Best Betting Companies in Kenya

Best Betting Companies in Kenya


Best Betting Companies in Kenya

Best Betting Companies in Kenya What are the betting companies in Kenya? How can I choose the best bookie who is best suited to my needs? Where can I play safely and get a big welcome bonus?

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Once everything was more accessible, you went to the betting centre, and you played. Now instead, too much choice.

Sports betting is an old practice. It is so old that traces of it can be found in ancient Greece where Olympics were held or in the Roman Empire where people will bet on gladiators in the fighting arenas.

Since then, the betting industry has undergone a tremendous amount of changes and evolution over the years. These changes have been attributed to more or less restrictive regulations that characterized the historical period. They have often been dictated instead by the habits and desires of the bettors themselves. One good betting website and prediction website is SoccerVista.

It is coupled with specific ideas and suggestions for betting in particular sports. You will, therefore, find the answer to which is the best betting companies in Kenya for football, tennis, virtual football and much more.

For this reason, without wasting more time, let’s show you the betting sites selected by us that represent the top in the Kenyan market. These companies offer the right compromise of bonuses, programming, and quality of service.

If you are passionate about a particular sport, you will find our in-depth analysis dedicated to betting for football and basketball, in the post below.

Best Betting Companies in Kenya

Here is the full list of all betting sites in Kenya

1. Betway Kenya

Currently number one betting site n Kenya. Betway is a global online company that has a keen interest in the bets and gambling industry. The company offers free bets in terms of promotions which run almost every day.

In addition to that, you get a 50% bonus on your first deposit. You also get rewards every time you play multi-bet. See terms and conditions on the website.

Betway accepts both Mpesa and Airtel deposit. It is the only site that has withstood the stringent legislation offered by the Kenyan Government.

Just like Sportpesa, the betting site supports Jackpot and live in-play games.


Brand Overview

Bangbet distinguishes itself in the online gaming and betting domain with unique offerings. Its football betting odds are unmatched, spanning diverse leagues from prominent to niche, ensuring optimal value for bettors.

The addition of a seamless registration process for in-play betting intensifies real-time engagement. Beyond traditional betting, Bangbet’s innovative prediction mode lets users forecast game outcomes, turning insights into potential commissions. While football is a major attraction, the platform’s wide-ranging sports events, from basketball to eSports, cater to a broader audience.

Online casino enthusiasts aren’t left behind, with Bangbet offering an extensive array of classic and contemporary games. The brand’s commitment to these core features positions it as a top choice for those seeking a holistic and engaging online gaming and betting experience.

3. Betika

Moving on, Betika allows you to be with as little as Ksh 3. They offer a deposit cashback bonus (You get the Mpesa pay bill charges as your bonus when you make a deposit). You are also given Ksh 25 if you’re a new customer.

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4. BetLion

BetLion is maybe perhaps the most significant free bets provider in Kenya. Their Jackpots go as high as Ksh 15,000,000 and you get a 50% return on money on your first deposit.

The site even has a page dedicated specifically to bonuses, promotions, offers, and promo codes that are redeemable as bonuses.

UPDATE: The company pulled out of the Kenyan market due to strict legislation.

5. 22Bet

I didn’t know 22Bet until recently when a friend introduced me to it. At first, I thought it was a local website then, and I found out its just global like Betway. The site runs numerous but time-based promotions from time to time.

The best part is that the site has exclusive bonuses of up to Ksh 18,000. Free bets are offered in terms of bonuses for multi bets only.


6. OdiBets

OdiBets pride themselves as the best site offering free bets odds. The best thing about them is that there are no fees and minimum bets. This means that you can bet with as little as Ksh 30. Yes, I mean five bobs, what type of free do you want.


mCHEZA offers free bets based on referrals; this means that you have to introduce a friend to their website for you to collect your free bet. They also offer bonuses on multi bets.

Mcheza accepts Mpesa deposit only.

8. Mozzartbet

Next, we take a look at Mozzart another free bet site that supports live bets, virtual games, Jackpots among other promotions. The midweek bonus is redeemable if you happen to lose a single match on a multi of five.

In brief, that is all we can get for now about list of betting companies in Kenya. However, this list is not yet complete. Keep checking on our sites for feature updates to this post.

9. Sportpesa

Sportpesa is the biggest and the first online betting sites in Kenya to be launched in. The site supports all types of online games, including cricket and ice hockey. It has two kinds of jackpots held weekly.

Due to GOK legislation and tax compliance laws, Sportpesa withdrew its services in Kenya. However, there are high hopes that the betting site in Kenya will return


10. Betin Kenya

Betin Kenya was launched to counter Sportpesa and also to meet the growing need and desire for sports gambling. The site also offers casino and virtual betting.

Betin pulled out of the beating sites in Kenya due to stringent legislation introduced by the Kenyan government. Its return into the Kenyan sphere is still unknown

Other betting companies in Kenya, include;

  1. Psalmsbet
  2. Helabet
  3. M-bet

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