Matokeo ya uchaguzi Kenya 2022: Kenya Presidential Election Results Live Updates


Matokeo ya uchaguzi Kenya 2022: Kenya Presidential Election Results Live Updates

Matokeo ya uchaguzi Kenya 2022: Kenya Presidential Election Results Live Updates Welcome on this Article you will Get Live updates about Matokeo ya Uraisi kenya,matokeo ya uchaguzi kenya 2022,live election results, raisi wa kenya 2022,election results today, ntv election results, by-election results today in kenya ,Kenya Presidential Election Results Live Updates,stay with us.

Matokeo ya uchaguzi Kenya 2022: Kenya Presidential Election Results Live Updates

Kenya’s general election will take place throughout several states today, August 9, 2022.
The presidential contenders in this election are Odinga, Ruto, Wajackoyah, and Mwaure.

When did Kenya’s most recent general election take place?

Kenya’s general elections took place on August 8, 2017. With 54.17 percent of the vote, incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the winner of the presidential election. His primary competitor Raila Odinga came in second with 44.94 percent of the vote.

East African nation Kenya is located there. Republic of Kenya is its full name (Swahili: Jamhuri ya Kenya). With 580,367 square kilometers of land, Kenya ranks 48th in terms of size (224,081 square miles). According to the 2019 census, there are more than 47.6 million people living in Kenya, making it the 29th most populous nation in the world.
Although Mombasa, on the coast, is significantly older and was the country’s first capital, Nairobi is the nation’s capital and largest city. The third-largest city in Kenya is an inland port on Lake Victoria called Kisumu City. Major cities in the area include include Eldoret and Nakuru. By 2020, Kenya will surpass South Africa and Nigeria in terms of GDP.

South Sudan to the west, Ethiopia to the north, Somalia to the east, Uganda to the west, Tanzania to the south, and the Indian Ocean to the southeast border Kenya on all sides. Temperate climates can be found in the western and rift valley counties, as well as dry, less fertile arid and semi-arid regions, as well as complete deserts. There are also cold, snow-capped mountains (Batian, Nelion, and Point Lenana on Mount Kenya), enormous forests, wildlife, and fertile agricultural districts nearby (Chalbi Desert and Nyiri Desert)
A contemporary ethnic group in Kenya called the Hadza is descended from the country’s indigenous hunter-gatherer inhabitants.

The earliest Cushitic speakers likely arrived in Kenya’s lowlands between 3,200 and 1,300 BC, a time period known as the Lowland Savanna Pastoral Neolithic, according to the dating of artifacts and human remains. Nilotic speakers in Kenya can trace their origins to pastoralists who arrived in Kenya around 500 BC by crossing the border from what is now South Sudan.

The shore and inland regions were inhabited by Bantu people between 250 BC and 500 AD. Around 1500, the Portuguese Empire became the first European force to have a foothold in what is now Kenya. Kenya wasn’t actually colonized, though, until the 19th century, when Europeans started exploring the interior.

The British Empire established a protectorate in 1895, and the Kenya Colony was founded in 1920. These two historical occurrences led to the Kenya of today. Due to numerous problems between the colony and the UK, the Mau Mau uprising, which began in 1952, resulted in an independence declaration in 1963. Kenya gained independence but continued to be a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. 2010 saw the replacement of the existing constitution, which had been in force since 1963.

The president of Kenya serves as both the head of state and the head of government in this presidential representative democratic republic.

The United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, COMESA, and the International Criminal Court are just a few of the international organizations that Kenya is a part of. An annual GNI of $1,840 is regarded as middle class. In Kenya, there is a lower middle class. Kenya has the largest economy in central and eastern Africa, and Nairobi serves as a key regional economic hub.

The major cash crops are tea and coffee, but fresh flower exports are growing. The service industry, and specifically tourism, make a considerable contribution to the economy. Kenya is a member of the East African Community trade association, despite the fact that several international trade organizations categorize the nation as belonging to the Greater Horn of Africa. The European Union is Kenya’s second-largest export market after the continent of Africa.

Live updates on the voting process and the 2022 Kenyan elections

Live updates on the voting process and the 2022 Kenyan elections

To prevail in the first round of the presidential election, a candidate must:

at least 25% of the votes cast in a minimum of 24 counties, or more than half of all votes cast nationwide.

Additionally, voters will select county governors, county assembly members, 47 women’s representatives to the National Assembly, and MPs and senators to serve in the national parliament.

On election day, voters will have their fingerprints scanned to verify their identification, but if the machines malfunction, a written register can also be utilized.

Then, for each election, a voter will be handed a colored ballot paper, which they will mark in a private booth and then place in the appropriate ballot box.
Soon after voting is completed, counting will begin at the polling places. The final tally will then be photographed by officials, who will subsequently submit the picture to the constituency and national counting centers.

The media, political parties, and civil society organizations have been urged to compile their own tallies using the official results announced at the more than 40,000 polling places in order to ensure transparency.

However, only the electoral commission has the authority to declare a winner after scrutinizing the paper and electronic ballots submitted to the national tallying center.

The leading candidates for president have sworn to respect the outcome of the vote.

Today’s Kenya election results | Kenya election results live

Today's Kenya election results

This article will be updated periodically with any new information regarding the ntv election results and kenyan election news. Click HERE For Kenya presidential Results


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