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 Abacus Pharma (A) Ltd, General Manager- Commercial

General Manager- Commercial 

The General Manager (“GM”) is responsible for leading the development and execution of the Company’s long term strategy with a view to creating shareholder value. The GM acts as a direct liaison between the Board and management of the Company and communicates to the Board on behalf of management.

Job Description

Board of Directors:

1. The GM is responsible for ensuring that the Board of Directors has all the information necessary to properly exercise its responsibilities. He/she reports to the Board on a timely basis, on all relevant information regarding the company’s operations, and develops and presents alternatives and recommends courses of action to the Board for its consideration.

Community and Stakeholder Relations:

1. The GM is responsible for establishing and maintaining positive and productive relationships with the media, industry representatives, government organizations and communities, including national and international stakeholders. In this capacity, the GM serves as primary spokesperson for the organization and promotes collaborative cooperation towards achieving a collective vision of prosperity in Abacus Pharma Limited (APL).

2. The GM is expected to exercise influence and persuasion in the face of divergent objectives and may be called upon to communicate negative or unpopular decisions.

Strategic and Operational Planning:

1. In collaboration with senior management and appropriate stakeholders, the GM formulates and recommends to the Board of Directors the Annual Strategic Plan. In accordance with Guidelines put in place, the plan identifies priority issues strategies the company will focus on and activity plan indicating how they will be achieved.

2. The GM presents operating and capital expenditure budgets to the Board for approval, and has overall accountability for achieving the Board’s objectives.

Corporate Organization:

1. The GM develops, maintains an effective and innovative organizational structure based on achieving performance objectives that reflect the industry and market requirements.

2. The GM prescribes the authority and delegated responsibilities to the senior management team and develops an annual list of performance objectives.

3. In addition to running an effective and efficient organization, the GM is expected to address emerging issues that impact the future design/direction of the Company. Hence, approves any changes in the Company’s structures.

Corporate Policy:

1. The GM ensures the development of, and adherence to, operating policies, systems, procedures and practices that meet statutory obligations and the laws of the Country. Ensure that the Company has appropriate systems to enable it to conduct its activities both lawfully and ethically;

2. Ensure that the Company maintains high quality service and standards of corporate citizenship and social responsibility wherever it does business.

Financial Management:

1. The GM oversees the management of business expenditure and revenue generation.

2. In collaboration with senior management and the Financial Controller, the GM develops an annual budget prepared in the context of the company’s strategic plan with recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval.

3. The GM ensures the efficient utilization of financial resources within established policies of the Company, making appropriate and timely financial and management decisions. The incumbent is responsible for ensuring the use of an effective financial performance measurement system, proper internal audits, financial management & record-keeping and administrative systems.

Leadership of Human Resources:

1. The GM is responsible for managing the company’s compensation plan, particularly in terms of periodic increments and approval of changes in the compensation strategy.

2. The incumbent leads staff in their achievement of business objectives with integrity, fairness and transparency. Providing strong and effective leadership to all employees, the incumbent creates an environment which attracts and retains appropriate talents.

3. Providing leadership to the senior management team, the GM ensures that the workplace is safe and that all staff are motivated, guided and directed to contribute fully to realizing the company’s mission, vision, goals and objectives.

4. Stay abreast with all material undertakings and activities of the Company and external factors affecting the Company to ensure that processes and systems are in place.

5. Ensure compliance with internally established control systems and authorities.

Resource Acquisition, Allocation and Utilization:

1. The GM identifies opportunities and proposes new methods of improving existing operations with a focus on bottom-line results. The incumbent fosters the search for new approaches to conducting business.

Business and Economic Environment:

1. The GM keeps up-to-date with the business, industry, competitor information and economic climate in which the company and its stakeholders operate.

2. The incumbent prepares the company to meet the challenges presented by new trends and developments in the market.

3. The GM utilizes a business orientation and marketing demeanor to bring concepts, services and cooperative business models to the marketplace.


1. The GM ensures the effective communication of the company’s strategies, objectives and performances to create a positive company profile. The incumbent develops, maintains positive and productive relationships with stakeholders.


  • Technical & strategic planning skills.
  • Decision Making Skills.
  • Negotiation & customer marketing skills.
  • High business and financial acumen.
  • Excellent Communication Skills

Behavioral / Attitude Competencies:

  • Interpersonal & leadership skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Building skills
  • Cooperation


Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Business Administration, BSC Pharmaceuticals, BA Management or projects.
7-10 years of corporate managerial experience.
ICPM (Institute of Certified Professional Managers) certification preferred.

How to Apply
Qualified candidates should forward their application with a cover letter and a detailed
CV through [email protected]

Only short-listed applicants will be contacted for interview


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