium of education is English, although Swahili language classes are also followed. There are examinations at the end of forms 2 and 4.

Secondary Education
Secondary education in Tanzania follows the Cambridge model of ordinary and advanced levels, both of which require 2 years of study followed by an examination. The advanced level is available only at certain boarding schools, which effectively often means the end of the road for many a poor child because of cost.

Vocational Education

A vocational education and training act is in place that finds expression through the vocational education and training authority. The latter sets standards, and issues educational and training guides, for implementation through a network of state and private colleges. Other roles include entrepreneurship development, gender issues in the workplace, and the war against child labor.

Tertiary Education
Tertiary education takes a minimum of 3 years, at a wide variety of institutions under control of the ministry of higher education. Of these the oldest is the University of Dar es Salaam, which was established in 1970 following the dissolution of the University of East Africa into 3 national institutions.

There are 5 campuses in the city and 10 faculties. These include mechanical & chemical engineering, electrical & computer systems engineering, civil engineering & the built environment, humanities & social sciences.



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