Human Resource officers And Sales and marketing Job At A to Z Textile Mills LTD March 2021

Job Opportunities A to Z Textile Mills LTD March 2021


Job Opportunities A to Z Textile Mills LTD March 2021

Job Opportunities A to Z Textile Mills LTD March 2021 A to Z Textile Mills Ltd is a family owned and operated company which started with a single sewing machine in the 1960s, expanding considerably to presently include 11 companies within the group which offer a wide variety of products and services in both local and international markets.

Most popularly known for the production of polyester and Long-Lasting Insecticidal Bed Nets (LLINS) in an effort to combat malaria, A to Z Textile Mills Ltd and its group of companies manufacture high quality products in 2 separate locations.

Employment Opportunities at A to Z Textile Mills LTD

With over 45 years of operational experience, establishing one of the largest vertically integrated manufacturing plants in East Africa, A to Z Textile Mills Ltd and the companies within our group take pride and care in serving our customers, clients, investors and partners worldwide.

A to Z Textile Mills, Ltd was founded by NathalalHirji Shah in 1966 under the name “A to Z Clothing Company.” The company began as a small garment manufacturing company, initially operating with 3 sewing machines and a handful of employees. Today, after 4 decades of experience and dedication, the company has grown to become one of the largest manufacturing companies in East Africa.

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The company began its operations as a ladies’ and children’s garments manufacturer, selling products on the local market. Throughout the years, the company expanded its product range to include the manufacturing of polyester fabric for mosquito netting, initially selling only the fabric, and later stitching the fabric into bed nets which were sold on the local market. In the 1990s, the company had the capacity to manufacture and stitch 300,000 bed nets and by 2002, the capacity had increased to 6 million nets per annum. During the 1990s, the first group company, Polyfoam Limited, was established for the manufacturing of plastic items for the local market including buckets, basins and other household items.

Today, A to Z Textile Mills, Ltd and its group of companies has the capacity to manufacture 30 million LLINs per annum, 6 million polyester bed nets, 5 million garments, 115 million PP raffia/cement bags, and has a fleet of 300+ trucks, ranging in size and load capacity.


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