HESLB  Second Loan Beneficiaries 2022/2023 |Wanafunzi Waliopata Mkopo Awamu ya pili  2023/2024

HESLB  Second Loan Beneficiaries 2023/2024 |Wanafunzi Waliopata Mkopo Awamu ya pili 2023/2024 Heslb loan Allocation 2022 pdf The Announcement of students Loan Allocation is On hand of Higher Education Student Loan Board (HESLB) Only one month After closing window of Applications

All students or parent they are supposed to visit Official website of Higher Education Students Loan Board www.heslb.go.tz or to login their Application Account to check for their Loan status


Which Qualifications Used by Heslb to Allocate Loans?|Loan Eligibility

  • Must be Tanzanian (either from mainland or island)
  • Wish to Join Public or private University in Tanzania
  • Either full Orphan(Lost both parents) or partial orphan and Must Approved by RITA
  • Disabled and must possess Certification from Certified Medical officer
  • Disabled parents and also Need certification Approval
  • Coming from Low income Family

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How To Check Loan Allocations Status of Academi year 2021/2022

All students selected to join Different Universities in Tanzania and who Applied for Loan to sponsor their Higher Learning Education Advised to use Official website of Higher Education Students Loan (HESLB) www.heslb.go.tz or to use their OLAS Account to log in to check their Allocation status


What to Do if your not Allocated in Current Batch?

If you don’t find your name in list of Allocated students  Don’t worry Higher Education Students Loan (HESLB) they have Tendency to Release Names in series of Batches there Batch one up to Batch four and if in All number of Batches still your not Allocated the Last option is to Wait for Appeal window in order to Re Apply Never Give up in Trying your Luck