Ratiba NBC Premier League Tanzania 2023/2024 Fixture

Ratiba NBC Premier League Tanzania 2023/2024 Fixture


Ratiba NBC Premier League Tanzania 2023/2024 Fixture

Ratiba NBC Premier League Tanzania 2023/2024 Fixture Welcome Ajiraforum.com On this Article you will find Ratiba NBC Tanzania Premier League 2023/2024 Fixture,Ratiba Mechi za simba NBC Premier League 2023/2024,Ratiba Mechi za yanga NBC Premier League,Ratiba mechi za Azam Nbc Premier League.


Premier League of Tanzanian Football The Premier League’s 2023/2024 season, which will have 16 teams, is scheduled to begin in August 2023. As soon as the Fixture is officially released, it will be available for purchase here.

The Tanzania NBC Premier League is a 16-team competition that includes clubs from across the country. Partnership between the Tanzania Football Federation and Premier League Board.

There are home and away games in this League, and the team with the most points is crowned champion.
It is sponsored by NBC National Bank of Commerce, with GSM as a co-sponsor of the NBC Premier League.

Ratiba NBC Premier League Tanzania 2023/2024 Fixture

Ratiba ya ligi kuu nbc | Ratiba nbc premier league

The NBC Premier League Fix Consist the Following Teams Young African Sports Club, the reigning champions, Simba, the second-place finishers, Azam Fc, and Geita Gold United round out the top four.

Kindondoni Municipal Council KMC, Tanzania Prisons, Tanzania Police, Dodoma City, Namungo, Mbeya City, Ruvu Shooting, Kagera Sugar, Coastal Union, and Mtibwa Sugar are the other teams.

Two First Division teams, Singida Big Stars from Singida and Ihefu, will also compete in the league.

