Form Five Joining Instruction Kilimanjaro PDF 2022 | Fomu za Kujiunga kidato cha tano Mkoani Kilimanjaro 2023

 Form Five Joining Instruction Kilimanjaro PDF 2022/2023


 Form Five Joining Instruction Kilimanjaro PDF 2022/2023

 Form Five Joining Instruction Kilimanjaro PDF 2022/2023 Are You Enrolled to join Advance level Education? Here is Fomu za kujiunga kidato cha tano Shule za mkoa wa Kilimanjaro in English Know as Tamisemi Form five joining Instructions,

The Form Five Joining Instructions or Other Schools Call Admission Letter it is The Documents Save as Orientation Course or Paper it Contains Information The students Wanted to know Before Joined the Selected School like:-


School Open Date

▪ School Fees and Bank Details

▪ School Uniforms

▪Schools Contact Details

▪ School Locations

▪  Equipments Student have to Go with on School

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After Installing PDF Views App Then Follow the Steps Bellow to Get Form Five Joining Instructions

TAMISEMI Via Kilimanjaro Municipal Council Official Website 👉 is About to Release Form Five Joining Instructions  For Pass list of NECTA Form four National Examination who Are Seek for Advance Enrollment in Government Schools.


The List of High school in Kilimanjaro Municiapal Council

School NameWardDistrict/Council
Moshi Technical Secondary SchoolKarangaMoshi Mc
Mawenzi Secondary SchoolKilimanjaroMoshi Mc
Moshi Secondary SchoolMfumuniMoshi Mc
Mkuu Secondary SchoolMakiidiRombo
Usangi Day Secondary SchoolKirongweMwanga
Kisarika Secondary SchoolUru KaskaziniMoshi
Vudoi Secondary SchoolMwangaMwanga
Nuru Secondary SchoolMakiwaruSiha
Mwika Secondary SchoolMwika KaskaziniMoshi
Anna Mkapa Secondary SchoolPasuaMoshi Mc
Kigonigoni Secondary SchoolKigonigoniMwanga
Msangeni Secondary SchoolMsangeniMwanga
Kifaru Secondary SchoolKileoMwanga
Kisiwani Secondary SchoolKisiwaniSame
Langasani Secondary SchoolArusha ChiniMoshi
Tarakea Secondary SchoolRehaRombo
Oshara Secondary SchoolIvaenySiha
Sanya Juu Secondary SchoolNasaiSiha
Nyerere Secondary SchoolLembeniMwanga
Harambee Secondary SchoolMachame KaskaziniHai
Hai Secondary SchoolMuunganoHai
Magadini Secondary SchoolGararaguaSiha
Namwai Secondary SchoolNgarenairobiSiha
Kimala Secondary SchoolMpinjiSame
Same Secondary SchoolStesheniSame
Weruweru Secondary SchoolKindiMoshi
Umbwe Secondary SchoolKibosho MagharibiMoshi
Lyamungo Secondary SchoolMachame MasharikiHai
Ashira Girls Secondary SchoolMarangu MasharikiMoshi
Machame Girls’ Secondary SchoolMachame KaskaziniHai
School NameWardDistrict/Council
St. Marie Eugene Secondary SchoolKindiMoshi
Maua Seminary Secondary SchoolKilema KaskaziniMoshi
St. James Seminary Secondary SchoolKilema KusiniMoshi
St. Amedeus Secondary SchoolKilema KusiniMoshi
Uru Seminary Secondary SchoolUru KusiniMoshi
Magnificat Secondary SchoolGararaguaSiha
Mt. Clara Secondary SchoolKisiwaniSame
St.Mary Goretti Secondary SchoolMfumuniMoshi Mc
Agape Lutheran Junior Seminary Secondary SchoolMamba KusiniMoshi
Visitation Girls Secondary SchoolBiririSiha
Kiriki Secondary SchoolKighareMwanga
Bendel Memorial Secondary SchoolSowetoMoshi Mc
Parane Secondary SchoolMyambaSame
Kiraeni Secondary SchoolKirwa KeniRombo
Suji Secondary SchoolSujiSame
One World Secondary SchoolLembeniMwanga
Kibosho Girls Secondary SchoolKibosho MasharikiMoshi
Scolastica Secondary SchoolMakuyuniMoshi
Kandoto Sayansi Girls’ Secondary SchoolKisimaSame
Chome Secondary SchoolChomeSame
Masama Girls Secondary SchoolMasama MasharikiHai
Mudio Islamic Secondary SchoolRomuHai
Watu Secondary SchoolMnadaniHai
Kirinjiko Islamic Secondary SchoolMwembeSame
Marangu Secondary SchoolMarangu MasharikiMoshi
Ungwasi Secondary SchoolMrao KeryoRombo
Sangiti Secondary SchoolKibosho KirimaMoshi
Majengo Secondary SchoolMajengoMoshi Mc
Mwanga Secondary SchoolMwangaMwanga
Northern Highlands Secondary SchoolKiusaMoshi Mc
Kisomachi Secondary SchoolKirua Vunjo MasharikiMoshi
Shauritanga Secondary SchoolKatangara/MrereRombo
Vunjo Secondary SchoolMwika KusiniMoshi
Lomwe Secondary SchoolChomvuMwanga
Minja Technical Secondary SchoolKifulaMwanga
Kibo Secondary SchoolLonguo ‘B’Moshi Mc
Uroki Secondary SchoolMachame UrokiHai
Isalu Secondary SchoolMasama KusiniHai
Wari Secondary SchoolMachame KaskaziniHai
Msufini Secondary SchoolMachame KaskaziniHai
Faraja Siha High Secondary SchoolDonyomurwakSiha
International School Of Moshi Secondary SchoolLonguo ‘B’Moshi Mc

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