GCSE A level ,T level ,VTQ Results 2023 Email and Online -England Wales and Northern Ireland

GCSE A level ,T level ,VTQ Results 2023 Email and Online -England Wales and Northern Ireland


GCSE A level ,T level ,VTQ Results 2023 Email and Online -England Wales and Northern Ireland

GCSE A level ,T level ,VTQ Results 2023 Email and Online -England Wales and Northern Ireland Welcome Ajiraforum.com on this GCSE Results You will find How to Check GCSE A level,T Level and VTQ  Level Exams Results in England,Wales and North Ireland,GCSE Grading system stay with us.

GCSE Results 2022 -England Wales and Northern Ireland

When is GCSE results day 2023?|When will individuals receive their VTQ, T Level, and A Level results?

Even though the summer break is quickly approaching, students who took their GCSEs this year must wait anxiously for their exam results. The last few years have been difficult for schools as the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted learning.

Exams from the previous year weren’t given; instead, teachers used evidence to determine the outcomes. According to the BBC, teachers submitted scores for the more than 500,000 students taking GCSE courses in 2021 using data from mock exams, course work, and tests.

Students won’t have taken their GCSE exams for the first time in two years. In order to ensure that they “are being as fair as possible to students given the disruption they have experienced, and many continue to encounter, due to the coronavirus epidemic,” the regulator Ofqual put in place a package of support.
More generous marking, a student’s choice of exam topics, and “generosity for students” when establishing grade boundaries were some of the modifications made.

Students will be able to pick up their results at school in person, unlike the subsequent two years.

GCSE results will be released on Thursday August 25 2022 and are usually available from 8am.

GCSE Results 2022 Email and Online -England Wales and Northern Ireland

GCSE New Grade System

These are now rated in England using a number system from 9 to 1, as opposed to the former system of A to E.
In England, the 9-1 grading scale was implemented simultaneously with a redesigned GCSE curriculum.

Now, a 9 is the highest grade, and a 1 is the lowest. The U grade, which stands for “ungraded,” does not change.

GCSE New Grade System

How are GCSEs graded in Northern Ireland?

In Northern Ireland, the grading guidelines were also altered.

The Northern Ireland Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) unveiled a new nine-category grade scale in the summer of 2019 that ranges from A* to G and includes a C*.

However, if students take tests designed by English boards, they may also receive scores with grades 9–1.

How are GCSEs graded in Wales?

In September 2015, the Welsh government unveiled updated and new GCSE curricula.The English language, Welsh language, and mathematics had the most substantial alterations.Wales still uses a letter-based grading system (A*–G).

Can You Receive Your GCSE Results Online?

The option will be made accessible to you if you have a valid cause for wanting to get your GCSE results online rather than in person. Here are a few scenarios where getting your GCSE results online rather than in person would likely be possible. These are only a few probable reasons someone might have for wanting to receive their results online; the list is neither exhaustive nor conclusive.

  • Physical injury (for example, a broken leg)
  • Holiday
  • No valid means of transport to school or exam center

Therefore, if you have a valid justification, don’t worry; modifications to the procedure will be made for you.

What about circumstances where you would just prefer to receive things online but do not necessarily have a need for it? The vague response is that it depends on the school you attend and the GCSE test board you used. Some schools may send emails together with the hard copies of your GCSE results. In my experience, this can occasionally occur, but there is typically a sizable delay between when you can get your GCSE results in person and when you get an email with them.

Be sure to let your school know that you would like to receive your results online, whether you have a valid excuse for not being able to pick them up in person or you just wish to receive them that way.

How to Get your Gcse Results

The students Are Recommended to Go to Their School and Examination Centers for their Results Certicficate.

Can Someone Else Pick up Your GCSE Results?

If you are unable to pick up your GCSE results in person, you may designate a proxy—a guardian, friend, or member of your family—to do so on your behalf. If you choose to do this, you must advise your school that you are okay with someone else picking up your results for you by providing a signed paper or letter.

Make sure you plan ahead and have everything ready the night before (such their photo ID and possibly even a copy of your signed letter), as the school won’t provide your results to them if they can’t prove who the guardian, friend, or family member is.

If you’re interested in doing this, get in touch with your school as soon as possible to find out exactly what you’d need to do and what the person picking up your results would require in order to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Additionally, they won’t divulge your GCSE results if there is any question as to whether or not you authorized someone else to pick them up. As a result, those of you who will be picking up your own GCSE results won’t need to worry about someone else arriving before and snatching them.

What about this year’s results is different?

What about this year's results is different?

For the first time since the start of the pandemic, young people are taking summer exams and tests for A Levels, T Levels, and other post-secondary degrees this year.

Due to the varied nature of the assessment, results will differ from those of the previous two years.

Ofqual’s grading methodology for AS and A level in 2022 will be based on a midpoint between summer 2019 and 2021. Results in summer 2022 will be better than they were in summer 2021, when grades were determined by teacher evaluation, but they will be worse than they were in summer 2021.

Unlike GCSEs and A Levels, VTQs are governed differently, therefore awarding organizations (AOs) establish their own grading scales. According to Ofqual’s regulatory framework, AOs must ensure that VTQ learners do not face any disadvantages when compared to their GCSE and A Level peers. To accomplish this, we anticipate that when they establish the requirements for their own qualifications, they will consider the approach used for GCSEs and A Levels.

What if I don’t receive the grades I was hoping for?

Students should be confident, but UCAS usually advises having a backup plan and devoting some time over the summer to researching alternatives in the event that they are not hired by their employer of insurance preference.

Students’ top universities might still accept them even if they don’t receive the required grades.

First, we advise students to speak with their school, college, or desired university, as they may be able to provide some flexibility.

The National Careers Service’s Exam Results Helpline is another resource for students who need guidance.

If you require a place or decide to look elsewhere after receiving your grades, UCAS will assist thousands of students in finding one through Clearing, just as they would in any other year.

Helpline for teens with careers

If you live in England and are 13 years old or older, contact the National Careers Service helpline for information and guidance on jobs, careers, and training.

National Careers Service helpline
National Careers Service
Telephone: 0800 100 900
Text messages: 07766 413 219
Textphone: 0800 096 8336
Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm
Saturday, 10am to 5pm
Find out about call charges

Exams helpline

If your test results weren’t what you expected, call the National Careers Service Exam Results Helpline for free guidance.

From the day of A level results until one week after GCSE results day, the helpline is available.

National Careers Service Exam Results Helpline
0800 100 900
Find out about call charges


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