ACCESS Bank Insurance -Bancassurance


ACCESS Bank Insurance -Bancassurance

ACCESS Bank Insurance -Bancassurance Bancassurance is a collaboration between Access Bank and Coronation Insurance that gives you access to an interesting assortment of products and services that are designed to suit your lifestyle. This agreement gives you access to bancassurance through Access Bank. This means that in addition to receiving the standard banking services you are accustomed to receiving, you will also receive reliable insurance solutions that have been authorized by a financial partner you are familiar with and have faith in. You get the most desirable aspects of both worlds.


ACCESS Bank Insurance -Bancassurance

Why Coronation Insurance?

Coronation Insurance is a leading provider of insurance services committed to delivering best-in-class solutions to its customers. Over the years, Coronation Insurance has built a trustworthy reputation on a culture of integrity.

  • 60 years experience providing life assurance and protecting assets of customers in Nigeria.
  • A reputation of integrity and prompt claim payments within 48 hours
  • A robust online platform that provides end-to-end digital support. Our customers can buy and manage their policies virtually.
  • A similar corporate culture and long-standing relationship with Access Bank ensures that services are delivered seamlessly.

How can Coronation help?

Our suite of insurance solutions is designed to help you hit the refresh button whenever those pesky perils show up to disrupt life’s flow.

Access Bank Life Insurance

Protect the livelihood of the insured individual’s dependents in the event of his/her demise.

Access Bank Flexible Investment

Provides you the opportunity to save funds towards specific goals with an embedded insurance cover.

Access Bank Home Insurance

Covers damage caused by flood, fire as well as injury to visitors on your property.

Access Bank Travel Insurance

Protects you from unforeseen situations when temporarily traveling abroad.

Access Bank Motor Insurance

Takes care of any damage to your car as well as to other people’s vehicles.

Access Bank Group Life Insurance

Provides cover for a group of individuals, who by the nature of their work or ideals, are affiliated.
It is a cover for members of a distinct and identifiable group such as employees working in an organization, members of a social club, members of a professional association, etc.

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