Aga Khan University AKU Online application -How to Apply AKU

Aga khan University (AKU) Online Admission System - How to Apply Aga khan University


Aga khan University (AKU) Online Admission System – How to Apply Aga khan University


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Aga khan University (AKU) Online Admission System – How to Apply Aga khan University This Article is Full of Information and Details concern Process And Procedures on How to Apply Aga khan University (AKU) , starting from How to Apply AKU ,Aga khan University (AKU)  Application fees,List of courses offered ,AKU Admission forms Thanks to choose Ajiraforum keep in touch on Jinsi ya kuomba kujiunga kusoma chuo kikuu Aga khan University.

How to Apply for Admission at the Aga Khan University

The long-awaited application forms for the Aga Khan University (AKU) are finally online. Interested candidates can now access these digital application forms in preparation for admissions. The institution welcomes all qualified candidates to enroll for the different undergraduate programs while the portal is still open.

The candidates must know that, the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) has already declared the minimum entry requirements for admissions as well as the application procedure for the Aga Khan University (AKU). Surprisingly, many potential applicants are still experiencing hardships with AKU online application system even as the deadline approaches soon.

For the November  intake, one is required to submit an application before the deadline. Here are the important things to consider, for one to apply online VIA Aga Khan University AKU Online application system.

  • Choose a study program you want to study
  • Make sure you meet all minimum requirements
  • Go to the AKU online application System and make your application

Online application Procedures – AKU online application System

First things first, confirm that you have all the documents that are required by the institution. Remember that your application will be turned down automatically in the event that you accidentally fail to present all the necessary documents. You can now submit your application at the AKU portal using the following procedure.

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Start your application by creating a personal account with AKU Admission portal before selecting a course and submitting your form. Ensure you meet AKU application requirements, which are:

  • A valid email address
  • An active phone number
  • Payment receipt number

Registration and AKU login process. If you are already registered at the AKU -admission portal, you can now proceed with your application by first logging into the website. Provide your username, password for successful login to send your application or check your admission status or reapply. After submitting your application, wait for AKU to verify your application.




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