61 Job Opportunities At TTCL Corporation April 2021

Nafasi 61 za kazi TTCL Corporation April 2021


Nafasi 61 za kazi TTCL Corporation April 2021



Nafasi 61 za kazi TTCL Corporation April 2021 Tanzania Telecommunication Corporations formerly known as Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited (TTCL)

was established by An Act of the Parliament, ‘The Tanzania Telecommunications Company Incorporation Act of 1993’.

The Company came into operation following a split of the former parastatal organization known as Tanzania Posts and Telecommunications Company (TP&TC) and began operation on Jan 1, 1994. The split was due to the government’s move to liberalize communications sector in the country, and due to this separation four parastatal entities were formed namely; The Tanzania Posts Corporation (TPC), Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited (TTCL), Tanzania Postal Bank (TPB), and Tanzania Communication Commission (TCC) now known as Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA).

Subsequent to continued economic liberalization policy of the Government of Tanzania, TTCL was privatized on 23rd February 2001, where by a Consortium MSI of the Netherlands and Detecon of Germany acquired 35% shares of the company from the Government of Tanzania. However, the Government of Tanzania has effective from 23rd June 2016 fully repossessed TTCL ownership by 100%.Therefore until 1st of February 2018, TTCL was 100% owned by the Government of Tanzania.

The Tanzania Telecommunication Corporation (Act No 12 of 2017)was signed by The President of United Republic of Tanzania on 28th November 2017 and was gazetted by the Minister for Works, Transport &Communication to be effective on 1st February 2018.

Tanzania Telecommunications Corporation is taking up the duties and responsibilities of the former Tanzania Telecommunication Company Ltd -TTCL which ceased to operate on 31st January 2018.

The key functions of the Corporation are to; a) Enhance safety, security, economic and commercial viability of national telecommunications services and telecommunication infrastructure through; i. Promotion of effective management and operation of telecommunications services. ii. Development, maintenance, promotion and management of telecommunications services ; and iii. Maintenance of safety and security of telecommunications infrastructure specified or determined in accordance with section 20 of Tanzania Telecommunication Corporation Act b) Plan build, operate and maintain the strategic telecommunications infrastructure proclaimed by the Government; c) Operate telecommunications services in accordance with the laws and prescribed procedures governing telecommunications services; d) Operate and maintain all types of telecommunications networks, including ICT systems and services within and outside the United Republic of Tanzania;


The TTCL’s day to day activities are guided by a set of values and principles which define a corporate culture and inform the actions of its employees by identifying what is most important in how things are done within the organization. TTCL values and principles will be understood and practiced by all employees and will be demonstrated to all stakeholders in everything the employees do.


Honesty, Integrity, and Mutual Respect. These will be at the core of all employee behavior.


Teamwork, Open honest communications, Common Objectives; Active participation and ownership of customer solutions; Demonstrate the values and principles; and Excellence in everything we do.

  • Working as a team, will allow TTCL employees achieve personal and corporate objectives and take pride in TTCL’s success and will resolve any misalignment of personal or departmental objectives.
  • Open honest communications will create an atmosphere of trust and common purpose.
  • TTCL employees will work toward corporate objectives. Their personal and departmental objectives will be aligned to corporate goals.
  • All TTCL employees have customers, external and internal. TTCL employees will understand their customer needs and actively participate in the development of solutions to those needs. TTCL employees will not stop until their customer expectations have been met.
  • TTCL employees will demonstrate the values and principles in their work environment. Their peers and their customers will recognize the value and principle driven work ethic.
  • Excellence – We believe TTCL will achieve ongoing success through a concentrated effort on excellence in whatever they do.


The TTCL Business Transformation is geared towards transformation of voice and data service delivery capability using enhanced and most popular technology in the current market.

Therefore, the SBP will focus on deployment of 4G- LTE , Wi-Fi, FTTx, and GSM – 2G,3G for delivering of broadband and mobile services in high quality. For the first time in the telecom market, TTCL with opportunities of having readymade fixed line network infrastructures, the company planned to offer converged services through Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC).

With the LTE network, TTCL will be able to retain and grow her broadband subscriber base and generate revenues at sustainable cost levels. In the meantime, TTCL will continue to leverage its existing competitive advantage on wholesale backbone services (carrier of carriers) and fixed broadband services while focusing on optimal utilization of internal and external resources in terms of service delivery and investments for major network expansion.

Under this business transformation strategic plan, TTCL will offer:

  • GSM – 2G and UMTS- 3G covering national wide
  • LTE- 4G covering major cities,
  • Value Added Services
  • Mobile Money services, covering to send and receive money, paying bills etc

TTCL business transformation goes hand to hand with improving services delivery (QoS) to Corporate, SME’s Customers and residential.

61 Job Vacancies Announced  At TTCL Corporation April 2021

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