Form Five Joining Instruction Kagera PDF 2022 | Fomu za Kujiunga kidato cha tano Mkoani Kagera 2023

Form Five Joining Instruction Kagera PDF 2022/2023


Form Five Joining Instruction Kagera PDF 2022/2023

Form Five Joining Instruction Kagera PDF 2022/2023 Are You Enrolled to join Advance level Education? Here is Fomu za kujiunga kidato cha tano Shule za mkoa wa Kagera in English Know as Tamisemi Form five joining Instructions,

The Form Five Joining Instructions or Other Schools Call Admission Letter it is The Documents Save as Orientation Course or Paper it Contains Information The students Wanted to know Before Joined the Selected School like:-


School Open Date

▪ School Fees and Bank Details

▪ School Uniforms

▪Schools Contact Details

▪ School Locations

▪  Equipments Student have to Go with on School

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After Installing PDF Views App Then Follow the Steps Bellow to Get Form Five Joining Instructions

TAMISEMI Via Kagera Municipal Council Official Website 👉 is About to Release Form Five Joining Instructions  For Pass list of NECTA Form four National Examination who Are Seek for Advance Enrollment in Government Schools.


 Form Five Joining Instructions Bukoba Municipal

 Form Five Joining Instructions  Bukoba District

 Form Five Joining Instructions  biharamulo District

 Form Five Joining Instructions  karagwe District

Form Five Joining Instructions  kyerwa District

 Form Five  Joining Instructions missenyi District

 Form Five Joining Instructions  muleba District

 Form Five Joining Instructions ngara District

The List of High school in Kagera Municiapal Council

School NameWardDistrict/Council
Rugambwa Girls Secondary SchoolKitendaguroBukoba Mc
Bukoba Secondary SchoolMiembeniBukoba Mc
Bugene Secondary SchoolBugeneKaragwe
Mubaba Secondary SchoolKanihaBiharamulo
Murusagamba Secondary SchoolMurusagambaNgara
Kagango Secondary SchoolBiharamulo MjiniBiharamulo
Biharamulo Secondary SchoolNyarubungoBiharamulo
Kabanga Secondary SchoolKabangaNgara
Nyakahura Secondary SchoolNyakahuraBiharamulo
Nyailigamba Secondary SchoolMuhutweMuleba
Muyenzi Secondary SchoolRulengeNgara
Nyantakara Secondary SchoolNyantakaraBiharamulo
Kishoju Secondary SchoolMagata/KarutangaMuleba
Rusumo Secondary SchoolKasuloNgara
Rutabo Secondary SchoolKamachumuMuleba
Bunazi Secondary SchoolKassambyaMissenyi
Kagemu Secondary SchoolKitendaguroBukoba Mc
Ihungo Secondary SchoolNshambyaBukoba Mc
Kahororo Secondary SchoolKashaiBukoba Mc
Lukole Secondary SchoolKasuloNgara
Nyakato Secondary SchoolNyakatoBukoba
Omumwani Secondary SchoolNshambyaBukoba Mc
Ngara High School Secondary SchoolKasuloNgara
School NameWardDistrict/Council
Kemebos Secondary SchoolIjuganyondoBukoba Mc
St. Mary’S Rubya Seminary Secondary SchoolKashashaMuleba
St. Achilleus Kiwanuka Kijwire Secondary SchoolMulebaMuleba
St. Charles Lwanga Katoke Seminari Secondary SchoolNyarubungoBiharamulo
Josiah Girls Secondary SchoolIjuganyondoBukoba Mc
Mchungaji Mwema Secondary SchoolNgara MjiniNgara
Kaizirege Secondary SchoolIjuganyondoBukoba Mc
Kajumulo Alexander Girls’ Secondary SchoolKibetaBukoba Mc
Kaisho Secondary SchoolIsingiroKyerwa
Kanyigo Secondary SchoolKanyigoMissenyi
St. Alfred Rulenge Secondary SchoolRulengeNgara
Tweyambe Secondary SchoolIshoziMissenyi
Nyaishozi Secondary SchoolNyaishoziKaragwe
Katoke Lweru Secondary SchoolIzigoMuleba
Humura Secondary SchoolKashashaMuleba
Karagwe Secondary SchoolKihangaKaragwe
Kyerwa Bright Star Secondary SchoolKakanjaKyerwa
Harvest Mission Secondary SchoolKibetaBukoba Mc

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