Friday, January 6, 2023


TAKADINI is a swahili novel that stresses on how people with albinism suffers an impact of cultural believes and incur a great discrimination in their society.

One thing I like about Takadini is its openness, as it is both a teenage tale of determination and a social story of tolerance. In having to accommodate difference, one finds trouble first in oneself, then in loved ones, and of course the waves expand and swell from there. Choosing defiance leads potentially to isolation, or happiness. The future of the community can be influenced by the antagonism of different character traits (the elders) or by the authority of power or tradition. In all cases, we must have the courage of choice and of accepting the consequences to their natural end, even years in the future, no matter how surprising or revolting (so, moral integrity). The story of Takadini is otherwise simple enough, the boy being the unwanted center of attention, passively attracting allies and foes, always there but unable to impose himself. I regretted how Sekai fades into the background. In the end, it takes another act of defiance to close the circle, but even then, we indeed see how letting things roll doesn’t really lead to full resolution and acceptance



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