AHEC Interprofessional Team Challenge Award 2024


AHEC Interprofessional Team Challenge Award 2024

AHEC Interprofessional Team Challenge Award 2024 The interprofessional education initiative requires commitment from UVM students and faculty, community leaders, the mentors of our students and trainees, and those who employ our graduates. Please consider helping to improve the education of health sciences professionals, the delivery of health services, and the well-being of communities, by becoming involved in one or more ways:

  • Participate in IPE required or voluntary workshops/activities
  • Give feedback to your faculty about opportunities for IPE or IPP that you think are valuable.

AHEC Interprofessional Team Challenge Award

Submission Deadline: February  2024

The AHEC Interprofessional Team Creative Challenge Award was established to encourage students to promote and celebrate interprofessional teamwork in a creative way. All mediums for creative expression can be used to highlight the following:

  • Value of IP teamwork
  • Examples of IP teamwork
  • Characteristics of a high-functioning team
  • Diversity and inclusiveness
  • Patient-centered care and improved outcomes
  • Teaching and learning in respectful collaboration

The prize is $250 per team member, awarded in March 2024.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Entries must come from an interprofessional student group of at least 3 different professions. Minimum 3 students, maximum 6.
  2. The group must use a creative method to depict interprofessional collaboration. For example: music, photo essay, poetry, artwork, presentation or any other medium to convey their message.
  3. The creative product must reflect the cooperation of 3 or more students in a manner that demonstrates creativity and the value of interprofessional practice.

Submission Process

Entry must be submitted by midnight on February 2024 to [email protected]. Large files can be sent via UVM file transfer.

Selection Process

The winners will be selected by an AHEC Awards Committee, which is comprised of faculty members, students, and public members from the health community. Winner will be contacted and announced by March 31, 2023.

By accepting the prize, the winners consent to having their names and work displayed on the AHEC website and shared with others promoting interprofessional collaboration and practice.


Please contact [email protected] if you have questions.

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