Ngao ya Jamii / Community Shield 2022/2023

Ngao ya Jamii / Community Shield 2022/2023

13 August 2023

Yanga Sports Club vs Simba Sports Club/Coastal Union

Ratiba Ya Ligi Kuu 2023/2024 NBC Premier League

The following below is Ratiba Ya Ligi Kuu 2023/2024 NBC Premier League:-



Dates & Time Home Away
Wednesday 23/08/2023
19:00 Young Africans vs KMC
Saturday 19/08/2023
16:00 Ihefu vs Kagera Sugar
19:00 Namungo vs KMC
Sunday 20/08/2023
14:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs Coastal Union
16:00 Simba vs Dodoma Jiji
Monday 21/08/2023
16:00 Mashujaa vs Geita Gold
Monday 28/08/2023
21:00 Azam vs Tanzania Prisons
Tuesday 29/08/2023
19:00 Young Africans vs JKT Tanzania
Thursday 31/08/2023
16:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs Kitayosce
Friday 15/09/2023
14:00 KMC vs JKT Tanzania
16:00 Kitayosce vs Tanzania Prisons
19:00 Dodoma Jiji vs Mtibwa Sugar
Saturday 16/09/2023
1:00 Simba vs Coastal Union
1:00 Young Africans vs Namungo
1:00 Azam vs Singida Foutain Gate
16:00 Mashujaa vs Ihefu
19:00 Kagera Sugar vs Geita Gold
Friday 29/09/2023
16:00 JKT Tanzania vs Kagera Sugar
19:00 Coastal Union vs Kitayosce
Saturday 30/09/2023
16:00 Geita Gold vs KMC
19:00 Namungo vs Mashujaa
Tuesday 03/10/2023
16:00 Tanzania Prisons vs Simba
19:00 Dodoma Jiji vs Azam
Wednesday 04/10/2023
16:00 Ihefu vs Young Africans
Thursday 05/10/2023
16:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs Singida Foutain Gate
Thursday 19/10/2023
16:00 Tanzania Prisons vs Mtibwa Sugar
Friday 20/10/2023
14:00 JKT Tanzania vs Mashujaa
16:00 KMC vs Ihefu
19:00 Kagera Sugar vs Namungo
Saturday 21/10/2023
19:00 Coastal Union vs Azam
Sunday 22/10/2023
1:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs Simba
14:00 Kitayosce vs Dodoma Jiji
16:00 Geita Gold vs Young Africans
Monday 23/10/2023
16:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs Kagera Sugar
Tuesday 24/10/2023
16:00 Tanzania Prisons vs JKT Tanzania
Wednesday 25/10/2023
14:00 Geita Gold vs Dodoma Jiji
16:00 Kitayosce vs KMC
18:00 Young Africans vs Azam
21:00 Namungo vs Singida Foutain Gate
Thursday 26/10/2023
1:00 Mashujaa vs Simba
16:00 Ihefu vs Coastal Union
Saturday 28/10/2023
16:00 JKT Tanzania vs Kitayosce
18:00 Young Africans vs Singida Foutain Gate
21:00 Dodoma Jiji vs Kagera Sugar
Sunday 29/10/2023
1:00 Simba vs Ihefu
14:00 KMC vs Tanzania Prisons
16:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs Geita Gold
18:00 Coastal Union vs Mashujaa
21:00 Azam vs Namungo
Tuesday 31/10/2023
16:00 JKT Tanzania vs Dodoma Jiji
Wednesday 01/11/2023
14:00 KMC vs Mtibwa Sugar
16:00 Tanzania Prisons vs Geita Gold
19:00 Kagera Sugar vs Kitayosce
Thursday 02/11/2023
14:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs Ihefu
16:00 Mashujaa vs Azam
19:00 Coastal Union vs Namungo
Sunday 05/11/2023
17:00 Simba vs Young Africans
Saturday 04/11/2023
16:00 KMC vs Dodoma Jiji
Sunday 05/11/2023
16:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs JKT Tanzania
19:00 Kagera Sugar vs Tanzania Prisons
Monday 06/11/2023
14:00 Ihefu vs Azam
16:00 Mashujaa vs Singida Foutain Gate
Tuesday 07/11/2023
16:00 Geita Gold vs Kitayosce
Saturday 11/11/2023
2:00 Simba vs Namungo
19:00 Coastal Union vs Young Africans
Friday 24/11/2023
14:00 Geita Gold vs JKT Tanzania
19:00 Kagera Sugar vs KMC
Saturday 25/11/2023
2:00 Kitayosce vs Simba
2:00 Dodoma Jiji vs Singida Foutain Gate
2:00 Young Africans vs Mashujaa
2:00 Azam vs Mtibwa Sugar
16:00 Tanzania Prisons vs Coastal Union
19:00 Namungo vs Ihefu
Tuesday 28/11/2023
14:00 Geita Gold vs Namungo
16:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs Coastal Union
19:00 Simba vs Azam
Wednesday 29/11/2023
14:00 Tanzania Prisons vs Dodoma Jiji
16:00 KMC vs Mashujaa
19:00 Kagera Sugar vs Young Africans
Thursday 30/11/2023
14:00 JKT Tanzania vs Ihefu
16:00 Kitayosce vs Mtibwa Sugar
Sunday 03/12/2023
16:00 Mashujaa vs Kitayosce
18:00 Coastal Union vs Geita Gold
21:00 Namungo vs Dodoma Jiji
Monday 04/12/2023
2:00 Young Africans vs Mtibwa Sugar
2:00 Simba vs Kagera Sugar
2:00 Azam vs KMC
2:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs JKT Tanzania
16:00 Ihefu vs Tanzania Prisons
Saturday 09/12/2023
16:00 Mashujaa vs Tanzania Prisons
19:00 Namungo vs Mtibwa Sugar
Sunday 10/12/2023
2:00 Geita Gold vs Simba
2:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs KMC
2:00 Young Africans vs Dodoma Jiji
2:00 Azam vs JKT Tanzania
16:00 Ihefu vs Kitayosce
19:00 Coastal Union vs Kagera Sugar
Tuesday 19/12/2023
16:00 JKT Tanzania vs Coastal Union
Wednesday 20/12/2023
16:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs Mashujaa
19:00 Dodoma Jiji vs Ihefu
Thursday 21/12/2023
2:00 Geita Gold vs Singida Foutain Gate
2:00 Kitayosce vs Young Africans
2:00 KMC vs Simba
2:00 Kagera Sugar vs Azam
16:00 Tanzania Prisons vs Namungo
Tuesday 26/12/2023
14:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs Ihefu
16:00 KMC vs Coastal Union
19:00 Kagera Sugar vs Singida Foutain Gate
Wednesday 27/12/2023
16:00 Tanzania Prisons vs Young Africans
19:00 Dodoma Jiji vs Mashujaa
