2 Inventory Officers Job At AzamPay April 2021

2 Job Opportunities at AzamPay-Inventory Officers April 2021


2 Job Opportunities at AzamPay-Inventory Officers April 2021

Inventory Officers (2 positions)

2 Job Opportunities at AzamPay-Inventory Officers April 2021 AzamPay was founded in 2016 and is a Tanzania-based digital commerce company developing a series of products for the East African market.

The company was formed in partnership with the Azam Group of companies and seeks to leverage the Azam brand and presence in East Africa for the purposes of creating value through technology-enabled products and services that can benefit businesses and consumers across the region.

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The company believes….

A focus on customer service and value in combination with technology that is locally tested and developed can significantly improve the commercial operating environment in East Africa, unlocking tremendous value for local economies. AzamPay is focused on ensuring its approach is rooted in the specific business needs of local communities and is sensitive to expanding access to its services for those who do not have them.

East Africa as a region will experience tremendous growth over the next 30 years and AzamPay recognizes an opportunity to support the formalization of the economy through digital innovation that creates efficiency, transparency, value and trust across commercial actors.

Inventory Officers (2 positions)

Workplace: Dar es salaam, Tanzania


  • Diploma/Degree in Accounting, Logistics, Supply Chain or related field
  • 2 years experience in inventory management;
  • Excellent numerical and organization skills



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