Susan Stafford Net Worth :Biography,Age,Wheel of Fortune Show

Susan Stafford Net Worth :Biography,Age,Wheel of Fortune Show


Susan Stafford Net Worth :Biography,Age,Wheel of Fortune Show

Susan Stafford Net Worth:Biography,Age,Wheel of Fortune Show Susan Stafford was born on October 13, 1945, in Lynn, Massachusetts. Her journey into the entertainment industry began with a passion for acting, leading her to the bright lights of Hollywood. Stafford’s early career included roles in television shows like “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” and “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.” Little did she know that her path would soon intersect with a game show that would change her life forever.

Susan Stafford Net Worth :Biography,Age,Wheel of Fortune Show
Susan Stafford Net Worth :Biography,Age,Wheel of Fortune Show

What is Susan Stafford’s Net Worth?

Susan Stafford is a former American model, actress, and television host who was most prominent during the 1970s and 1980s when she was the original daytime hostess of the game show “Wheel of Fortune.” She later went on to earn a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and returned to television to occasionally appear on game shows.

Early Career

Stafford first began landing acting gigs in the 1970s. In 1970, she was cast in an episode of “Bracken’s World.” A couple years later, in 1972, she appeared in an episode of “Ironside.” She also was cast in two episodes of “Love, American Style” between 1972 and 1973. In 1973, she appeared in the television film “Incident on a Dark Street” as Monica Forbes. In 1975, she appeared in an episode of the television series “Marcus Welby, M.D.” In 1976, she was cast in one episode of “Ellery Queen.” The same year, she appeared in an episode of “Debbie.”

Wheel of Fortune Show

Susan Stafford’s most notable onscreen role was in the game show “Wheel of Fortune.” She was hired to be the co-host in 1975 when the show first premiered and was hosted by Chuck Woolery. Pat Sajak replaced Woolery in 1981.

Susan remained on the show from 1975 until 1982 when she decided to leave. She left on her own volition when her contract was up for renewal, as she wanted to take her life and career in a different direction. Stafford was the first woman ever to be nominated for an Emmy Award on a game show. Susan was replaced by Vanna White, who has remained on the show ever since. Vanna White’s salary for many years, up until 2023, was $3 million. After Sajak announced his departure from the show in mid-2023, Vanna demanded and received a significant raise to her current $10 million salary.

Susan was asked to be a model on “The Price is Right” to replace model Anitra Ford, who left the show, in 1976. However, she ultimately decided she wanted to devote her life to other endeavors.


Ph.D and Later Work

After Stafford left “Wheel of Fortune,” she worked for one year as a chaplain intern in Houston at a research hospital. She also got into documentary work, co-hosting a number of documentaries on the topic of leprosy alongside Surgeon General C. Everett Koop. Stafford also decided to pursue her education. She was accepted into Antioch University and earned her bachelor’s degree in nutrition. She went on to pursue her master’s degree in clinical psychology at the same school before enrolling at Pacific Western University to earn a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

While working on her Ph.D., Stafford also returned to television in 1986 to fill in for Vanna White on “Wheel of Fortune” after White’s then-boyfriend died. In 1988, she also hosted “Alive,” a show that aired on the Christian Broadcasting Network and later went into syndication. However, the main focus of her life was in psychology and missionary work. She worked as a motivational speaker and chaplain in various locations abroad. She also founded the nonprofit, Wheel of Grace Unlimited. She later started the Susan Stafford Foundation and also worked with Friends of the United Nations. She focused much of her philanthropy and advocacy work on human trafficking, patient advocacy, and ecology issues.

In 2003, Stafford made her first game show appearance since “Wheel of Fortune” when she appeared on “Hollywood Squares.” In 2005, a Golden Palm Star on the Walk of Stars in Palm Springs, California was dedicated to Stafford. In 2011, Stafford published her first book, “Stop the Wheel, I Want to Get Off.”

Personal Life

In 1973, Stafford married radio pioneer Gordon McLendon. They divorced in 1975. She then began dating Dick Ebersol of “NBC Sports” and “Saturday Night Live.” They married in 1976 on a beach in Malibu. Their wedding was attended by a number of notable SNL cast members like John Belushi and Chevy Chase and SNL producer Lorne Michaels. After Stafford said “I do,” Chase threw her into the ocean as a joke.

However, 18 months later, the couple decided to part ways. They had their marriage annulled in 1981. A couple years later, Stafford fell in love with game show producer Dan Enright. He was 28 years her senior. They never married but were in a relationship from 1983 until 1992 when Enright died of cancer. Stafford currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What Happened to Susan Stafford?

Susan grew up competing in beauty pageants and later moved to Hollywood to kickstart her acting career. She served as the Wheel of Fortune cohost from 1975 to 1982. Vanna officially took over the role immediately following Susan’s departure from the show and has been there ever since. She marked her 40th anniversary of being on Wheel of Fortune in December 2022.

Why Did Susan Stafford Leave ‘Wheel of Fortune’?

Susan stepped away from Wheel of Fortune to focus on some of her other passions.

“I mean, for seven years I stood there and turned letters,” she told The Chicago Tribune in February 1987. ”I had to ask myself if that was any way for a grown woman to live her life.”

After leaving the program, the TV personality began working as a pastoral care educator and studied psychology. Susan left Wheel of Fortune with no regrets.

”I’ve never felt nostalgic,” she admitted. ”I’m surprised that they haven’t changed the format. Actually, when I’ve watched the show, I have felt a sort of relief. Relief that I don’t have to do that anymore.”

Where Is Susan Stafford Now?

Decades after her time on Wheel of Fortune came to an end, Susan has continued to dedicate her life to philanthropic work. The Hollywood Squares alum currently hosts a podcast called Out of the Box With Susan Stafford where she discusses an array of topics with celebrity guests and health professionals.

What Happened to Wheel of Fortune's Susan Stafford?
What Happened to Wheel of Fortune’s Susan Stafford?

In 2010, Susan released a memoir full of revelations called Stop the Wheel, I Want to Get Off! 

“I was given a lot of attention as one of the highest-paid game show ladies; however, the recognition was only good for so long,” the Alive host wrote about her decision to leave Wheel of Fortune. “I learned to be all things to all people to such an extent that I pushed the ‘real me’ down. It’s like when a wastepaper basket is already full, and we keep stuffing the paper down instead of emptying and starting fresh. That’s a good example of what I was doing. I needed a fresh start.”