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Matric 2022 Exam Registration Requirements

Matric 2022 Exam Registration Requirements Read here

Register for Matric 2022 Exams

Matric 2022 Exam Registration Requirements Read here There are two methods you can use to register for your exams. You can register online which only opens November 3, 2020 and closes February 28, 2022.

Or you could register manually at your education district office. Manual registrations have already opened and only close March 12, 2022.

When Will the Exam Take Place?

The matric Senior Certificate exams will take place in May/June in 2021. Your exam will be written in a designated exam centre which will be determined by your Provincial Education Department. Don’t let that distract you, focus on acing your exams.

Pass Requirements

This is your second chance so you don’t want to mess it up. Here are the pass requirements you should work towards achieving while hitting the books.

  • Receive a 40% pass for three subjects, one being your official home language.
  • Pass two subjects with a 30% pass rate, one being an additional first language or your home language.
  • Receive a minimum of 20% for your sixth subject.

Online Registration Guidelines

When registering online, please have patience as there are many students attempting to register as well. Your application might take longer than expected.

If your application times out, try and sign in again, you will get through.

  • Register your account on https://www.eservices.gov.za
  • Go to matric services and start a new registration
  • Upload a copy of your original ID and highest grade passed report. All documents have to be certified.

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After Registration

Once your application has been accepted by the Department of Education, you will be given a form with your exam venue on it.

You should then download the form and take it to the venue and enquire about any exam fees that need to be paid.

Preparing for Your Exam

With your registration dates and requirements out the way. It’s time to zone in on your studies. Your exams may only be next year, but it’s always better to get started sooner rather than later.

The Department of Education has provided you with some great tools to use during your study sessions.

Matric 2022 Exam Registration Requirements

The Matric 2022 exams aren’t just for learners who missed an exam during their finals.It’s for adults matric learners too! This is your opportunity to boost your career and knock off one thing on your bucket list. Take a look at the requirements you need to meet:

Adult Learners who are 21 years or older: 

  • Have a grade 9 school report, stating that you have passed
  • Already have a qualification but want a matric upgrade
  • Have an incomplete National Senior Certificate
  • Have an incomplete Senior Certificate qualification

Exceptional Case: 

If you are 18-21 years and couldn’t  write your exam during your matric finals. You will need a certified letter from the Provincial Education Department, stating that it was circumstance beyond your control.

Grab Your Second Chance by the Horns

Take full advantage of the second chance you have been given. Once you have completed your Senior Certificate, take a look at our nated distance learning course that can kick-start your career. Contact one of our course experts today.

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