Thursday 28/12/2023
14:00 Kitayosce vs Namungo
16:00 JKT Tanzania vs Simba
19:00 Azam vs Geita Gold
Saturday 30/12/2023
18:00 KMC vs Young Africans
21:00 Coastal Union vs Dodoma Jiji
Sunday 31/12/2023
14:00 Tanzania Prisons vs Singida Foutain Gate
16:00 Kitayosce vs Azam
19:00 Simba vs Mtibwa Sugar
Monday 01/01/2024
16:00 JKT Tanzania vs Namungo
19:00 Kagera Sugar vs Mashujaa
Tuesday 02/01/2024
16:00 Geita Gold vs Ihefu
Friday 16/02/2024
14:00 Tanzania Prisons vs Azam
16:00 Kitayosce vs Singida Foutain Gate
19:00 Coastal Union vs Mtibwa Sugar
Saturday 17/02/2024
16:00 Geita Gold vs Mashujaa
19:00 Dodoma Jiji vs Simba
Sunday 18/02/2024
14:00 KMC vs Namungo
16:00 JKT Tanzania vs Young Africans
19:00 Kagera Sugar vs Ihefu
Friday 23/02/2024
14:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs Dodoma Jiji
16:00 Tanzania Prisons vs Kitayosce
Saturday 24/02/2024
14:00 Geita Gold vs Kagera Sugar
16:00 JKT Tanzania vs KMC
Sunday 25/02/2024
2:00 Coastal Union vs Simba
2:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs Azam
2:00 Namungo vs Young Africans
16:00 Ihefu vs Mashujaa
Tuesday 27/02/2024
16:00 KMC vs Geita Gold
19:00 Simba vs Tanzania Prisons
Wednesday 28/02/2024
14:00 Kitayosce vs Coastal Union
16:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs Mtibwa Sugar
19:00 Young Africans vs Ihefu
Thursday 29/02/2024
16:00 Mashujaa vs Namungo
18:00 Kagera Sugar vs JKT Tanzania
21:00 Azam vs Dodoma Jiji
Sunday 03/03/2024
14:00 Ihefu vs KMC
16:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs Tanzania Prisons
19:00 Dodoma Jiji vs Kitayosce
Monday 04/03/2024
2:00 Young Africans vs Geita Gold
2:00 Azam vs Coastal Union
2:00 Simba vs Singida Foutain Gate
16:00 Mashujaa vs JKT Tanzania
21:00 Namungo vs Kagera Sugar
Friday 29/03/2024
19:00 Dodoma Jiji vs Geita Gold
Saturday 30/03/2024
16:00 KMC vs Kitayosce
19:00 Coastal Union vs Ihefu
Sunday 31/03/2024
2:00 Simba vs Mashujaa
2:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs Namungo
2:00 Azam vs Young Africans
15:00 JKT Tanzania vs Tanzania Prisons
18:00 Kagera Sugar vs Mtibwa Sugar
Friday 05/04/2024
15:00 Kitayosce vs JKT Tanzania
Saturday 06/04/2024
15:00 Geita Gold vs Mtibwa Sugar
Sunday 07/04/2024
15:00 Mashujaa vs Coastal Union
18:00 Kagera Sugar vs Dodoma Jiji
Monday 08/04/2024
1:00 Ihefu vs Simba
1:00 Namungo vs Azam
1:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs Young Africans
15:00 Tanzania Prisons vs KMC
Friday 12/04/2024
13:00 Kitayosce vs Kagera Sugar
15:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs KMC
18:00 Azam vs Mashujaa
Saturday 13/04/2024
16:00 Young Africans vs Simba
Sunday 14/04/2024
15:00 Geita Gold vs Tanzania Prisons
17:00 Namungo vs Coastal Union
20:00 Dodoma Jiji vs JKT Tanzania
Monday 15/04/2024
15:00 Ihefu vs Singida Foutain Gate
Friday 19/04/2024
15:00 Tanzania Prisons vs Kagera Sugar
Saturday 20/04/2024
15:00 Kitayosce vs Geita Gold
17:00 Dodoma Jiji vs KMC
Sunday 21/04/2024
1:00 Namungo vs Simba
1:00 Azam vs Ihefu
1:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs Mashujaa
1:00 Young Africans vs Coastal Union
15:00 JKT Tanzania vs Mtibwa Sugar
Friday 26/04/2024
15:00 KMC vs Kagera Sugar
Saturday 27/04/2024
15:00 Ihefu vs Namungo
Sunday 28/04/2024
1:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs Dodoma Jiji
1:00 Mashujaa vs Young Africans
1:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs Azam
1:00 Simba vs Kitayosce
15:00 JKT Tanzania vs Geita Gold
18:00 Coastal Union vs Tanzania Prisons
Tuesday 30/04/2024
18:00 Young Africans vs Kagera Sugar
Wednesday 01/05/2024
13:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs Kitayosce
15:00 Ihefu vs JKT Tanzania
17:00 Azam vs Simba
20:00 Dodoma Jiji vs Tanzania Prisons
Thursday 02/05/2024
15:00 Mashujaa vs KMC
17:00 Coastal Union vs Singida Foutain Gate
20:00 Namungo vs Geita Gold
Friday 10/05/2024
15:00 Geita Gold vs Coastal Union
Saturday 11/05/2024
13:00 Kitayosce vs Mashujaa
15:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs Young Africans
18:00 Dodoma Jiji vs Namungo
Sunday 12/05/2024
1:00 JKT Tanzania vs Singida Foutain Gate
1:00 KMC vs Azam
15:00 Tanzania Prisons vs Ihefu
17:00 Kagera Sugar vs Simba
Friday 17/05/2024
15:00 Kitayosce vs Ihefu
18:00 Kagera Sugar vs Coastal Union
Saturday 18/05/2024
15:00 Tanzania Prisons vs Mashujaa
Sunday 19/05/2024
15:00 Mtibwa Sugar vs Namungo
Monday 20/05/2024
1:00 Dodoma Jiji vs Young Africans
1:00 JKT Tanzania vs Azam
1:00 Simba vs Geita Gold
1:00 KMC vs Singida Foutain Gate
Monday 20/05/2024
1:00 Coastal Union vs JKT Tanzania
1:00 Simba vs KMC
1:00 Ihefu vs Dodoma Jiji
1:00 Mashujaa vs Mtibwa Sugar
1:00 Namungo vs Tanzania Prisons
1:00 Young Africans vs Kitayosce
1:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs Geita Gold
1:00 Azam vs Kagera Sugar
Wednesday 29/05/2024
1:00 Simba vs JKT Tanzania
1:00 Coastal Union vs KMC
1:00 Mashujaa vs Dodoma Jiji
1:00 Ihefu vs Mtibwa Sugar
1:00 Young Africans vs Tanzania Prisons
1:00 Namungo vs Kitayosce
1:00 Geita Gold vs Azam
1:00 Singida Foutain Gate vs Kagera Sugar

