5 Common Insurance Interview Questions & Answers

Common Insurance Interview Questions & Answers


Common Insurance Interview Questions & Answers

Common Insurance Interview Questions & Answers Finally Your In Ajiraforum.com Here you will Gain How to win Your Insurance Interview Questions through Questions,Tips And Tricks Frequently Asked in Job interview This Article Includes Oral Interview Questions ,Written ,Practical This May includes Body Language.


You pored over your résumé to dot every “i,” so do not make the mistake of walking into your interview unprepared. Although it is true that you cannot predict exactly what the interviewer will ask, you can come in with a full arsenal of ideas if you have spent some time reviewing potential questions. You certainly should consider answers to general questions such as, “What can you tell me about yourself?” However, you should also be ready for industry-specific questions that the interviewer will ask to gauge your qualifications and see how you might fit into the company. Take a look at these five insurance interview questions and some sample answers to get ready to make the best possible impression on your big day.

5 Insurance Interview Questions & Answers

1. How can you contribute to the sales team?

When I first started working in insurance, cold calling was one of the most difficult aspects of the job because engaging people over the phone can be challenging. However, I worked closely with more experienced teammates to learn an effective sales pattern. Specifically, I learned not to lead with a sales pitch but to describe the benefits of insurance as a safety net when disaster strikes.

I also learned to strike up a conversation with potential clients, build rapport and listen to their concerns. That way I could tailor my approach and the package I offered to meet their needs. I have found these tactics to be very effective for making sales and building a loyal customer base, and I look forward to bringing these skills to your team.

2. In your position, you may end up working with potential clients who are skeptical about an insurance policy. What is your method for addressing negative reactions?

Hearing “no” for an answer is inevitable in insurance, and I view such scenarios as opportunities to learn about people’s interests and apprehensions. Above all, I strive to maintain a positive relationship with potential clients. Even if an individual initially is disinterested in buying an insurance policy, I have learned that if I strike up a conversation, I can encourage the person to discuss his or her concerns. Then, I can adjust my offer to make it more appealing. My sales approach means that even if some people choose not to sign up for a particular policy during the first conversation, they will remember their experiences with me in a favorable light and may come to my company in the future.

3. What are your strategies for maintaining a positive, trust-based relationship with customers?

I create and sustain positive relationships with customers by maintaining open lines of communication. If clients have questions or problems, I make a point of following up and providing well-researched answers. I view it as my duty to demonstrate integrity in all of my sales. I seek to answer questions honestly and solve problems rather than offer misleading misinformation. I uphold client trust by maintaining confidentiality. I do not reveal sensitive or personal information to other clients, coworkers, friends or family, and I consider silence to be the better part of discretion.

4. We expect you to maintain proper certification and participate in ongoing training. How will you stay up to date with certification requirements?

Currently, I hold a state license as an insurance provider, and I also have gained my Associate in General Insurance designation. I am always interested in improving my insurance practice, so I participate in training programs and continuing education whenever I can.

5. What are your professional goals with our company?

I first found a job in insurance partly because it was a booming industry in which I could network and work closely with a wide variety of people and offer an essential service to customers. I want to bring that passion to your company, where I hope to be in a position to grow over time and gain more experience in the insurance field. I want to put my marketing skills to use to support the company and increase your base of loyal customers. It is important to me to be a part of a supportive, forward-thinking team.


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