Drivers & Security Assistant Job At Search for Common Ground|Ajira Mpya June 2020


Position: Driver & Security Assistant
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania /
Operations & Administration – Africa – Central & East /
Full Time – Local
The role of the Project Driver and Security Assistant is to support the driving and security assessment needs of SFCG’s Tanzania – Swahili Coast Program. This position requires regular travel to project locations to support the implementation of program activities.

Duties & Responsibilities

    • To operate vehicles and equipment safely and responsibly, and obey Tanzania traffic laws;
    • To ensure that all passengers in the vehicle use seat belts, and that no people or animals are transported in the loading area where there are no seats or seat belts;
    • To maintain the office vehicle log book and submit it on a weekly basis to the Finance Officer;
    • To oversee fuel and vehicle maintenance needs and submit related receipts to the Finance Officer;
    • To deliver and collect relevant items as per the needs of the project team, while ensuring all accurate documentation on the content of the items, who requested the transport of the items, who received the items, and obtaining appropriate signatures, using a dispatch book or other documentation of receipt;
    • To keep the office vehicle free from damage, in best possible condition, as well as clean both inside and outside. The field driver must ensure that the vehicle is in proper and safe condition prior to use, and report any damage or mechanical malfunctions in due time prior to use;
    • To manage the logistics of various items while in transport, including loading and unloading, ensuring that the cargo is properly secured to avoid damage;
    • To maintain an excellent driving record, meaning that a valid Tanzania license must be presented at the time of employment, and no more than two violations can exist on an employee’s driving record at any given time. Furthermore, the driver must always drive at a reduced speed through villages and residential areas, and avoid any driving behavior which might be associated negatively with SFCG;
    • To show respect and professionalism when entering the office, the homes, and properties of SFCG personnel without supervision;
    • To perform tasks without direct supervision that may require physical labor, and possibly the use of hand tools, such as the change of tires on the office vehicle when necessary, including in inclement weather conditions;
    • Assists in update and review of the Safety and Security Handbooks and policies.
    • Conducts regular safety checks for all offices and project locations To conduct regular assessments of security incidents in the project target areas, and update the Swahili Coast Director on a weekly basis or more, to ensure that the transport of project staff and/or partners to project locations presents the least risks as possible.
    • Assist the Swahili Coast Director in ensuring that security related assets and supplies are in-place, inventoried, functional and in good state.
    • Assists in ensuring that the necessary measures are in place to ensure security, safety, health, and well-being Search staff, and other visitors; and that security standards and procedures are strictly adhered to
    • Assists in determining security related needs and shares this information with the CIMT
    • Assists in Reporting matters to the CIMT and or Police in case of an emergency whether the police may also request a security assistant to assist them in collecting evidence concerning a crime related to the organization, or to hold suspects in custody until the police arrive.
  • Assists in undertaking investigations of minor issues such as theft and forward the matter to the Director
  • Maintains order during emergency situations such as fires and directs people to exit points. He also fills out required paperwork related to security breaches and workplace injuries and maintains records touching on an organization’s security issues for future reference.

Organization Learning

  • Provides comments and suggestions when deemed necessary to all other activities such as resource mobilization, project conceptualization, fund sourcing, and other provide related strategic endeavors as required of the project.
  • Contribute to organizational learning and enhanced capacity in planned intervention and activities by providing feedback to the team on things and areas that are to be improved
  • Contributes to Search Safety and Security information and knowledge hub
  • As job descriptions cannot be exhaustive, the position holder may be required to undertake other duties that are broadly in line with the above key responsibilities.

Skills & Competences
Minimum Qualifications:
Secondary School Education or equivalent

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

    • At least three (3) years of relevant experience in driving.
    • A valid Tanzania driving license with no more than two violations.
  • Previous experience working with an NGO is considered an asset.
  • Previous experience on a job that requires security analysis is an asset.
  • Dynamic, motivated, and flexible with cultural sensitivity.
  • Willingness to travel to remote areas.
  • competent computer skills including MS Office
  • Internet skills including use of e-mails, group messaging and data collection
  • numeracy and literacy skills
  • Cross-cultural sensitivity.
  • Good attention to detail.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Adaptability and flexibility.
  • Good communications skills essential.
  • Ability to track multiple tasks simultaneously.

Behavioral Competencies

  • Working with People: The ability to respect the views and contributions of other team members; shows empathy, listens, supports; consults others and shares information and expertise, builds team spirit and adapts to the team.
  • Flexibility: The ability to adapt to changing circumstances and priorities, to tolerate ambiguity, to adapt personal style to different people and situations.
  • Relationship Management: The ability to manage interactions, to provide service and to support the organization while building an effective internal and external network.
  • Communication: The ability to effectively exchange information with others, to effectively deliver critical information, to gather information and communicate with others.
  • Global and Cultural Effectiveness: The ability to value and consider the perspectives and backgrounds of all parties and be able to work cross-culturally.
  • Ethical Practice: The ability to integrate Search vision, mission and core values, integrity and accountability throughout all organizational and business practices.
  • Business Acumen: The ability to understand and apply information to contribute to the organization’s strategic plan.

Vacancy will be closed on Friday June 19, 2020
As job descriptions cannot be exhaustive, the position holder may be required to undertake other duties that are broadly in line with the above key responsibilities.


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