JamiiForums Stories of Change Competition (Award Cash 10 Tsh Millions & Electronics Device)

JamiiForums Stories of Change Competition (Award Cash 10 Tsh Millions & Electronics Device)


JamiiForums Stories of Change Competition (Award Cash 10 Tsh Millions & Electronics Device)

JamiiForums Stories of Change Competition (Award Cash 10 Tsh Millions & Electronics Device) JamiiForums (JF) is a Civil Society that coordinates the JamiiForums network and promotes Digital Rights, Democracy, Accountability and Good Governance.

Community Forums has been at the forefront of promoting quality and productive online content for over 15 years by providing a public forum for citizens (citizen journalists) to express themselves fearlessly, hold their leaders accountable and build greater awareness on a variety of issues. Through this journey and its commitment to Digital Rights Advocacy, Community Forums continues to play its role in ensuring the internet remains a safe place where the Tanzanian public can access quality information and also create content that promotes positive change.


JamiiForums Stories of Change Competition (Award Cash 10 Tsh Million)

As such, JF provides an opportunity for its stakeholders and all citizens with the ability to prepare content to participate in the transformational online content writing competition (Stories of Change).


The first phase of this competition will run from July 14 to September 15, 2021.

This competition aims to add the best online content especially the Kiswahili language for current and future generations. We also aim to encourage citizen participation as well as non-priority groups such as people living with disabilities to participate in the collection and preparation of information in the country.

JamiiForums Stories of Change Competition

Terms and conditions for participation in this competition:

  • Participant is required to prepare a document that promotes change in the fields of Economics and Business, Health, Social Development, Good Governance and Accountability, Democracy, Agriculture, Science and Technology, Human Rights etc.
  • The text may be in Swahili or English with no more than 1,500 words.
  • Participants will be given only 2 hours to edit their text after posting on the platform so they will need to be careful in their presentation.
  • Community Forums executives and their close relatives are not allowed to participate in this competition
  • The participant may use the design name ‘pseudo name’ but will be required to provide co-operation if a winner emerges
    Articles should be news or real articles that have never been published anywhere else. Plagiarism will not be allowed
  • The use of images or videos is permitted to satisfy the text. If the photos and videos do not belong to the participant he or she will be required to specify the source

How to participate:

Any Tanzanian 18 years and older can participate, but in order to publish your Article you will have to become a member of JamiiForums. If you are not a member you can sign up via => (www.jamiiforums.com/register/). If you find it difficult to register, contact us via the contact details listed below Texts should be submitted between July 14 – September 15, 2021 on the “JF stories of change” forum.

After putting your article on the podium, STRIVE to participate in the debate that will result from it by explaining the issues that will arise to give the debate life and persuade members to vote for you.

NOTE: You can write as often as you can to increase your chances of winning.

Prizes for Winners

Winners will be determined based on the votes cast in the relevant thread (40%) as well as the decision of the panel of judges (60%).

Winners will be announced on the JamiiForums platform “Stories of Change” and Social Forums pages on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram) and not otherwise

Prizes for Winners will be as follows: –

  • The first winner will receive 5 million shillings in cash
  • The second winner will receive 3 million shillings in cash
  • The third winner will receive 2 million shillings in cash

Other gifts will include Laptop, Tablet and Mobile Phones.


For more information contact us via phone number: +255 743440000 (WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal) or email: [email protected]

For more information visit official website Here


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