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National consultants  

Final eval Decent work in the tobacco sector in Zambia and Tanzania: team leader home-based and national consultants

The Evaluation Office of the International Labour Organisation (ILO/ILO-EVAL) is seeking expressions of interest from a) a team leader (home-based) and b) two team members (one in Zambia and one in Tanzania) to conduct an independent final evaluation of the project “Addressing Decent Work Deficits in the Tobacco Sector of Zambia and Tanzania Project (DWiT)”

Applications for a team or individual positions are welcome.

Application deadline: 15 July 2020

Type of contract: External Collaboration Contract or Service Contract (individual or a firm)

Expected duration: The total duration of the evaluation process is estimated to be 26 working days for the team leader and 16 working days for each team member (one in Zambia and one in Tanzania) between end-July-September ( with the field work to take place in August).

Profile of the evaluator:

The evaluation team leader should have the following qualifications:

  • Master degree in Business Management, Social Sciences, Economics or related graduate qualifications
  • A minimum of 7- 10 years of professional experience specifically in evaluating international development initiatives in the areas of skills, employment, decent work and child labour issues and rights-based approaches in the normative framework and operational dimensions, policy and management of development programmes, preferably in Africa.
  • Demonstrated expertise and capability in assessing UN programmes, preferably international and national development frameworks such as PRSP and UNDAF.
  • Proven experience with logical framework approaches and other strategic planning approaches, M&E methods and approaches (including quantitative, qualitative and participatory), information analysis and report writing.
  • Understanding of the development context of the programme region would be an asset.
  • Excellent communication and interview skills in English.
  • Experience facilitating workshops for evaluation findings.
  • The evaluation team members: one in Tanzania and one in Zambia should have the following qualifications:
  1. University Degree with minimum of 5-7 years of experience in project /programme evaluation.
  2. Proven skills and experience in undertaking evaluations of similar projects as evaluation team member in the areas of skills, employment, decent work and child labour issues and rights-based approaches in the normative framework and operational dimensions, policy and management of development programmes
  3. Strong background in development issues;
  4. Extensive knowledge of, and experience in applying, qualitative and quantitative research methodologies;
  5. Experience in direct and participatory community-based observation, and experience in participative evaluation techniques would be an asset;
  6. Excellent analytical skills and communication skills;
  7. Demonstrated excellent communication and interview skills in English (and local languages will be an asset).

How to apply

Candidates intending to submit an expression of interest must supply the following information, indicting for which position (s) is /are applying:

  • A description of how the candidates’ skills, qualifications and experience are relevant to the required qualifications of this assignment specifically per position (maximum 2 pages).
  • A list of previous evaluations that are relevant to the context and subject matter of this assignment, indicating the role played by the consultant(s) applying (they can be highlighted in the CV).
  • A statement confirming their availability to conduct this assignment and the daily professional fee expressed in US dollars (indicating fees received for similar assignments in the last 2 years as a reference).
  • A copy of the candidate’s curriculum vitae.
  • A statement confirming that the candidates have no previous involvement in the implementation and delivery of the project to be evaluated or a personal relationship with any ILO Officials who are engaged in the project.
  • The names of two referees (including phone and email) who can be contacted.
  • Two reports in which the evaluator has played the role that he/she is applying (team leader or team member).

The deadline to submit expression of interest for undertaking the evaluation is by 15 July 2020. Please send an e-mail with the subject header “Evaluation of RAF/17/05/FIN” to the Evaluation Manager Benson Mangeni and copying Ricardo Furman ([email protected]).


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