Tanzania Football Federation (TFF)


Ratiba Ya Ligi Kuu Tanzania NBC Premier League 2022/2023

TFF Overview

The Tanzanian national football teams are governed by the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF), formerly known as the Football Association of Tanzania (FAT). It was established in 1930, and FIFA has been a part of it since 1964.

As the Tanganyika Football Association, the Federation was established in 1930. (TFA). The Football Association of Tanzania (FAT) was subsequently given after significant Constitutional changes in 1971.

FAT was in use until 2004, when the new name TFF was adopted during the organization’s General Assembly, which took place on December 27, 2003.

Following the General Assembly held in Dar es Salaam on January 14 and 15, 2006, the current TFF Constitution became effective on that day.

Wallace Karia took over as president of the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) in August 2017, succeeding Jamal Malinzi.

Under his direction, TFF regions and blocks are being given additional power since he sees them as the agents of progress.

List of Tanzanian Qualified Stadium for NBC Premier League 2022/2023

Image Stadium Location Capacity Owner
A bird's view of Amaan Stadium in Zanzibar.jpg Amaan Stadium Unguja Island 15,000 Revolutionary Government
Tanzania National Main Stadium.jpg National Stadium Dar es Salaam 60,000 Government
No image.svg Uhuru Stadium Dar es Salaam 23,000 Government
CCM Kirumba Stadium Mwanza.JPG CCM Kirumba Stadium Mwanza 35,000 Chama Cha Mapinduzi
Sheikh Amri Abeid Memorial Stadium.jpg Sheikh Amri Abeid Memorial Stadium Arusha 20,000 Chama Cha Mapinduzi
No image.svg Lake Tanganyika Stadium Kigoma 20,000 Chama Cha Mapinduzi
No image.svg Mkwakwani Stadium Tanga 15,000 Chama Cha Mapinduzi
Jamhuri Stadium, Morogoro.jpg Jamhuri Stadium (Morogoro) Morogoro 10,000 Chama Cha Mapinduzi
No image.svg Kambarage Stadium Shinyanga 30,000
No image.svg Ali Hassan Mwinyi Stadium Tabora 20,000
No image.svg Nangwanda Sijaona Stadium Mtwara 15,000
No image.svg Gombani Stadium Chake Chake 10,000
No image.svg Jamhuri Stadium (Dodoma) Dodoma 10,000
No image.svg Sokoine Stadium Mbeya 10,000
Maji-Maji Stadium, Songea-2.jpg Maji Maji Stadium Songea 10,000
No image.svg Chamazi Stadium Dar es Salaam 10,000
No image.svg Manungu Stadium Turiani 5,000
No image.svg Kaitabi Stadium Bukoba 5,000
No image.svg Mlandizi Stadium Pwani 3,000
No image.svg Karume Memorial Stadium Dar es Salaam 2,000
No image.svg Mwadui Complex Stadium Shinyanga 1,000

TFF Play Rule and Regulations -Play fair Be Positive

TFF Play Rule and Regulations -Play fair Be Positive

These Play Rules and Regulations have been put into place to encourage the greatest level of competitiveness and fair play, as well as to give knowledge among Tanzania Football Federation Members regarding the conditions of play in accordance with the FIFA Statutes and the Laws of the Game.

When one or more issues are not sufficiently addressed in these Play Rules and Regulations, provisions from the pertinent FIFA Statutes shall take precedence. If not, additional applicable TFF and FIFA Statutes and Principles shall be used in addition to and/or in conjunction with these Play Rules and Regulations.See Here or Here



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