NECTA ACSEE Form Six Examination Results Dar es salaam Region 2024-Matokeo ya kidato cha sita 2025

NECTA Form Six Examination Results ACSEE Dar es salaam -Matokeo ya kidato cha sita Mkoa wa Dar es salaam 2024/2025


NECTA Form Six Examination Results ACSEE Dar es salaam -Matokeo ya kidato cha sita Mkoa wa Dar es salaam 2024/2025


NECTA Form Six Examination Results ACSEE Dar es salaam -Matokeo ya kidato cha sita Mkoa wa Dar es salaam 2024/2025 Find the ACSEE Form six Examination Results In Arusha For those who are Looking Matokeo ya kidato cha sita Shule za Mkoani Dar es salaam  This Article is Accuracy to Check Results Online ,Via Sms .You can Check ,Download and Print your Result Stay with

List of Examined Subjects/Combinations

List of science Combinations includes.

  • Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM),
  • Physics Chemistry and Biology (PCB),
  • Physics Geography and Mathematics (PGM),
  • Economics, Geography and Mathematics (EGM),
  • Chemistry, Biology and Geography (CBG),
  • Chemistry, Biology and Agriculture (CBA)
  • Chemistry, Biology and Food and Human Nutrition (CBN).

List of Arts Combinations  Includes.

  • History, Geography and English Language (HGL),
  • History, Geography and Kiswahili (HGK),
  • History, Kiswahili and English Language (HKL),
  • Kiswahili, English Language and French (KLF),
  • Economics, Commerce and Accountancy (ECA)
  • History, Geography and Economics (HGE)

How to Calculate Your Form Six Divisions/Marks

To calculate the division and points.
A is 1,
B+ is  2,
B is 3,
C is 4,
D is 5,
E is 6  and
F is 7.

Must Check NECTA Form six Examination Grading System

When Necta Release Form Six Results

National Examination Council of Tanzania(NECTA) They have Tendency to Release Examination Results two Months later after Students to Accomplish Their A level National Examination In Every Year Form six Results Being Out on July.

How to Check Form Six Results Online (Necta website)

First step: Visit to Necta official website (

Second step: View on News Board Right side on Necta website

Third step: You will see Matokeo ya kidato cha Sita

Four step: Click Examination Type like (ACSEE)

Fifth step: Select year

You will see the Results of respective year


How to Check Form Six Results Via SMS & SSD CODE

Students will also be able to check their form six result 2021 using SMS , by  just dialing a special USSD code to request the results, the details on how to get your ACSEE results VIA SMS are given below;

  • Dialing * 152 * 00 #
  • Select number 8. ELIMU
  • Select the number 2. NECTA
  • Select the service type 1. MATOKEO
  • Select Test Type. CSEE
  • Enter Examination Number and Year Example: S0334-0556-2019
  • Select Payment Type (Cost per SMS is Tshs 100 / =)
  • Upon completion of payment you will receive a short message of results

