AZAMPESA Jinsi ya Kujiunga ,How to Use AzamPesa

AzamPesa Jinsi ya Kujiunga na Kutumia | How to Use AzamPesa


AzamPesa Jinsi ya Kujiunga na Kutumia | How to Use AzamPesa

AzamPesa Jinsi ya Kujiunga na Kutumia | How to Use AzamPesa A new financial service called “Azam Pesa” has been introduced to the market by “Bakhresa Group,” the biggest and most well-known corporation in Tanzania and the neighboring nation.

Jinsi ya kujisajili na Azam Pesa


This service is comparable to others like M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money, and others.

I’ll first discuss the FAQ format, followed by the answers, to help you better comprehend this service.


In Tanzania, there are six mobile network providers: Vodacom with M-Pesa (39%) Tigo with Tigo Pesa (30%) Airtel with Airtel Money (20%) Halotel with Halopesa (7%) TTCL with Ezy Pesa (3%), and Zantel with Ezy Pesa (3%). (1 percent ).

Tanzania’s mobile money adoption rate in 2020 was 53 percent, with 29.7 million subscribers and $81 billion in transactional value. 272,339,270 mobile money transactions totaling $4.6 billion were made in June of the same year.

Azam has launched their mobile network, right?

No, unlike a number of other telecommunications firms in the nation, Azam has not yet established its own network.

However, AzamPesa has partnerships with various networks to make access to services via the networks’ lines easier.

AzamPesa has so far reached agreements with Tigo, Airtel, and Zantel. Therefore, this service is accessible through the networks indicated above.

Talks are currently ongoing with Vodacom, Halotel, and other networks. This service will be made available if they consent along those lines.

Functions of AzamPesa

1.Send Money

2.Giving Money

3.Pay the bill

4.Pay for Azam products

Ada na Makato ya AzamPesa -AzamPesa Tariff

Ada na Makato ya AzamPesa -AzamPesa Tariff


Jinsi ya Kujiunga na AzamPesa -How do I subscribe to this service?

When you get to the agent shop, you can register. Your phone number and your NIDA number are all that are needed. You will have already registered with AzamPesa as a customer in less than two minutes.

Please register with our agent with only three items;
1. PhoneπŸ“±
2. NIDA πŸ’³
3. Dole Gumba / thumb πŸ‘πŸΎ
@azampesa @azampesa @azampesa
#AzamPesa #HudumazaKifalme #BeizaKizawa

AzamPesa USSD Menu Code

You will modify your password once you’ve registered. As a result, to use AzamPesa service, dial *150*08#.

For more information Kindly Visit Azam Pesa Official website =>



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