In this Interested Articles you will learn Jinsi ya kupata pesa kupitia Facebook Use social media in positive way start making  money on facebook Tengeneza kipato kupitia facebook

Pages and accounts that share content with their audience on Facebook are an important part of our ecosystem, adding value for both our community and our advertisers. We build monetisation tools to help these individuals and organisations generate meaningful, reliable revenue that’s sustainable over time.

Monetisation eligibility requirements apply to any Facebook tools that allow you to make money from your content.

Your monetisation eligibility can be affected by a combination of factors, but Creator Studio gives you a quick way to keep track of your eligibility status. To check your status and learn how to apply:

  1. Go to Facebook section in Creator Studio.
  2. Select the Monetisation tab, then click Overview.

Ways to monetise on Facebook

There are a few different ways you can monetise content on Facebook:

Include ads in your videos.

In-stream ads help you earn money by including short ads before, during or after your videos. We automatically identify natural breaks in your content to place your ads, or you can choose your own placements. Your earnings are determined by things such as number of video views and who the advertisers are.

  • Longer videos
  • Content that is suitable for advertisers

Get started in Creator Studio’s monetisation overview

The Overview section under the Monetisation tab in Creator Studio is your one-stop shop for everything monetisation. You’ll see some or all of the following sections, depending on the monetisation tools that you’re using and on your eligibility.


Check your eligibility.

Easily see which Pages can earn money and get details if something is wrong.

Get guidance.

Learn what you can do to improve your performance and get tips on what to do next.

Explore opportunities.

See info on new monetisation tools and learn how to get access.

Stay up to date.

Monitor your performance and get an overview of key metrics across your monetisation products.

Creator Studio Facebook content library

You manage a fitness Page that publishes three new videos a week. About 75% of them are over three minutes. Each of the videos typically receives 30,000-50,000 views, so you’re feeling confident that it’s a good time to start monetising your Page.

Which monetisation tool would be a good option for your Page?