Disaster Risk Management Coordinator Job At Plan International March 2021

Job Opportunity at Plan International-Disaster Risk Management Coordinator March 2021


Job Opportunity at Plan International-Disaster Risk Management Coordinator March 2021

Disaster Risk Management Coordinator  


Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Company: Plan International


Job Opportunity at Plan International-Disaster Risk Management Coordinator March 2021 Plan International is an independent development and humanitarian organisation that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. Plan has over 80 years’ experience and works in more than 75 countries across the world. We strive for a just world, working together with children, young people, our supporters and partners.

Plan International has been working in Tanzania since 1991. Our work supports marginalised children and youth, especially adolescent girls, to grow up physically and mentally healthy and ready to shape their future. We create an enabling environment and empower girls to be active drivers of change in realising their rights. We prioritise working with partners, and ensuring all of our work is evidence based.

Tanzania experiences natural and man-made disaster risks. Drought occurs around once in four years, mainly in north and central areas and affects around 3.6 million people. Tanzania has begun to experience climate change, which has increased the frequency and severity of drought and flooding and is likely to have increasingly negative impacts on areas affecting child rights, such as the environment, agriculture, water supply, health and livelihoods. With the warming of sea temperatures and changes in typhoon patterns in the Indian Ocean, Tanzania is increasingly at risk of Typhoon and major storm activity. Tanzania hosts thousands of refugees from neighbouring countries fleeing conflict. Plan has been operational in the Kigoma refugee camps for the past 4 years.  The global pandemic of 2020-21 has had an impact on Tanzania.


The DRM Coordinator leads disaster preparedness for Plan Tanzania, leads coordination in times of pending or actual disaster including with external agencies, government and other INGOs, and supports delivery of humanitarian programs in partnership with the Emergency Response Manager.  The position will work in partnership with the Business Development Manager for fund-raising.  The position will manage a small budget.  There is no staff management.

Plan International Tanzania is committed to responding in times of emergency. The DRM Coordinator focuses on:


  • Providing national level support to the Burundi Refugee Response in Kigoma Region and other sub-national disasters, in partnership with the Kibondo based Emergency Response Manager and other managers responsible.
  • Leading the gathering, analysis and sharing of information on emerging and current disasters in Tanzania, with a focus on recommending to the Country Director Plan’s role and actions in the disaster.
  • Develop and maintain Plan’s effective working relationships with the Department of Disaster Management in Tanzania, relevant Government departments and other INGOs.
  • Responsible to provide technical expertise in the areas of emergency preparedness, response and recovery in Tanzania, including preparation and training and coordination during a pending or the initial stages of a disaster and design of program response.
  • Coordinating the Disaster Preparedness Plan and ensuring it is updated regularly.


The post holder reports directly to the Country Director. He/she provides technical leadership in program development and design, including research, new innovations and models in DRM initiatives in line with the organisation’s Program and Influence Approach (PIA), including with local NGO partners.  The incumbent is a key member of the Program Team and technical networks and communities of practice within and outside Plan. S/he is a member of various thematic networks and participates in the development of various reports including media reports at country, regional and global levels.

As a member of the Country Management Team, the DRM Coordinator is expected to actively contribute to the overall governance of the country office, and delivery of its strategic and annual operating plan.


Program Leadership


  • Overall accountability for DRM programme performance in a results-based management approach and delivering on Plan’s commitment to gender transformative programming, inclusion and influencing.
  • Lead DRM support for the capacity building of local NGO partners engaged in disaster preparedness and response.
  • Ensure Plan International DRM programming and delivery is of high technical standards, enhancing continuous technical development based on effective management of technical inputs which includes available DRM evidence and targeted consultancies.


Technical Knowledge Development


  • Contribution and participation in the regional Centre of Excellence for Girls in Displaced Settings.
  • Ensures the country office has an annually updated disaster preparedness plan (DPP) with a plan of action.
  • In collaboration with the Regional DRM team, ensures the CO is maintaining an active Emergency Response Team (ERT).
  • Draw on DRM Technical Networks to enhance Plan International Tanzania’s technical expertise as well as accessing research work, reviews and analysis of similar work and gain more insights and updates on developments in DRM. Also participate in other skills-building opportunities and obtain information best practice, models, innovations, approaches in these areas.




