Ratiba mechi za Yanga Ligi Kuu NBC Premier League Fixtures 2022/2023


Ratiba mechi za Yanga Ligi Kuu NBC Premier League Fixtures 2022/2023

Ratiba mechi za Yanga Ligi Kuu NBC Premier League Fixtures 2022/2023 Welcome to Ajiraforum.com On this Article you will find Ratiba zote za Mechi za yanga NBC Premier League 2022/2023,Yanga fixture NBC Premier league stay with us.

Ratiba mechi za Yanga Ligi Kuu NBC Premier League Fixtures 2022/2023

Ratiba mechi za Yanga Ligi Kuu NBC Premier League Fixtures 2022/2023

Young Africans Sports Club, also known as Yanga, is a football team from Tanzania with headquarters in Jangwani, Dar es Salaam. The club, which was established in 1935, holds its home matches at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium.

The team, known as “Yanga” (Young Boys), has won a number of domestic cups and league titles, including 28 league championships, and has taken part in several CAF Champions League tournaments. They have five times won the CECAFA Club Championship.

A representation of the anti-colonial campaign, the club. Young Africans started to identify with nationalists and independence warriors, which led the political party TANU to choose yellow and green as its primary colors. Currently, there is a framework in place that will maintain the club’s ownership split at 49 percent for investors and 51 percent for club members.

The Dar es Salaam (also known as Kariakoo) derby is a long-running rivalry between the club and their cross-city opponents Simba. The rivalry was listed as the fifth most well-known African derby.
The club’s origins date back to the 1910s, but its officially acknowledged history dates to 1935, when residents of Dar es Salaam—who were classified as Africans by Tanganyika’s colonial government—decided to found a football team to compete in a league that was dominated by “non-African” football clubs. According to rumors, the club’s name is New Young. Later, Dar es Salaam Young Africans SC took its place, and finally the organization’s name was changed to Young Africans Sports Club.

After it was founded in 1935, its members quarreled about the performance and outcomes of their team. In 1936, the club’s performance was considerably worse and less than satisfactory, leading some of the players to separate and found another team. Arabs, who felt it appropriate to instigate friction among the club members that resulted in a split, were the breakaway’s main proponents. They were successful, and they established Queens F.C. with the help of rebels (currently Simba). Since then, Young Africans and Simba have competed against one another. The match between these two clubs is the most entertaining in the Sub-Saharan region, and it is consistently ranked among the top five most talked-about derbies in African football. jjnk

Yanga and La Liga agreed to work together as consultants in 2020. The club’s members decided to alter the club’s governing structure on May 27 to allow for private investments from other businesses.

The List of sponsors Young Africans SC

Wadhamini YANGA

Msimamo Ligi Kuu Tanzania Bara 2021/2022 | TPL Standings

February 23,2022
Mtibwa Sugar Football Club  vs Yanga Sports Club (Manungu Complex, Morogoro )

Ratiba Mechi za Yanga NBC Premier League 2022/2023


16 August 2022

Polisi Tanzania vs Yanga (Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium, Arusha )

20 August 2022

Coastal Union vs Yanga (Mkwakwani Stadium , Tanga )

6 September 2022

Yanga Sc vs Azam fC ( Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

26 September 2022

Yanga vs Mtibwa ( Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

29 September 2022

Ihefu vs Yanga (Sokoine Stadium, Mbeya )

3 October 2022

Ruvu Shooting vs Yanga (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

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13 October 2022

Namungo Fc vs Young Africans (Majaliwa Stadium, Lindi )

23 October 2022

Yanga vs Simba ( Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

26 October 2022

Yanga vs KMC ( Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

29 October 2022

Geita Gold vs Yanga (CCM Kirumba Mwanza )

13 November 2022

Kagera Sugar vs Yanga (Kaitaba Stadium,Kagera )


17 November 2022

Yanga vs Singida United ( Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )


22 November 2022

Dodoma Jiji vs Yanga (Jamhuri Stadium, Dodoma)


26 November 2022

Yanga vs Mbeya City ( Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

4 December 2022

Yanga vs Prisons ( Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

Ratiba Yanga Sc nbc premier League 2022/2023 SECOND ROUND

17 December 2022

Yanga sc vs Polisi Tanzania ( Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

20 December 2022

Yanga sc vs Coastal Union (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

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25 December 2022

Azam vs Yanga (Azam Complex , Dar Es Salaam )

31 December 2022

Mtibwa Sugar vs Yanga Sc (Manungu Complex )

31 January 2023

Yanga vs Ihefu (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

5 February 2023

Yanga vs Ruvu Shooting (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

14 February 2023

Yanga vs Namungo (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )


Simba vs Yanga (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

17 March 2023

KMC vs Yanga (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

8 April 2023

Yanga vs Geita Gold (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

12 April 2023

Yanga vs Kagera (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

25 April 2023

Singida Big Stars vs Yanga (Liti Stadium Singida )


Yanga vs Dodoma Jiji (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

24 May 2023

Mbeya City vs Yanga (Sokoine Stadium, Mbeya )

27 May 2023

Prisons vs Yanga (Sokoine Stadium, Mbeya )


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