Communications Technician And Workshop Foreman Jobs At Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS)


Position: Communications Technician (Radio)

Job Summary
Ensures that the digital VHF radio system installed in Selous Game Reserve (SGR) is fully functioning as per requirements of the park management. Support the installation and management of digital VHF radio in the south of SGR. Ensure that all equipment is inventoried and kept in good order. Support other FZS and SGR communication requirements as required.

Job Description
Location: Miguruwe, Selous Game Reserve / Matambwe, Nyerere National Park
Reports to: Deputy Project Leader

Key functions:

    • Ensure a fully functioning digital VHF radio network in the SGR through:
    • programming and the development of code plugs relevant to the needs of the park;
  • regular, structured maintenance of repeater stations and PTP links;
  • regular, structured maintenance of field radio stations;
  • continual improvements to the system, to ensure full capacity usage.
  • Maintain an inventory of all radios, and repeater stations;
  • Expand the current radio system as needed by the SGR management;
  • Train field staff in the use and care of digital VHF radios;
  • Maintain the IT equipment of the project, including the digital links between repeater stations;
  • Maintain and upgrade the radio solar power charging installations in the field and repeater stations;
  • Maintain stores with necessary maintenance and back-up equipment needed to ensure a fully functioning radio system;
  • Assist with the radio component of the central radio control room in Matambwe;
  • Ensure that the radio GPS tracking (for portables and mobiles) is fully functioning and in use by SGR management;
  • Assist with maintaining internet connectivity to the 8 sector HQ of SGR
  • Undertake other activities assigned by the Project Leader even if outside the duties as per this job description;
  • Provide a brief report at the end of each month for the Project Leader of main activities undertaken during the month;

Qualifications and experience – essential:

  • Proven professional background in digital radio communcations
  • Experience of installing and maintaining solar installations
  • Good IT and computing skills
  • Fluency in both Swahili and English
  • Good report writing skills
  • Availability, ability and willingness to work in remote areas in Tanzania

Behaviour Competencies

  • The successful candidate needs to:
  • Maintain sensitive information with utmost confidentiality and integrity
  • Provide sound technical advise without bias
  • Work and live in very remote conditions in simple accommodation
  • Be physically fit and able to deal with remote working field locations
  • Be willing and able to live and work with a small team in a remote location

Key relationships:

  • Project Manager of SGR
  • Head of SGR Law enforcement and Sector Wardens of SGR
  • Radio Control Room management team
  • FZS Selous Project Leader and Deputy Project leader
  • FZS Selous Project Team
  • FZS Tz Country Director and other FZS staff

Position: Workshop Foreman

FZS is looking for a Workshop Foreman for the Selous Conservation Project in Nyerere National Park (NNP). The Workshop Foreman will take the lead and be responsible for auto mechanics works at Matambwe Garage. The position ensures that the garage is efficiently maintained, and that patrol and project vehicles are repaired and available for field duties.

Job Description
Location: Matambwe, Nyerere National Park
Reports to: Deputy Project Leader, Selous Conservation Project
FZS Vision in Tanzania:
FZS is committed to maintaining biodiversity and conserving wildlife and ecosystems in protected areas and outstanding wild places of the Serengeti, the Selous and the Mahale ecosystems in partnership with the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

Specific functions of the Workshop Foreman include: –

  • To inspect vehicle engines and mechanical components, and simple electrical problems, to diagnose issues accurately, troubleshooting when a problem cannot immediately be resolved, repair as needed to high standards;
  • To conduct routine maintenance of vehicles to ensure vehicle functionality, and longevity and advise project leadership accordingly;
  • To conduct preventative maintenance when needed;
  • To receive information of all field vehicles concerning maintenance or reports on any issues that arise;
  • To ensure smooth transfers of breakdowns, or vehicles that need maintenance;
  • To be able to fully overhaul Toyota Land Cruiser and Land Rover engines and fully repair/overhaul gearboxes to a high level of quality, and in clean conditions;
  • Prioritize, plan and deploy garage staff to visit other sectors to conduct service/maintenance ensuring that routine maintenance schedules are adhered to;
  • Advise project management/leadership on long term fleet viability, e.g. when vehicles need to be replaced;
  • Carefully plan expenditure of available project budget to ensure that quantities of spares in the workshop store are adequate to maintain routine works;
  • Work closely with PL / DPL to maintain garage expenditure within available budgets and advise/develop future budgetary requirements;
  • Work with a high level of integrity, pride and discipline;
  • Supervise the work of workshop employees including Mechanics, Auto electrician and drivers in order to ensure that the work ethics of integrity, pride and discipline are instilled in all of the team members;
  • To ensure that all workshop working environment is kept clean and clear at all times, including the overhaul facility;
  • To ensure that all Project tools and equipment are well looked after, kept secure and used responsibly;
  • To ensure that all safety regulations are adhered to and regularly remind the mechanics of the importance of safety;
  • To provide regular reports and feedback to the DPL for all maintenance works;
  • Provide technical advice on procurement of new patrol vehicles and spare parts;
  • Provide advice to Project Leadership about a reputable workshop or suitable technician when works are required that are beyond the capabilities of the Matambwe workshop;
  • To ensure job cards have been opened for all maintained and checked vehicles, in order to maintain proper records;
  • To ensure all vehicle records are maintained, and servicing is kept up to date;
  • To ensure the careful and correct use of all spare parts received from the Spares Store;
  • Maintain responsive, open and professional relationships with project leadership, project employees and partners.
  • Successful applicants must be reliable, team player, organized and of high level of integrity, capable to reason when handling pressure in technical problems.

The person holding position of Workshop Foreman must have:

  • A minimum qualification on motor Vehicle Mechanics technician with trade Test Grade One Certificate from VETA or equivalent qualification;
  • At least form four level of Tanzania education system;
  • At least five years’ experience of working as a mechanic in a reputable garage or company and must have a proved knowledge of operating electronic Engine Diagnosis Machine;
  • A valid driving license;
  • The ability to work independently and rectify faults in various vehicle types;
  • Leadership ability and flexibility in working hours;
  • The ability to manage and motivate staff;
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills in Kiswahili and English language; and
  • Computer literate – knowledge in Fleet Management System will be an added advantage

Method of Application
Interested applicants should send their applications to with all required supporting documents to be received before or by 15th of April 2020 at 15.30 hours. Please email a letter of application outlining relevant previous experience and your CV
Only successful applicants will be contacted for interview


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