How To Find Your NSFAS Reference Number : Complete Guide with Video

How To Find Your NSFAS Reference Number : Complete Guide with Video


How To Find Your NSFAS Reference Number : Complete Guide with Video If you are a South African student who has applied for financial aid through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), you may need to access your NSFAS reference number for various purposes such as tracking your application status or communicating with NSFAS. Here’s a guide on how to find your NSFAS reference number:

How To Find Your NSFAS Reference Number : Complete Guide with Video

Check Your Application Status Email

  • Upon applying for financial aid through NSFAS, you should have received an email confirming the receipt of your application.
  • This email typically contains your NSFAS reference number along with other important information.
  • Search your email inbox for any communication from NSFAS or the application status notification to locate your reference number.

Contact NSFAS Directly

  • If you cannot find your reference number in your email, you can reach out to NSFAS directly for assistance.
  • Contact their helpline or customer support via phone, email, or their official website.
  • Provide the necessary details such as your full name, ID number, and any other information they may require to verify your identity and retrieve your reference number.

Log into MyNSFAS Portal

  • Visit the official NSFAS website and log into the MyNSFAS student portal using your credentials.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the relevant section where your reference number is typically displayed.
  • If you have trouble finding it, look for options such as “Check my application status” or “My Account” to locate your reference number.

Visit Your Institution’s Financial Aid Office

  • If you are already enrolled in a university or college, you can visit the institution’s financial aid office for assistance.
  • The staff should be able to help you retrieve your NSFAS reference number by accessing your application details through their system.

Social Media and Online Forums

  • Sometimes, students who have successfully navigated the NSFAS application process may share tips and advice on online platforms.
  • Look for official NSFAS social media accounts or reputable student forums where you may find guidance on locating your reference number.

What Is The Use Of NSFAS Reference Number?

How To Find Your NSFAS Reference Number : Complete Guide with Video

The applicant uses the reference number when mailing queries regarding any document or procedure to NSFAS; at that time, NSFAS asks for the reference number to check my application on their device quickly. NSFAS requests the applicants to provide the reference number during inquiries at NSFAS. Also, I can track the status of the application progress by using the NSFAS reference number in a minute. The usage of this reference number is crucial. The NSFAS provides the reference number to contact them whenever required with relevant queries directly.

Why Is NSFAS Reference Number Important?

People think that only the username and password are crucial for checking the status of the NSFAS application. But this is not true; the NSFAS reference number is equally essential in tracking the progress of the online application and an apt answer for this question: Why Is NSFAS Reference Number Important? Until the application is sent successfully, I cannot receive myNSGFAS funds for higher studies in South African universities.

It is proof of the NSFAS application 2024 that I received as I sent my application to NSFAS via email or SMS. It helps to know that the NSFAS authority has approved my NSFAS application, and an academic offer has been proved to me for my further studies. NSFAs will inform me about their final decision before the start of the academic year.

What to Do If I Lost My NSFAS Reference Number

It is common for applicants to forget or lose their reference numbers after receiving them from the NSFAS. If you forget my reference number, immediately contacting NSFAS will be the first step. They will help you to recover my NSFAS reference number for convenience. Also, go to their social media pages and write about my problems to owe help from them. They will ask for the student ID number and other explanations about how you lost it.

Alternatively, use the new mode of communicating with NSFAS, which is NSFAS connect, by going directly to the NSFAS student portal and finding the link option in the upper right corner of the page. Avoid using other reference numbers in myNSFAS accounts because each number is unique and connected with single accounts. So, whenever I am in trouble or want to know anything about NSFAS funding, I talk to their team and give them the reference number affixed with my student portal and have a chat on various subject matters.


Your NSFAS reference number is a crucial piece of information when dealing with NSFAS-related matters, and it’s important to keep it safe and easily accessible. By following the steps outlined above, you should be able to locate your NSFAS reference number and proceed with any necessary actions related to your financial aid application.

Remember to always keep your personal information secure and be cautious of sharing sensitive details online. If you encounter any challenges or uncertainties while trying to find your NSFAS reference number, don’t hesitate to reach out to NSFAS for assistance.

Good luck with your studies and financial aid application process!