Invitation for Bid/Tender at CRDB Bank Plc – Supply Of Branded Staff Uniforms For CRDB Banks Staffs | Deadline: 08th May, 2020


Job Title: Supply Of Branded Staff Uniforms For CRDB Banks Staff

  1. CRDB Bank Pic is an African bank and a leading Financial Services Provider in Tanzania with current presence in Tanzania and Burundi, East Africa.The Bank was established in 1996 and was listed on the Dar Es Salaam Stock exchange (DSE) in June 2009. Over the years, CRDB Bank has grown to become the most innovative and preferred financial services partner in the region. Supported by a robust portfolio and uniquely tailored products, CRDB Bank remains the most responsive bank in the region
  2. CRDB Bank Pic. has set funds for year 2020, towards the cost of suppling staff uniforms. It is intended that part of these funds will be applied to eligible payments under contract for Supplying Staff Uniform for CRDB Banks’ Staff across the branch network;
  3. The CRDB Bank Pic. Management Tender Committee now invites all eligible, qualified and competent vendors to submit their applications for expression of interest for supplying Staff Uniform to all Staff across the Branch network;
  4. The Selection of eligible and qualified Staff Uniform Companies will be conducted through Open Competitive Tendering Procedures as specified in the CRDB Bank Pic. Procurement Policy and Procedures.The selected vendor will be required to go around all branches across the country for taking measurements, thereafter do production, sorting, packing and deliver to individual staff in all branches;
  5. This is not a request for proposals (RFP), henceforth after a review of the submitted applications for the expression of interest, a shortlist will be prepared. Shortlisted vendors will be invited to submit their technical and financial proposals through a request for proposal document which will be shared;
  6. The selection Criteria shall involve 2 stages (Legal registration/compliance and Capabilities);
  • Legal Registration/Compliance:Possession of registration certificate from relevant authorities, business license, company certificate of incorporation,TIN,VAT Registration;
  • The company must have not less than five years’ experience in the relevant field;
  • Current physical location (which will be inspected for verification); that is a valid right of occupancy of office premises or lease contract;
  • Submission of power of attorney document;
  • Submission of certified declaration on Litigation information regarding your firm.
  • Company’s Capabilities and Proposed Methodology:
  • Indicate the proposed Work methodology and the schedule of taking Measurements throughout the branch network countrywide and delivery end to end;
  • Staffing level to meet the delivery timelines. Submit the list of key staff with their CVs demonstrating their ability to carry out the assignment;
  • Previous experience to handle project of the similar scale and magnitude (more than 3000 staff scattered throughout the country);
  • Capability in terms of resources and equipment sufficient to execute the entire project without subcontracting;
  • Indicate project duration to carry out the entire process including taking measurements, designing & cutting, colection & ordering of materials and period for sorting, packing and delivery;
  • Submit audited financial statements for the last three years (2017,2018 and 2019);
7. Please note that in assessing the submissions, consideration will be given to the above-mentioned criteria. Only eligible and qualified Uniform Supplying Companies who will meet the above-mentioned criteria will be considered for shortlisting to the RFP stage.

8. Interested eligible vendors may obtain further information from the Office of the Secretary, CRDB Tender Committee, situated at 1st Floor, CRDB Head Office, along Azikiwe Street, Office Accommodation Scheme Building, Opposite New Post Office, P. O. Box 268, Dar es Salaam before 1500hours local time or via email to [email protected]

9. All Tenders in one original, duly filled in, and enclosed in plain envelopes must be delivered to the Tender Box on the 1st Floor, CRDB Head Office, along Azikiwe Street, Office Accommodation Scheme Building, Opposite New Post Office, and P. O. Box 268, Dar es Salaam before I SOOhours local time on Friday 8th May, 2020. AllTender clearly marked, should be addressed to the Secretary Management Tender Committee CRDB Bank Pic P.O.BOX 268, Dar es Salaam. Applications will be opened promptly thereafter in public.Thc outer cover shall be dearly marked:
Expression of Interest for Supplying Branded Staff Uniforms for CRDB Banks’ Staff for the Year 2020/21. Not to Be Opened Before 15HRS on Friday 8th May, 2020.

Late applications, portion of applications, applications not received, opened and read out aloud in public at the opening ceremony shall not be accepted for evaluation irrespective of the circumstances.

The Managing Director
CRDB Bank Pic
P.O.BOX 268
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


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