  • Work in coordination with the Business Development Unit to identify, prioritise and pursue funding opportunities and leverage on acquired technical skills and capacity to respond to requirements.
  • Lead the development of funding concept notes and proposals for DRM in collaboration with the Business Development Unit and other relevant parts of the organisation.


Networking, Partnerships and Coordination


  • Lead Plan’s capacity strengthening of local NGO partners in the DRM sector.
  • Lead engagement in key networks, alliances and actors in in DRM at local and national, level.
  • Lead in engagement and maintenance of key relationships with the relevant line ministries for collaboration in DRM programming at national level.
  • Represent Plan International Tanzania at various technical meetings with other cooperating agencies and participate in various working groups as required, including technical presentations on key activities and achievements.


Technical Support


  • Manage technical capacity-building support of local implementing CSO partners with specific focus on strengthening institutional & individual capacity, enhancement of management systems and governance of regulatory functions and activities.
  • Ensure all staff in Plan International Tanzania have a solid understanding of in DRM issues and the work that the organisation is doing.
  • Report regularly to the Director of Programs on progress/results achieved in technical work plans and barriers encountered, and resolve any challenges faced and also provide input into quarterly, annual and grants reporting.



  • Work with Plan’s Influencing and Communications Department to develop key influencing and advocacy strategies for the in DRM sectors targeting Government staff and community leaders.
  • Contribute to the adequate documentation and dissemination of program results and lessons learnt.
  • Ensures that Plan International’s global policies for Child Protection (CPP) and Gender Equality and Inclusion (GEI) are fully embedded in accordance with the principles and requirements of the policy including relevant Implementation Standards and Guidelines as applicable to their area of responsibility. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring staff and associates are aware of and understand their responsibilities under these policies and Plan International’s Code of Conduct (CoC), their relevance to their area of work, and that concerns are reported and managed in accordance with the appropriate procedures.
  • Liaise with external stakeholders and partners involved in DRM –High




  • Skills specific to the post
  • Demonstrated planning and coordination skills
  • Demonstrated project management, including budget management.
  • Ability to work under pressure and managing multiple, competing priorities
  • Excellent communication –verbal and writing skills
  • Experience in proposal development and reporting




  • Team player with good mentoring and coaching skills,
  • Highly effective networking and inter-personal skills,
  • Timely and effective delivery
  • Demonstrated capacity to addressgender equality, inclusion child protection and participation in DRM programming


Experience and Qualifications


  • Undergraduate university degree in social sciences or related discipline or comparable experience
  • At least 3 years relevant working experience in disaster preparedness and response, experience in working in complex emergencies an added advantage.
  • Experience in a similar role and experience in working with bilateral organizations or INGOs is an added advantage.
  • Excellent reporting skills and competencies in computer literacy (M-Excel, MS-Word, & Power Point, internet)
  • Experience addressing gender equality and inclusion in DRM programming




  • We are open and accountable
  • Promotes a culture of openness and transparency, including with sponsors and donors.
  • Holds self and others accountable to achieve the highest standards of integrity.
  • Consistent and fair in the treatment of people.
  • Open about mistakes and keen to learn from them.
  • Accountable for ensuring we are a safe organisation for all children, girls & young people
  • We strive for lasting impact
  • Articulates a clear purpose for staff and sets high expectations.
  • Creates a climate of continuous improvement, open to challenge and new ideas.
  • Focuses resources to drive change and maximise long-term impact, responsive to changed priorities or crises.
  • Evidence-based and evaluates effectiveness.


We work well together


  • Seeks constructive outcomes, listens to others, willing to compromise when appropriate.
  • Builds constructive relationships across Plan International to support our shared goals.
  • Develops trusting and ‘win-win’ relationships with funders, partners and communities.
  • Engages and works well with others outside the organization to build a better world for girls and all children.

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We are inclusive and empowering


  • Seeks constructive outcomes, listens to others, willing to compromise when appropriate.
  • Builds constructive relationships across Plan International to support our shared goals.
  • Develops trusting and ‘win-win’ relationships with funders, partners and communities.
  • Engages and works well with others outside the organization to build a better world for girls and all children.



Frequent travels within the country and including Kigoma Region refugee camps


Frequent interaction with children especially in communities and Child care centres/schools



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