With Video Help on How to Check Form six Results

The List of High school in Dar es salaam City Council

School NameWardDistrict/Council
Jangwani Secondary SchoolUpanga MagharibiIlala Mc
Chang’Ombe Secondary SchoolMiburaniTemeke Mc
Zanaki Secondary SchoolUpanga MasharikiIlala Mc
Pugu Secondary SchoolPuguIlala Mc
Azania Secondary SchoolUpanga MagharibiIlala Mc
B.W.Mkapa Secondary SchoolGerezaniIlala Mc
Kibasila Secondary SchoolMiburaniTemeke Mc
Juhudi Secondary SchoolGongolambotoIlala Mc
Kisarawe Ii Secondary SchoolKisarawe IiKigamboni Mc
Mbweni Teta Secondary SchoolMbweniKinondoni Mc
Aboud Jumbe Secondary SchoolMjimwemaKigamboni Mc
Temeke Secondary SchoolSandaliTemeke Mc
Nguva Secondary SchoolSomangilaKigamboni Mc
Kisutu Secondary SchoolKisutuIlala Mc
Tambaza Secondary SchoolUpanga MagharibiIlala Mc
Mabwe Tumaini Secondary SchoolMabwepandeKinondoni Mc
School NameWardDistrict/Council
Hellen’S Secondary SchoolMbeziUbungo Mc
Canossa Secondary SchoolKunduchiKinondoni Mc
Kinondoni Muslim Secondary SchoolKinondoniKinondoni Mc
Feza Boys Secondary SchoolKunduchiKinondoni Mc
St. Augustine Tagaste Secondary SchoolSarangaUbungo Mc
Feza Girls Secondary SchoolKaweKinondoni Mc
Thomas More Machrina Secondary SchoolMsiganiUbungo Mc
Bright Future Girls’ Secondary SchoolMsongolaIlala Mc
Shamsiye Secondary SchoolMbweniKinondoni Mc
Ilala Islamic Secondary SchoolIlalaIlala Mc
Debrabant Secondary SchoolChamaziTemeke Mc
Lilian Kibo Secondary SchoolGobaUbungo Mc
Babro Johnson Secondary SchoolKwembeUbungo Mc
Alpha Secondary SchoolMikocheniKinondoni Mc
Alpha Girls Secondary SchoolKunduchiKinondoni Mc
Loyola Secondary SchoolMabiboUbungo Mc
White Lake Secondary SchoolMakongoKinondoni Mc
Alfarouq Secondary SchoolTabataIlala Mc
St. Anthony’S Secondary SchoolMbagala KuuTemeke Mc
Wazo Hill Secondary SchoolWazoKinondoni Mc
Midlands Secondary SchoolKimaraUbungo Mc
Cornelius Girls Secondary SchoolWazoKinondoni Mc
Mwenyeheri Anuarite Secondary SchoolKisukuluIlala Mc
Patric Mission Secondary SchoolWazoKinondoni Mc
Tusiime Secondary SchoolSegereaIlala Mc
Anne Marie Secondary SchoolMsiganiUbungo Mc
Heri Secondary SchoolKibambaUbungo Mc
Alharamain Secondary SchoolGerezaniIlala Mc
Shaaban Robert Secondary SchoolUpanga MasharikiIlala Mc
Thomas Secondary SchoolGongolambotoIlala Mc
Dynamic Secondary SchoolWazoKinondoni Mc
Algebra Islamic Seminari Secondary SchoolKibadaKigamboni Mc
John The Baptist Secondary SchoolKunduchiKinondoni Mc
Mbezi Secondary SchoolMbeziUbungo Mc
Msasani Islamic Secondary SchoolMsasaniKinondoni Mc
Mzinga Secondary SchoolMzingaIlala Mc
Kunduchi Girls’ Secondary SchoolKunduchiKinondoni Mc
Yemen Secondary SchoolMiburaniTemeke Mc
African Tabata Secondary SchoolLiwitiIlala Mc
Mbezi Beach Secondary SchoolMbezi JuuKinondoni Mc
Ghomme Girls’ Secondary SchoolKunduchiKinondoni Mc
Ubungo Islamic Secondary SchoolMakuburiUbungo Mc
Balili Secondary SchoolMbagala KuuTemeke Mc
Airwing Secondary SchoolKipawaIlala Mc
Vituka Secondary SchoolYombo VitukaTemeke Mc
Makongo Secondary SchoolMakongoKinondoni Mc
Kamene Secondary SchoolKimangaIlala Mc
Kent Secondary SchoolChamaziTemeke Mc
Ridhwaa Secondary SchoolMwananyamalaKinondoni Mc
Pius Secondary SchoolToangomaTemeke Mc
Jitegemee Secondary SchoolMiburaniTemeke Mc
Neluka Secondary SchoolKijichiTemeke Mc
Kifai Modern Secondary SchoolKibambaUbungo Mc
Lyceum Secondary SchoolBunjuKinondoni Mc
Feza- Salasala Secondary SchoolWazoKinondoni Mc
Al-Muntazil Secondary SchoolUpanga MagharibiIlala Mc
Haven Of Peace Seminari Secondary SchoolWazoKinondoni Mc
St Joseph Cathedral Secondary SchoolKivukoniIlala Mc
Agakhan Mzizima Secondary SchoolUpanga MasharikiIlala Mc
Academic International Secondary SchoolMikocheniKinondoni Mc
Laureate International Secondary SchoolMbezi JuuKinondoni Mc
Dar Es Salaam Independent School Secondary SchoolMsasaniKinondoni Mc
International School Of Tanganyika Secondary SchoolMsasaniKinondoni Mc

Your not Satisfied with your Results? Don’t worry Necta Have Appeal window for those who think The Examination Marking was not fair to them Just Visit Necta Appeal page to Register


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