4 Job Opportunities at SHDEPHA+ Mbarali- Community HTS Counsellors

Nafasi 4 za kazi SHDEPHA+ Mbarali- Community HTS Counsellors


Nafasi 4 za kazi SHDEPHA+ Mbarali- Community HTS Counsellors


Community HTS Counsellors
(4 post)
SHDEPHA+ Mbarali is a non – governmental organization and a branch of national network of SHDEPHA+ Tanzania. The headquarters of the organization are situated in Dar es Salaam. However, SHDEPHA+ Mbarali was established in Mbarali District in 2005 and legally registered under the society ordinance act 1954 and certified with a certificate number SO.NO 8216. Its office is situated at Rujewa Township Authority premises.

SHDEPHA+ MBARALI works in Mbarali district to support implementation of HIV prevention, Community Based HIV/AIDS Services (CBHS), HIV Testing and Counseling Services (HTS) and Gender based Violence and Violence against children (GBV/VAC) in Mbarali District.

Through funding from Southern Highland Walter Reed Program (WRP) the organization seeks to recruit dedicate and qualified candidates for the following position:-

Job Title: Community HTS Counsellors (4 post)

Station: Mbarali District

Reporting to: HTS Focal and Program Coordinator

Contract: 1 year contract and will be renewed depending on the employee performance

Job Summary:

Reporting to the HTS Focal Person, the HTS Counsellor will be responsible for the provision of HIV testing, counselling for key populations, linkage of HIV positive to care and treatment. In addition, s/he will oversee the quality of implementation of HIV testing and counselling services as well as accurate documentation.

Duties and responsibilities:


  • Ensure quality HIV Testing Services (HTS) are provided as per the National Algorithm and as per HTS national guidelines
  • Provide assisted partner notification services for all index clients
  • Offer first adherence counselling services to newly positive clients before referral to care and treatment
  • Provide health education to clients as a strategy to increase demand for HIV testing services
  • Provide counselling services addressing HIV prevention including risk reduction interventions and behavior change, use of ART for HIV prevention etc.
  • Conduct risk screening for HTS clients and provide prevention services for the HIV negative clients including PrEP and distribute condoms to the community
  • Ensure confirmed linkage (target of 95%) of HIV positive clients.
  • Conduct defaulter tracing of pre-enrollment clients not linked to care in supported facilities
  • Assess and document all referrals, make follow-up and report on referral outcomes
  • Compile and submit Daily, Weekly and Monthly HTS reports
  • Participate in the site HTS QA/QC processes i.e. Proficiency testing, direct observed practice sessions, support supervision.
  • Conduct CQI activities to improve gaps identified based on data.
  • Ensure monthly forecasting, quantification and reporting of Rapid Test Kits (RTKs) and HIV self-testing kits is done according to the guidelines and raise a 1-month early warning alert for expected RTK shortage.
  • Support and spearhead promotion of HTS services and innovations aimed at increasing access to HTS service provision e.g. Assisted partner notification services (aPNS), Social Network testing,PP and KP HIV Testing
  • Participate in EQA activities (proficiency testing and observed practice) documented and available at the facility level
  • Support the M&E framework (Maintenance of HTS registers,) to ensure accurate data entry and timely reporting
  • Conduct targeted outreaches
  • Any other duties which may be assigned by the Supervisor from time to time


Required qualifications:


  • Diploma in Nursing, Lab technician, or other related fields with Counselling Certificate
  • Two years’ experience in HTS. Community HIV Testing and Counselling is added advantage
  • Proficiency in computer packages like MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint
  • Data analysis and interpretation skills


Cover letter and resume should be sent by to, Program Director, P.O Box 179, Rujewa or sent through email [email protected]


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